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  1. bashace

    Monogram F-5E Tiger II

    Oh yeah, the 1979 kit decals were a royal PITA! but I got them to go down after cleaning all the disintegrating backing paper off the decal in the water. And thank the model gods for Solvaset
  2. bashace

    Monogram F-5E Tiger II

    Progress has been slow but moving, she's finally standing on her own legs!
  3. bashace

    Group builds. really people?

    There should be an unfinished project swap build
  4. bashace

    What'd ya see today???

    A few pics from a little airshow here in Qatar. Of course the sky went to heck when the Eurofighter came out at the end of the show.
  5. bashace

    ready made cockpits

    I would settle for premade cockpit plugs so you can just pop one in just before painting the aircraft, make them out of the same rubber that airbrush O-rings are made out of so they are solvent friendly.
  6. bashace

    Monogram F-5E Tiger II

    Thanks guys! Here she is looking a little glossy...
  7. bashace

    Monogram F-5E Tiger II

    Masked and shot the metallic area.
  8. bashace

    Monogram F-5E Tiger II

    Was having issues with the two greens in my AK Vietnam SEA set, so I switched to the Hataka Lacquer Vietnam SEA set, also just went for it and shot freehand, got fed up with my templates.
  9. bashace

    Monogram F-5E Tiger II

    Putting down the camo, guess I need to work on being more "spotty" with the black base camo technique.
  10. bashace

    Monogram F-5E Tiger II

    Thanks! If only I was doing a Mig-28...lol!
  11. bashace

    Revell CF-101 Voodoo

    I love Voodoo's! Good job on the varied metallic tones!
  12. bashace

    Revell 1/48 F9F Panther

    Nice clean finish! It makes me happy looking at it!
  13. bashace

    1/48 Monogram F-14A Tomcat

    Excellent work on the Tomcat! She came out really nice!