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  1. Just the usual office window stuff...
  2. I would agree, I have most of the late 1/32 kits in my stash, and even though I'm not a Corsair nut, I have to say the Tamiya 1/32 Corsair kits are fantastic!.
  3. What makes the Airacobra unique is the drive shaft that runs under the cockpit to the propeller gear box up front, each manufacturer has their own take on this and color callout.
  4. Cockpits test fitted in their future final resting places.
  5. Here's the cockpits next to their respective fuselage halves.
  6. Here's a study of all 3 kit cockpits in their final assembly stage, black cockpit is the Pro-Modeler, green cockpit without forward weight is Hasegawa, and olive plastic with green cockpit and forward weight is Eduard.
  7. Thanks Kurt, really not my expertise, trying to keep it as simple as possible to show what basic modeling skills can do with these kits.
  8. Calling the Hasegawa cockpit done for the most part, will be using the True Details seat in place of kit seat, kit seat only set in for the pics.
  9. Wow! Very ambitious! All build into nice Phantoms, will be interesting!
  10. Is this the jet that had to be in afterburner for carrier landing approaches???
  11. The Hasegawa kit required 2 pics to get a snapshot of everything, no paint masks or nose weight included, but has the nicest cockpit of the 3 kits.
  12. Here's what you get in the Eduard Profipack kit, a nose weight and canopy/wheel/walkway paint mask included.
  13. I've switched almost exculsively to Ammo by Mig Acrylics and love them! The product line is extensive and constantly expanding.
  14. Calling the first cockpit done, the gun assembly was a little confusing until I looked at the finished assembly pic on the side of the box. Really tried to not AMS over the details, just a little a little pigment brushing and different hues of black. Decided to not use the included PE seat belts since the seat incorporated molded in belts.
  15. Schillings and Guilders😉
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