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  1. Hello everyone. I’m doing research to model the first airplane I ever flew on for the upcoming anniversary, but I’m having some difficulties finding the needed info. Does anybody know if there is a flight log site or something that lists past flights? It was an international flight coming into the USA. I know the date, route, time and I’m almost certain of the type of aircraft but I want to know the particular aircraft if possible as each had variant paint jobs. Unfortunately I can’t contact the airline (Transbrasil) as they’ve been defunct for almost 20 years. Thanks for any he
  2. Hey, thanks everyone. I've seen all the Hilux but I guess they don't yet have the current generation (N70) yet. Strange as it's already been around 7 years, but oh well, maybe I'll do some work with the older ones. I don't like to work with diecast due to cost and due to diecast being much sturdier and thus harder to cut than plastic. The Hummer seems to be the easist to work with for what I want due to availability. After much closer studying of the Ram models, I found that it'll require a lot more work than I previously thought. I think I will have to indeed cobble two together like Bigassha
  3. Hi everyone, I'm try to find these models to build and I'm not sure if they exist. For starters, does anyone know if there is a model of the Dodge Ram (preferably 2500) extended cab version? I've seen a conversion kit for a 4-door version, but I'm looking for a 2-door, and this would require some serious cutting which I fear would end in diaster if I were to attempt a conversion. The Ram is such an iconic truck, that I'm surprised their aren't more models out there. Second does anyone know if there is a stripped down version of either the Hummer H1 or it's HMMWV counter part? I wanted to do
  4. Thank you. That's good to know. I'm not sure what you mean 'the only B-17 kit of any kind that comes with wheel wells'. Does that mean the others don't have them at all and have to be scratch-built or that they lack detail? It's been a few years since I built my last model, and I wanted to start off with as little modifying as possible. I can only imagine the nightmare it'll be when it gets to weathering and damage effects for dioramas andthe likes. There was a link somewhere on thses forums that led to a page comparing different B-17 kits (and also different scales if I'm not mistaken.), b
  5. Ah, thank you. I didn't know that. I haven't had the chance to see many non-Navy/Marines F-4s in museums or airshows. Yeah that's what I figured. For one, I know Revell makes beautiful kits, but many times they are forced to compromise something. It may not necessarily be overt but it's there none the less. Also I think it's may be based on the kit as well as money at the time. I figure mass producing something big like a B-52 kit would be WAY more expensive (not to mention complex) than say a Waco CG-4 in the same scale. Unfortunately most companies have to sacrfice something somewhere. Ho
  6. Thanks. I didn't know about the completed auctions; that's useful for research.
  7. Thank you very much. I didn't know that the Air Force F-4s also had arrestor hooks. Was it standard for most or all F-4s of the time? Also, I see that at least Tamiya and Revell have made X-32 kits. Thank you once again; this is very helpful!
  8. Hey guys, I have some questions about aircraft kit manufacturers. I know not one manufacturer is perfect and each has its pros and cons i.e., I know from another post that Revell forgot some windows on their B-17 kit, while Hasegawa got high marks from you guys for the F-14 Tomcat. However, I think it also varies by plane being built. There are kits by Monogram, Hasegawa, Airfix, Academy, Italeri, Testors, Revell, Minicraft, Tamiya, AMT/Ertl & Kitech (if I’m not missing anything) among many others for what I’m looking for to decide on (not all these companies make the same ai
  9. Thank you. The Anmark one is one that pops up every once in a while on ebay. I forgot what it looks like exactly but I believe it's a white box with the shuttle stack on a blue background. Thanks again for the fast reply. Edit: To any reader who wants to know what the Anmark looks like, it's a white box with an all black cover of a shuttle stack (STS-1 or 2) on a small pad with Space Shuttle written in red, white and blue. Thanks to crowe-t for telling me about completed auctions so I could find a picture.
  10. Hi everyone. I have a question about the 1/144 Space Shuttles. I’d like to know if anybody here has built the Anmark Space Shuttle or the MPC Space Shuttle Columbia model and how do they compare accuracy-wise to the other shuttle models out there. Are they in the same quality range as the Airfix or Revells, or are they a bit more problematic like the Minicraft (which had the wrong shaped nose problem)? I looked all over but can never find any information on them. Thanks in advance.
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