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  1. Got the general camo done, still a ways to go to bring it all together.
  2. I do my best to be informed on my subject, but finding info on some of these smaller obscure air forces can be a real challenge!
  3. As the camo pattern goes down, it doesn't look like I expected considering I'm using the Russian colors called out in the decal insert. Since the incident and markings in question happened not too long after the aircraft were received from Sukhoi, they would have been wearing fresh factory paint. Apparently the SU's went through a repaint in 2009/2010 which gave them the Blue on Blue camo look, pics prior to this time showed very faded paint, at some angles the gray color is still visible on the leading edge slats. Any thoughts from the group?
  4. Finally getting some color on her, starting with the Light Blue, Loosely assembled for effect.
  5. I'm back in the saddle! One month in the Philippines, 3 weeks in Afghanistan, and a housing move later Did some final sanding before spraying on the primer, was so eager to get back on task I had to get some primer down before masking off the cockpit, good time for a break anyways.
  6. Thank you for the kind comments! At a small work stoppage while I get married in the Philippines, but will get back on track when I return first week of March.
  7. The PE installation continues, still have a bit more cockpit work to do before final painting in that area.
  8. It has that sexy grace sort of like a B-1...slenderness! I'm more partial to the B-29 construction inspired Soviet fighters (Mig-15 thru Mig-21 and the others ie. TU-22 Blinder, TU-95 Bear, the SU -7 thru SU-22, etc).
  9. The intakes come together, there's no choice without modification to have the FOD Guards in the down position, the at least the PE FOD Guards can be somewhat seen through.
  10. Two Double Uglies at one time! Great finish Shawn, love it when you add a little something extra to your builds (the back seat barf bag is still my favorite!)!
  11. Beautiful finish! You did the F-86 and the spirit of the Mig-killer proud!
  12. Intake parts waiting for their Lacquer clear cote so they can receive a little wash for effects.
  13. Slowly pushing through the trenches...started working on the intake nacelles getting them read for installation.
  14. I agree, probably could of matched it up better if I spent some time mixing.