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    Planes trains and automobiles of most types. Live in the UK and like going to the shows and museums with my beautiful partner Tina who is great.
  1. Thanks for the link. Got one each of bomber and trainer set so can decide later which to abuse, sorry I mean use lol.
  2. Many thanks forthe replies guys. Wow what service! Already downloaded plans and had a quick look. Some of the kit will have to be accepted but quite a bit can be altered and improved. Letb you know how I get on (maybe) Cheers, Alan
  3. Hi guys Im a new member and returning to modelling after a break of some years. Recently aquired a 1/72 blinder and want to acurize and upgrade the kit. Does anyone know where I can get hold of 1/72 accurate plans and any aftermarket decals or resin too ? Cheers
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