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  1. I have a rack full of Mr Color paint, some are easily 10 or so years old. I keep a bottle of Mr Color Replenishing Agent on hand, this restores the thickened paint back to its former glory.
  2. I have some that I've been "working" on for 10 years.
  3. I built this kit a few years ago and bashed it into an Italian version. Biggest issue was the speed brakes do not like to be in the closed position, required a lot of fitting and cleanup, other than that, I was happy with the final results. During final stages...
  4. Never worked on airframes, only A-10 engines, but to me the apex fastener looks like a Philips, I'm sure there must be some aviation use difference between them.
  5. I paid $700 to FedEx a kit and a handful of supplies to Iraq, because if I didn't get my hands into a kit, I was going to lose it! I rarely finish a model, but I am dedicated!
  6. I pretty much have most F-15's in 1/48 and 1/32 scales, I will pull out my Monogram F-15 and have a good look at it against my references, I know it has been mentioned numerous times that the Monogram kit has the most accurate shape of all the kits, that's why it's in my stash.
  7. Comparing the canopy detail in the GWH kit to the Modern Eagle Guide, the detail should be flush fitting Philips head screws, which they look like they are. The rivet detail on top of wings is way overdone, they are pretty much invisible on the full scale aircraft, with one exception, the F-15E due to it's dark color, can show some flush rivet detail if work was done after it was painted, the rivet heads are unpainted, but still flush with skin surface.
  8. This site has some decent panel line details: Чертежи (airwar.ru) Due to the flush riveting on most of the airframe, the only prominent "rivet" type detail one might see at 1/48 scale would be the Dzus Fasteners on the removable panels.
  9. Fantastic build, the pilots really look the part!
  10. If you can find this Lifecolor paint set, it brushes well and has many shades of black including an interior black... Shades of Black Rubber Colors Acrylic Set 6 22 ml Lifecolor Hobby Paint CS27
  11. I've ordered numerous sheets from them in the past, they have always delivered, despite the lack of shipping confirmations.
  12. Isn't this how it's done? I've been misinformed!😁
  13. You are correct, this was only for discussion sake from previously mentioned issues.
  14. I'm currently working in the engine/intake assembly now on a Block 52+, to be honest, the ejector pin marks on the engine face are a little annoying when you're looking at the part before assembly. The intake trunking itself wasn't too difficult to deal with, once you install that engine face way in the back of that contorted intake, you are going to have to work really hard to make out any specific details on it.
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