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  1. Hello Juan !

    Yes, It's possible - just remove (fill) the panel lines of 4 fuel tanks (outboard and leading edge) access doors on the lower wing surface, and remove relative overwing fuel fill ports. The Modelsvit DD kit contains gun parts and spinner for T, spinner and engine exhausts for early M. Canopy/cockpit are located on the same position on DD, M and T, not on D, moreover DD, T and M fuselages were unitized on the real aircrafts. 

    Brgds, Ivan.

  2. 18 minutes ago, skyhawk174 said:

    Ok I think I get what you are saying now. It is a terminology thing. Sharklets are an Airbus thing. So what would Boeing be calling their double winglet thing?


    Split scimitar winglet for NG, and AT (advanced technology) winglet for MAX.

  3. Equipage rubber wheels 1/48 An-2/An-3:


    If you can't find it, An-2 wheels are completely the same as Il-2 Shturmovik wheels, you just need to add two wheel caps on the outer side of the wheel. Equipage makes Il-2 wheels also, and someone else makes resin Il-2 wheels (Brassin or Aires).

    Sorry for my English...

  4. Greetings !

    Main visible difference is an engine exhaust: Su-27 has AL-31F engine, J-11B - FWS-10, but HB kit contains correct nozzles on the sprues; another one good visible diff: antennas package on the top of the r/h vertical stabilizer, but I think that is not a big problem for scratch, and two small antennas on the tail cone - you should just remove it for convert to Su-27, also Su-27 has no conductor straps on the radome surface. Cockpit: difference instrument panel and HUD, correct instrument panel contains on the sprues, Su-27 HUD I'll take from the Dream model PE set. Armament: wing and fuselage pylons and rockets (R-27R, R-27T, R-27TE, R-27RE, R-73) makes Eduard/Brassin, wing tips pylons I am going to replace for Kinetic's Su-33 kit "Sorbtsya" POD. If I'am forget something, hope that colleagues add more info.

    Best regards, Ivan. And sorry for my English...

  5. Greeting !

    This is the sealant, russian name ВИТЭФ (VITEF), technical description of this sealant say that the color of sealant with correctly components mixed should be "light pink" or "beige". For my GWH MiG-29 I used the mix of the desert pink and light gray (see attached pictures). Sorry for my English :-)



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