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  1. Just about finished it now - am quite pleased with the way it's turned out for a first effort. Am going to tackle to A380 next and fancy doing it in the Quantas livery, I am quickly getting addicted B)
  2. I read on another forum that the Klear has a new formulation, and that is why people are selling the old ones on ebay for like £30 a bottle. Not sure if the US version has been re-formulated but can't seem to find any info on the new formulation that we have here - and if it is any good for moddling use. Would there likely be anything in my local art store that could be used?
  3. Thanks for the replies - had a quick scout round for Klear and the old formula is available on ebay, but goes for stupid amounts of money, the new formula is available but I'm not sure if this is any good - it is called multi surface wax, has anybody tried this? - could anyone suggest something that is readily available in the uk? Cheers :)
  4. Hi, just wondering if there is anything that can be used to stick decals down - I have had 1 or 2 that don't seem to want to stick when they have been soaked off. Also what is best to use for clear overcoating the decals - I live in the UK by the way. Many thanks guys.
  5. Am starting to make a bit of progress with this now - first sprayed a coat of white gloss using a Humbrol rattle can.... Then masked using 2mm masking tape and painted the blue with a brush, just need to tidy the edges up a bit, but it's getting there and the blue wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
  6. Your model looks great - shall I just post you the kit and you can do mine! I will put pictures of my finished result on here when I get it done.
  7. I had no idea that building a model from a box would be so complicated - I noticed in the instructions that it said to remove the small flap fairings and couldn't understand they would put them there and then instruct to remove them. I guess they need cutting off with a knife - not sure how neat I will be able to make them look. On the note of filler I was going to purchase a tube of the humbrol model filler - is that any good or should I go for something different? Thanks for the advice so far - think I will need to purchase some more stuff before I continue - need a weight for the counterb
  8. Is there a way to strip the paint off plastic models? I wasn't sure if this was possible. Also, I glued the top and bottom wing sections together but there seems to be a thin gap on the rear at either side where the flaps are - I'm not sure if this should be there because there are small raised pieces of plastic inside the wing itself that hold it there, but wasnt sure if should have ground them off prior to glueing - any ideas? If not I will have to fill them.
  9. Quick question guys - am new to modelling and in the process of building this kit. The instructions say I need a 20 gram weight in the front to balance it - what would you normally use for this? Cheers
  10. That looks great! - I hope mine turns out that good. How did you paint the blue - did you brush or spray? Also - did you fill the window holes in before painting? Thanks for the advice by the way
  11. Thanks for the reply's guys, I might have a go at it - if not where would I be able to purchase an alternative set of decals? Are there online shops that sell decals? Up to now I have been painting by brush but am guessing that if I am going to take this up as a hobby I should invest in an airbrush of some sort as I'm sure you guys will have.
  12. I have just bought this kit and am fairly new to modelling - now I have taken a look at it I'm not sure if it will be too difficult for me. The top half of the plane has to be painted blue and it curves all the way around the plane. I'm ok with asking and painting straight lines but this looks like it will have to be done freehand with no guidelines. Does anyone have any advice on the best way to paint this? Am tempted to sell it back on ebay and get the BA version as this looks easier. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. What kind of filler do you use to fill the seams - I am new to model building as you can probably tell :D
  14. This is one of my first attempts at making a large airfix airliner and it hasn't gone very well. Painted it by hand and found it very hard to get a decent finish with white gloss with a small brush - what is the best way to get a decent finish with these? Is it possible to spray them with aerosols or an airbrush? Managed to get it looking half decent and started applying the decals and managed to spoil one of the BA letterings and 3 of the red lines that go around the aircraft. Have found the kit in general of poor quality and difficult to fit the parts together without having gaps, am think
  15. I have been making this - has been my first attempt at a large airfix and it's been a bit of a nightmare. The quality of the kit is rubbish and has taken ages to put together - the pieces don't fit together very well at all, and there is a piece missing from the box - the front wheels carrier which I have emailed airfix to see if they can supply me with a spare. Aside from that I have managed to spoil quite a few of the decals - if I cant get hold of them I'm thinking about giving it up and looking for a revell kit instead.
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