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  1. I have a 1:144 737-800 model in my stash to be done when I can. There was a web site selling aftermarket parts for airliners. Extended flaps, t/rs, etc. I cannot find that website anymore. Does anyone out there know what I am talking about or where I might find such a thing ? HELP PLEASE!
  2. I am starting a new kit but it is an oldy. The kit is missing the engines, cowling and props. It is a Heller 1/72 Constellation "Air France"
  3. This is the best place for my question. I am working on an AH1Z marines helicopter. I am wondering if anyone has any input on what colors I should use.
  4. I am working on an AH1Z but I am unsure about colors. I use Tamiya acrylics. What colors/grays should I use? The 2 grays.
  5. I am working on a model that requires me to mask off a section of my base paint. I don't want to have to redo my base paint job. So what are some good masking techniques and mediums for masking over my base color. I am airbrushing my base color using tamiya acrylics. On some previous projects I didn't have the problem with the paint peeling off and some projects I did. Would old paint or something else be the reason for paint peeling on some projects rather than others? Thx for the input!
  6. This is the first place I have been to in quite some time on this subject. Does anyone make a set of featherless exhausts for a 1:72 B1B Lancer kit yet? I looked about a year ago and at the time I was told there might be something in the works. I know that there is an aftermarket set that is no longer in production but it can be found on ebay sometimes for A LOT of money. I am also looking for a Sniper Pod in 1:72 scale. Is there either aftermarket kit or do I need to keep waiting?
  7. I have an upcoming project of a 1:350 USS Gettysburg (CG-64). My brother is serving on the Gettysburg and I was fortunate enough to find a model of it. The kit comes with SH-60s (2, maybe 1). I am looking on the internet at pictures of the ship and I have seen several pictures of the fire scout on a cruiser. I see that the 1:350 USS Independence has at least one. Is there somewhere that I can get one. Scratch building one is not an option for me. Also, I want to see what options I have for a 1:350 Tomahawk missile for the same project. Is that something that I have to rule out or scrat
  8. I am working on a 1:48 Kinetic F-16F and I am thinking about other stores that I might be able to put on the model. The only thing that I could find until the frustration set in was 1:32 scale ACMI pods. Is there an aftermarket 1:48 ACMI pod or will I need to scratch biuld one? Thanks
  9. I don't know if I was too specific with my last topic about this subject. I also do not know if it matters what the exhaust goes to but I still would like to know a good way to paint a jet engine exhaust (f-16...GE) isnide and out. Any ideas or how do you paint your jet engine exhaust?
  10. Sorry if I came across a little harsh, I was just preparing myself. Past "experience" let me know that there is a lot to take into consideration for any f-16. I have put money towards some aftermarket stuff just to find out later that it would n not apply to certain blocks, etc. I was also preparing myself to spend yet more money.
  11. OH MY...here we go...It may not be exactly accurate (it is accurate according to me) but it is Aires F-16C/D Block 30/40/50/60.
  12. Hi all, It is nice to have these forums to go to when I have a question! I am building a Kinetic F-16F and I am getting to the part where I need to include the exhaust nozzle. I have bought a GE aftermarket engine exhaust and I would like to know how to do the best way to get that streaky look inside and the best way to paint the outside. I do not know about doing anything in depth but I would like a good look. THX Jetdx
  13. What is the look difference between the P/W exhaust and the GE exhaust? Is there that much of a difference. I am going for the good look. Will the "John Doe" notice that I put the wrong exhaust on it? I don't know if this is considered a "rivet counter" issue or what but that much of accuracy does not matter to me. I do not plan to enter this or any model I do into a show. Getting into this much detail/rivet counting takes away the fun part out of model building...for me, anyway...for now. Thanks for all the input!!!
  14. OK...this subject has been decided. I went with the F-16CJ Block 52 exhaust Brassin Kit from Eduard. I just read over the replies again on this subject. What would be a good way to paint/color this exhaust nozzle? I like the "streaking/rings" on the inside of the nozzle that I see a lot of exhaust nozzles having on other models.
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