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  1. I haven't had as much down time as many during the Covid Pandemic, but some progress has been made, the Monogram and Hasegawa kits had minimal putty issues to deal with, the Eduard kit is another story, got some serious wing gaps to fill! The Monogram and Hasegawa planes are currently sitting in black base waiting for the next step in painting, they look like a couple of stealth aircraft...lol!



  2. The Hasegawa kit is ready for wings, fit was quite good as expected with Hasegawa engineering, no issues noted. Don't forget to drill out the four little holes in the nose! The little hatch on the nose is a nice touch for adding final nose weight before buttoning it up.



  3. At the point where it's time to install the wings, good place to stop and catch the next kit up to this point. The Monogram kit definitely has more to do before the wing goes on than the other two kits due to the engine exhaust on one side being installed through the inside of the fuselage before wing installation. Depending on how you want to paint the exhaust area, one could just install it and paint later, I chose the hard way of course. Also, it was easier to paint the exposed engine bay without the wing getting in the way.





    Any of the new 32nd scale Tamiya kits are a class apart from everyone else.    Their Corsairs are amazing.   

    I would agree, I have most of the late 1/32 kits in my stash, and even though I'm not a Corsair nut, I have to say the Tamiya 1/32 Corsair kits are fantastic!.

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