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  1. Impressive, love how you captured the weight on the wheels!
  2. Received my order from Halberd Models today, took about a month, packed really well!
  3. If it smells like a fish, it usually is!
  4. If you want to help, click on the youtube vid link at top of the page and let it play for a while, as it says, proceeds from the channel go towards paying the bill for ARC. Need to let the ads play, that's how the cash is earned.
  5. Dang, just saw a couple kits for $6 each at recent swapmeet!
  6. Happy to hear your alive and getting better, really hope your financial situation gets better, don't know about Canada, but here in the U.S. there are a ton of jobs available.
  7. I gave them a shot once, apparently had the kits I wanted in-stock, when I went thru all the azz pain of checking out, it was rejected because requested items were not in-stock. That was my one and only experience with them, I just stick to online shops with good track records, don't care how much more the kits cost as long as I don't get skunked on the order.
  8. The maintenance road that it destroyed itself over still has gouges from debris hitting it, I took a series of short vids during incident with my phone, can see the fire trucks scatter when the first bomb cooked off. They don't have any grass that grows there, but if they did...
  9. Maybe a future release may have 86-0116 "Victress" on it. Watched her first hand go up in flames with spectacular flare and exploding bomb show. I believe she was the only BONE operational loss during Middle East operations.
  10. Fellow modelers, if you enjoy having a great website like ARC available at your fingertips to get you through the unknowns of a new project, or enjoy participating in the group builds, you can give a little back to help keep this website alive. At the top of every page you can see a link to a youtube channel, at the bottom of the pics you can read "Earnings from this youtube channel will help fund ARC". If you would like to help this websites sponsor pay the bill to keep the website running, please click on the link, watch or let run the videos, it's the ads that put money in the account. Subs
  11. I subscribed to her channel and left a comment on one of the vids, she did reply with a thank you for supporting her.
  12. What I did is subscribed to his wifes youtube channel, then started one of her videos and let it run in the background on my cell while I'm at work, her vids will continue to run and ads will start putting cash in her account, I will do the same on my PC at home when I go to bed. If we all did that for a bit, I think there would be a sizeable increase in funds on the account. I will also post a text on one of her videos that I am watching her vids to support ARC so she knows where the views are coming from. It's worth a shot, and it doesn't require any of us to cough up money! Now
  13. Speaking of youtube, just noticed there is a link at the top of the search results screen that shows a couple cars and a girl in a bikini, at the bottom it states viewing that youtube channel helps pay for ARC! One way we can all help is to click on that link and let it run, every ad that gets played puts a certain amount of $ in a monetized account. My wife has a couple youtube channels and she does this all the time for friends who inturn do it for her. If viewers started letting that run in the background for a bit, it may be an easy path to help Steve continue funding the site.
  14. I guess the biggest question that needs to be answered at this point is how many members are willing to contribute in some way or another to possibly transition to new ownership/administration if the situation presents itself, if there's only a handfull, we would only be bailing water with thimbles until the ship sinks. I've been in Steve's position before, it hits home, almost embarrassing to feel like you're letting folks down, especially after so many years of great people and content, makes it difficult to be open about it.
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