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  1. Anyone building this monster?
  2. Thanks all. Like I said it was great fun. Once you get by the frustration that is.
  3. This is a few pics of my WoW collection. I also have a 1953 martian I had built but cannot find any pics...Ill take some more.
  4. My linkMy linkI pop into and out of building kits. I had been out for a bit then thought id give the revell Huey Hog a try. Probably not the best kit to start back with. It was great fun. Challenging....My link
  5. troykoch

    C-47 interior

    Thanks guys! The blue just didnt seem right to me.
  6. troykoch

    C-47 interior

    Does anyone know the color of the interior of the c-47. Trump instructions say sky as in blue. Is that correct?
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