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  1. Rocat I am happy and hope that in the end will continue to think the same . While I wait patiently to put all the stencils ahead and finished the doors and the landing gear. I also completed the extra deposit and the air intake that I had forgotten. Regards ajcmac
  2. Thanks Joe. I think post-shading in this respect is better than pre-shading, but it does cause problems with the clears. Much of the work disappears with the application of clears. Painting the Hinomarus was a risk I did not like but it did not look bad after all. And after having applied the gloss clear and started to apply the decals appeared these red lines to put on the wings (decals 27 and 28). Done. Regards ajcmac
  3. Thanks Joel . And finally I decided and painted the Hinomaru (I suppose that's what they call themselves and what's written). Following is Alclad clear gloss. Regards ajcmac
  4. After applying the maskol, I painted the green. I applied the lights and shadows and removed the maskol with the aid of masking tape. I thought I might have gone further but the fear of overdoing it ... Regards ajcmac
  5. Peter At the moment I am replacing the Tamiya paintings and the Gunze paintings. From Tamiya I keep only the base paints that I prefer to those of Gunze especially to make the mixtures to apply lights and shadows. I used the engine cover to test. If it did not come out, I wanted it easier to remove the paint without damaging anything. I applied the maskol and painted. Then I applied lights and shadows and took out the maskol. Regards ajcmac
  6. Thank you Joel. For now it will be like this. For the first time I apply Alclad on large surfaces and after the blunder committed I think it's not bad. Next time I'll try to improve. Walking slowly because I lack some material. Maskol to be able to do the shipping and the new set of 2 m / m for the airbrush. I applied, in some panels, White Aluminum, from Alclad. The engine also almost ready missing some weathering. Regards ajcmac
  7. Joel But it did not work. Painting the model with the X-18 was a mistake. Although it worked in the experiment I did on a wing used for testing on the model did not work. Fortunately the applied layers were very thin and did not cover the details. I painted the model again but this time with the X-1 (black gloss) and for now it worked. The cowling of the engine already with Alclad aluminum. Let's see how it goes in the rest of the model. Regards ajcmac
  8. Glad to have liked. Thank you. I used the Tamiya X-18 as the base color. I've done a lot of testing and it sounds like it works. I will paint the model with the Alclad Alc-101 Aluminum. The shipping will be done with maskol applied with a sponge. I hope it works out as it is the first time I do. The use of the cyano glue worked. Regards ajcmac
  9. Thank you for your comments. I'm glad you like it. I finished the interiors. Regards ajcmac
  10. Joel Looks like it's gone . I had problems with my airbrush. As I did not know if it was the needle, nozzle or air caps I bought the complete set. I started the weathering in the cockpit. I applied lights and shadows and I painted the small details. Now a layer of gloss coat and start placing the decals. Regards ajcmac
  11. Thanks Peter and Joe. I hope the N1K2 cockpit looks as good as Zero's. And to the third it seems that the phantom line seems to have disappeared. The propeller is finished. Landing trains and doors, painted. Follow the wheels. Regards ajcmac
  12. To make disappear the fuselage union line I used putty. It did not work. I then used cyan glue. I'll paint to see how it looks. I prepared the landing gear and the doors for the painting. The instrument panel already painted. Regards ajcmac
  13. Joel I have already built the J2M3, I have on the bench the A6M5c and they all have a separate cockpit. I think it's easier to glue and paint the small details. O cockpit do A6M5c. Regards ajcmac
  14. I painted the propeller hub with the Tamiya XF-70, the propeller with the XF-64 and then the yellow stripe. I then applied lights with the XF-64 mixed with yellow on the leading edge and black at the base of the blades. Then I applied Alclad clear gloss. I glued the back of the fuselage. Regards ajcmac
  15. I started by gluing the wings and fuselage. I painted the interiors. I put the mask on the transparencies and painted the color of the interior. And that's enough for now. Regards ajcmac
  16. A model recently arrived and already on the bench. The model. The sprues that are Hasegawa's standard packed in one bag. Transparencies. The decals. Mask and PE. At this moment I already have some work done but I still have no images. Regards ajcmac
  17. And almost finished. And after the stencils marathon, a layer of gloss cote and laundering applied. The next is matt cote. Landing equipment already completed. Now start gluing the remaining parts that are ready. Doors and landing gear, engine and propeller assembly, antenna cable ... Regards ajcmac
  18. The decals already placed with the individual marks of Lieutenant Torres. Now there are only about eighty decals missing and all very small . Regards ajcmac
  19. And with the arrival of the decals I applied a layer of Alclad gloss. It is a very complete set and even brings decals to the wheels and landing gear. I also pinned Alclad inside the doors of the landing gear. Regards ajcmac
  20. skyhawk174 I have already begun to replace the images. And the decals are here. Regards ajcmac
  21. Sebastijan I'm glad you liked the painting . Bombs and launches rockets (I guess that's what it's called). Regards ajcmac
  22. It is. I was also one of the www.photobucket.com/500 . I just do not understand why some images continue to appear. But I've solved the problem. I created an account in Postimage. It was easy to create albums, it was easy to copy the images. Just transferring the images to the forum gives a little more work than Photobucket. But I saved at least € 60.00. The problem will now be to replace all the images. And I finished painting the P-47 and applied lights and shadows. Regards ajcmac
  23. Thanks . And the new paint came in, especially the H-304 Olive Drab. And since I already had the mask ready, I just applied the paint. Regards ajcmac
  24. Thanks . I painted the Neutral Gray. I applied lights and shadows. Additional deposit. Rudder. Regards ajcmac
  25. I finished some more sets. engine Landing gear propeller The rudder Additional deposits I glued the fuselage and the wings Now put on the mask to start painting. Regards ajcmac
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