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  1. A 1/48 F-111 is longer than a 1/32 Tornado, and of course most 1/32 WW2 fighters are smaller than many 1/48 modern jets. It all will come down to what flavor you want.
  2. If I only had a private airstrip and a pilots license!
  3. I'm tossing in a couple of Spruebrothers $25 Gift Certificates for the raffle!
  4. There is also Megahobby, they are my source for Tamiya paints, they do paint bundle deals if you want an entire set of Tamiya paints.
  5. The Revell 1/32 Hawker Hunter FGA9 is a great bang for the buck if you can find it. Decent kit, easy on the wallet for the scale, and yields a sexy jet when finished!
  6. Could probably park a VMAQ-2 EA-6B and RF-4C next to them for additional bunnies.
  7. They changed the format, used to be more forum based, could put your questions in there and get replies if anybody had the answers.
  8. Have you checked out "F-111_dot_net? May find a good source there.
  9. Been waiting for a while to build an Iraqi AF F-16C, have a Kinetic F-16C "Flanker" kit in the stash.
  10. I think it would draw a lot of interest, maybe poll for interest level and if numbers look good, fastrack the start date, don't let folks lose interest.
  11. Hi Dave, I'll take the following if still available: IsraDecal Publications Aircraft in Detail 1, F-16I Sufa $15 Osprey Modeling the F-4 Phantom $5.00 CONCORD Publications SLUF A-7 Corsair II Squadron/Signal Publications USN Phantoms in Combat/USMC Phantoms in Combat SQUADRON/SIGNAL In Action F-4 Phantom/A-7 Corsair/F-8 Crusader Aerofax Minigraph 4 F-4D/ 17 Mirage F1 Aerofax Datagraph 6 F-15A/B/C/D/E Eagle $10 - Ron
  12. They are pretty good, fast shipping and packed well. I usually buy from them when I want multiple kits, that way I can make the discount go further. Since I also buy R/C stuff from them, I am part of their Super Savers program.
  13. Kind of resembles the rearend of the Macross Valkyrie.
  14. Conforming to MIL-W-5044, walkways were painted to contrast or match aircraft colors. Since it is a different texture than the surrounding paint, it may give the illusion of some sort of transparency at a given angle to a specific lighting source.
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