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  1. I agree, they'd be awesome on a track. I think putting the 1910 Buick on a Scalextric track would be a scream! Matchbox was great. Sure, their planes were meh, but I love them to death, and their cars and tanks are not only quite nice, but definitely interesting subjects!
  2. While it is only a couple days into the new year, I can’t help but think of the old saw “Out with the old, in with the new!” Of course, when it comes to sprue, I can’t really abide by that at all. I’m more like “In with the old, in with the older and weirder!”. I know it doesn’t really follow the spirit of things, but you know me… always have to be contrary. In that fine tradition then I would like to share with all of you a great classic car score I had in late November, in the one Toy Show I managed to get to before COVID started shutting everything back down again! Now, when I s
  3. Well, it was a push, but it’s done in time for Christmas! With a lot of sanding, grinding and polishing, my Fumina Christmas Angel Custom version of the Bandai Axis Angel kit is ready for display on the Big Day. I’m glad to be able to add another Gundam-based Christmas ornament/display to my holiday decorations, and I think she looks rather good. Check out this new addition at the link below, and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! https://adamrehorn.wordpress.com/bandai-non-scale-super-fumina-christmas-angel-custom/
  4. Sometimes the things I like are just so esoteric and awful that there simply isn’t a kit of a particular subject. I know, it seems weird, but it’s true. However, sometimes I get lucky, and there will be a pre-built replica of the object of my desire/dismay! This is most true when it comes to cars, and particularly European cars! One perfect example of an unsurprisingly unkitted subject is the Renault 14. While Renault has made a lot of successful (in Europe, at least) cars, the pear-like 14 is not one of them. It’s ugly, weird and shockingly corpulent in the wrong places. Thankful
  5. Well, the air is getting colder, the nights much longer, and the Christmas decorations have been in the stores for a couple of months now, so that can mean only one thing: It’s about a month from Christmas! With that in mind, I wanted to do another Christmas Gundam project. However, I’ve got Santa, a sled, an elf and a reindeer… what’s left. That’s when it hit me: an angel!! So, inspired by this realization, I dug my way through my stash to find my Super Fumina Axis Angel kit. I mean, it’s already a girl, and has angel wings, so I’m most of the way there, right? Right? Well, maybe
  6. Given all the weird stuff I build and collect, like 4-door Vettes and early, useless jets, it should come as no surprise that the weirder it is, the more I’m likely to be drawn to it. My reputation precedes me, too, it seems, since my brother and (now late) uncle worked together to give me five of the Arii 1/32 Owners’ Club three-wheeled trucks for Christmas some time ago. I thought it was high time to dig one of these little weird guys out and give it a go. On a whim, I decided to take a run at the Mazda K360, since it’s not as well-known as the Daihatsu midget, and thus was even
  7. When they say “Truth is stranger than fiction”, sometimes, they aren’t kidding! The desperate last days of WWII in Germany saw any and all ideas for defence of the Reich at least given consideration, no matter how outlandish they were. That some of these ideas were greenlighted, and even made it to the flying stage, says a lot about the state of Germany’s science and politics in the early-middle ‘40s. One of the weirder and more dangerous vehicles to make the leap from napkin to launchpad was the Bachem Ba-349, or BP-20, “Natter”. A vertically-launched, tiny, rocket-propelled poin
  8. Yeah, I like Japanese WWII planes, for the most part. A lot of glass though! Thanks to my local shop getting in so much sprue this year from one guy's collection, my WWII Japanese inventory has grown a lot. I'd say I have most of the main single-engined fighters (save the Shoki, which I dislike) and a lot of float planes. I still don't have many larger planes, save for Peggy and the Ki-109 (I think) interceptor. Sadly, the venerable TA-4J didn't win, but it is one of my favourite two-seaters. That they could put a second seat in such a small plane and STILL make it wo
  9. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of weird model kits and replicas. From four-door Corvettes to oddball float planes and all things in between, I tend to have a soft spot for the unconventional. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like things that are a bit more well-known. I also like figure kits, primarily from animes, but I rarely have a chance to get them due to their relatively high cost. Surely one of the most well-known and recognizable animated characters of all time, however, is not from an anime. Homer Simpson, the rather dim-witted and corpulent “third cousin twice re
  10. One of the fun parts of modelling, I find, is coming across a kit of something unfamiliar. It could be a different variant of a known machine, or something you’ve not seen a kit of before. For me, it always makes me raise my eyebrows and, more often than not, end up purchasing the kit as an excuse to learn more about the esoteric subject at hand. However, after being into planes for over 40 years, I didn’t think there were too many (at least not from the mid-‘30s forward) that I wouldn’t at least have heard of. However, on a trip to a local store, I came across just such a beast.
  11. You know, both the Foxy, and the Eckler, look okay to me. That era of Vette was too slim, too effete looking, if you ask me. The flares gave it some muscle tone.
  12. Media tie-ins are nothing new to the model kit world. Replicas of famous TV and film cars have always been a big thing for model makers, and this practice continues with Round 2’s “Supernatural” 4-door Impala. Howevever, there’s another kind of media tie in that’s a lot less common, and that’s making a famous person’s car into a kit. One great example of this is the “Foxy Vette”, which was a Barris-designed custom Corvette made especially for media darling Farrah Fawcett back in the late ‘70s! This one-off creation was immortalized, kinda, by AMT at the end of that decade, and the
  13. Well, this is a lot more complicated than I had imagined. Since I normally only build 1/72 or 1/76 armour, I thought it would be fun to take a run at a larger kit, and since I love the G6 Rhino SP gun, it seemed a natural target for my endeavours. However, I will admit that I thought even though it was bit that building the Rhino would not be all that complicated. Sure, it had a lot more parts than I thought it would, but I was hoping a lot of them would be able to be bolted on at the end. Joke’s on me! Check out my progress on the Takom 1/35 Rhino
  14. While I’m not all that much of an armour guy, anyone who knows me knows that I do love my Matchbox tank kits. While the Purple Range kits are pretty fun, I do have a particular love of the Orange Range models. Those were the ones that were almost like playsets; you got multiple vehicles and some figures, as well as a bigger, usually cooler, diorama base. Sadly, finding the Orange Range kits has proven somewhat tougher than I’d have thought. Thankfully, though, Revell Germany keeps the repops coming, and every now and then they’ll reissue one of them. It seems like, within a decade
  15. Obviously, the Spitfire is a plane that needs no introduction. It was in production before WWII and continued in production even after the War. It was produced in a staggering variety of variants for a number of roles, and has long been a darling of model kit makers and model builders. Of course, even I have a couple of Spits in the stash, but I’m a particular fan of the bubbletops, and I prefer building them to the more “normal” Malcom-hooded variety of Spit. Now, I also love Matchboxes, so when I got the chance to get my mitts on a Matchbox bubbletop, you KNOW I was all in!
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