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  1. Howdy

    Selling of a few kits fellas and LF a trade......Most but not all kits will come with aftermarket and/or decals. Check it out


    1.  I have a Tamiya 1/48 F-14D looking to trade it for the 1/48 Tamiya F-14A


    2. 1/72 AMT

    KC-135R w/decals $100 (OBO)


    Model Kit Collection

    1/48 Jets 

    F9F-2 Panther $35

    Hawk Mk.1 $40 (Hobby Boss)

    A-1J $30

    A-4E/F $30

    A-7E $30

    PBY-5 Catalina $60

    B-17G $30

    B-24D &40

    F-4B/N (Academy) $45

    F-4C (Academy) $46

    F-15E $50 w/ pit, bombs, decals

    F-16CJ (Tamiya) $50

    F/A-18E $60

    E-2C $65

    Mirage 2000C (Eduard) $50

    Su-33 $65

    MV-22 “USMC” $40

    Rafael $30


    1/48 Helicopters (16)

    AH-7 Lynx $30

    CH-47D “US Army” $50

    HH-60H $40

    SH-3 Sea King $45



    1/35 Helicopters 

    H-13 “MASH” $10

    UH-72A “US Army Scout” $30

    EC-145 “German Army” $30


    1/32 Props & Jets 

    F-5E (Kitty Hawk) $70


    1/35 US Armor

    M1A2 “Abrams” $65 Meng


    Always know that prices do not include shipping and I’m open to offers


    Have a great day



    thomasb (dot) reyes (at) gmail (dot-com)





  2. Howdy Team

    Looking to sell or trade the excellent Trumpy EA-18G “Growler”



    Rhino Intakes & Wheels

    Quick Boost Control Sticks x 3


    LF below items with some cash or combine two 1/48’s kits below.........with the exception of the F-4EJ. Straight trade on that one


    1/32 F-4EJ 

    1/32 HH-65C

    1/48 F-14D

    1/48 F-111D/E

    1/48 A-6E/A-6E TRAM (Hobby Boss. I’ll take either one)


    FS?  Make an offer





  3. 1/35 Rotary Wing (Mix of Revell, DML/Dragon and MRC)

    H-3 MASH $20 (No AM)

    OH-6A "US Army" $70 (FB Decals)

    MD 500 "Israeli" $60 (Eduard Photo Etch)

    MD-530G $60 (Eduard Photo Etch, Resin MMS)

    UH-1N "Navy Rescue" $50 (CC Nose, FB Decals)

    UH-1C "US Navy/Seawolf" $70 (FB Decals)


    1/48 Rotary Wing (Mix of Hasegawa, Airfix, Italieri, Monogram and Kitty Hawk)

    CH-46E $55 (No AM)

    SH-3H "HC.4" $80  (HC.4 Update Set/Flightpath)

    AH.7 Lynx $40 (No AM)

    RAH-66 Comanche $50 (No AM)

    SH-2G "Super Seasprite" $55 (No AM)


    1/48 Jets (Mix of Hasegawa, Kinetic, Tamiya and Hobby Boss)

    AV-8B "Night Attack" $40 (Has) (No AM)

    AV-8B "Super Harrier" $40 (Has) (No AM)

    Harrier GR7/9 $40 (Has) (No AM)

    Sea Harrier FR.1 $20 (Tam) (Airwaves Photo Etch)

    EA-6B $100 (Kinetic) (Aires Cockpit/Decals)

    E-2C $75 (Kinetic) (FT Decals/Resin Props)

    S-3B $55 (AMT) (No AM)

    A-7E $75 (Has) (Seemless Suckers intake/Aires Pit)

    F-8J $50 (Has) (No AM)

    F-117A $50 (Tam-Eduard Bombs)

    F-4E "Israeli" $60 (Has) (No AM)

    F-4J "US Navy" $55 (Academy) (No AM)

    F-35A $50 (No AM)

    F-15E  $40 Revell (No AM)

    F-16N $40 Tamiya (No AM)

    F/A-18C "Blue Angels" $60 (Has)

    F/A-18D "ATARS" $75 (Has-Wolfpak ATARS update Set)

    F/A-18F $70 (Has-Low Vis) (No AM)

    Mig-21 MF $40 (Acad) (No AM)

    Mig-23 MF $60 (HB) (No AM)

    Su-25 Frogfoot $25(Mon) (No AM)


    1/72 Planes (Mix of AMT, Italeri, Hasegawa, Monogram)

    AC-130U $100 (WP Decals and DIRCM)

    P-3C $40 (No AM)

    B-1B $175 (Comes with Decals and Barracuda Casts: wheels, nose, exhausts and intakes)

    B-52G $125 (Comes with Eduard Bombs/Decals)


    1/144 Cargo Planes (Revell on both/No AM)

    KC-10A $100


    1/350 Ships

    Gallery USS Wasp $125

    Tamiya USS Missouri (Updated Version) $100


    I'm up for negotiating the price,.....Please build them.....Let me know......LOTs more AF TO FOLLOW


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