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  1. Hello there from the far cone of the Earth!. Thanks a lot for your kind help regarding the Modelsvit YaK-9DD kit. I only could find that boxing, but the decals are very interesting. I found some aftermarket ones for the more colorful T, K and M. So, I was planning to change decals. Have you got the piece numbers I would need for the T or M?. or must I use the ones not for use on the DD?.

    Thanks again for your help.

    If you need info about latinoamerican, and argentine aircraft in specific, give me a call.

    Best regards,


  2. Hello Juan ! Yes, It's possible - just remove (fill) the panel lines of 4 fuel tanks (outboard and leading edge) access doors on the lower wing surface, and remove relative overwing fuel fill ports. The Modelsvit DD kit contains gun parts and spinner for T, spinner and engine exhausts for early M. Canopy/cockpit are located on the same position on DD, M and T, not on D, moreover DD, T and M fuselages were unitized on the real aircrafts. Brgds, Ivan.
  3. Split scimitar winglet for NG, and AT (advanced technology) winglet for MAX.
  4. Hello, Gabor ! All RB versions (RBT,RBV,RBF.RBK) nose shape is absolutely the same ! Differences only in panel lines,and electronic equipment bays. I am not sure only about BM version.
  5. I'm not so close to the ICM managers, but as I heard from my Ukrainian friends ICM going to release others recon MiG-25 versions, even with weapons. I don't know exactly which one, and when... Just wait a few months and anyway either will be available - aftermarket or new ICM kit :-)
  6. As I understood two little bulges are evidences of installed early DISS-3 system, one big "beard" fairing mean DISS-7, any numbers of RB and RBV were upgraded to RBT version including DISS-7 installation, therefore two bulges were on all early RB, and probably on RBV. Anyway I've never seen pics dated later than 1970s years of recon MiG-25 versions, except two museum MiGs (Kiev and Moscow), equipped by DISS-3...
  7. RB (in the ICM box) have two little bulges on the both nose sides: https://postimg.org/image/qpzp5uuwx/
  8. Yes, right. RBT nose has a DISS (Doppler GS measurment system) bulging fairing on the bottom of nose:
  9. Yes, RB is only possible OOB version because ICM made a little mistake - they used a real plane which exposed in the Ukranian national aviation museum as a reference for kit, and that plane is EARLY RB version ! You just need to cut the upper air intake panels to get early R/RB type of intakes.
  10. Just send a message. Official website: http://www.zvezda.org.ru/en/ FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Zvezda.ModelKits/
  11. Actually, if you would like to build great and correct An-2 model buy this one: https://www.modelimex.com/1-48-antonov-an-2-6-decal-versions and discard Hobbyboss :-)
  12. Equipage rubber wheels 1/48 An-2/An-3: If you can't find it, An-2 wheels are completely the same as Il-2 Shturmovik wheels, you just need to add two wheel caps on the outer side of the wheel. Equipage makes Il-2 wheels also, and someone else makes resin Il-2 wheels (Brassin or Aires). Sorry for my English...
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