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  1. I love to building aircraft but also models of world-famous bridges and buildings. I am confused where to post about these. I have built models of such things as the Empire State, Eiffel Tower, Cathedrals, etc. but there seems to be no place to discuss and share experiences.
  2. speedbird2

    Titanic Model

    For fans of Titanic, I made a large, almost 3 feet long, puzzle model, which is quite nice. It is not so detailed as the masts are not there but it is steady and fun. It only took 1 afternoon to construct. It's from Cubic Fun and very nice to display as the pieces interlock. No glue or painting; no mess and cheap to buy (only $35). The company also makes a Mayflower, aircraft carrier, etc. but I have no room in my apartment.
  3. speedbird2

    Cubic Fun 3D Models

    I love making those Cubic Fun 3D Puzzle Models. Although they require no glue, no painting, no decals, etc they are quite difficult. The Burj Khalifa tower model took me several days as the instructions were unclear and several parts were incorrectly labelled. It was very frustrating but finally finished it. They mostly make famous buildings and towers but just made Blue Angels F-18. I bought but haven't constructed Tower Bridge, St. Peter's, and Big Ben. I am looking for others who have made these models. I wish I had more room in my tiny apartment to display these. The Eiffel Tower and Empire State were easy.
  4. speedbird2

    Revell Replacement Parts

    After waiting over 4 months, Revell finally sent me replacement struts for the Space Shuttle/747 model. Had they made the parts correctly in the first place, they wouldn't have cracked. They made the parts so thin. Did they really expect those thin struts to securely keep the Shuttle atop the 747? Revell usually makes good products; I've never had cracked parts before.
  5. speedbird2

    Missing Parts

    I requested several replacement parts from Revell of Germany. I have been waiting patiently and even got assigned a number showing that they received my request. What happened? They give a phone # but nobody answers!
  6. I spent time ordering replacement parts from Revell Germany for my 747 SCA/Space Shuttle model. I even have a reference number. I have patiently waited about 3 months and got no parts. I finally called the phone number as well as e-mailed them but the phone number gets a vague automated response and the e-mail gets no response. If they don't intend to assist, they should say so. I spent over 2 hours trying to get these parts (struts to attach the Shuttle to the 747) which break.
  7. speedbird2

    Change Password

    I got a 15 character password sent to me as I forgot my old one. How can I change it to an easier one?
  8. speedbird2

    Revell Germany

    I requested replacement parts from Revell Germany. I know they got my request as a confirmation was sent. It was new struts to attach the B747 to the Space Shuttle.
  9. While I've made plastic airline models for decades, I now often make famous architecture of the world models. While these are called Puzzles 3D, in my opinion, they are really model kits and are very intricate. Although the pieces are already painted and no glue is required, make no mistake, they require days of intense work. I just spent over 30 hours constructing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Other models include the Empire State, St. Peters', Notre Dame Cathedral, Leaning Tower,US Capitol, etc. These come with poor instructions and the modeler is left to figure-out and is frustrating. There seems to be no forum to boot. These are more difficult than most plastic kits I've made. Anybody know where threse kits can be discussed?
  10. speedbird2

    ATP Decals

    In the 80's, I ordered decals from ATP. They had great decals for commercial aviation aircraft such as Iberia, Air Florida, Air India, etc. Now, I can't find them. Did they go out-of-business? If so, is there another manufacturer producing decals of commercial jet aircraft?
  11. speedbird2

    Architecture Model Kits

    I have been building model airplanes for decades but lately I also make models of famous architecture of the world, such as Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Brooklyn Bridge, etc. There seems to be no forum to discuss these. Although made of puzzle pieces, these kits are very intricate. I just spent over 40 hours building the Burj Khalifa and had nowhere to get assistance. These so-called puzzles are really model kits in truth without the need to glue or paint yet some are very challenging. Anybody here makes these as well?
  12. speedbird2

    Puzzle 4D Models

    While I mostly make plastic airplane model kits, I also do 4D Puzzle Kits from Cubic Fun. Maybe others also do these. My question is where to discuss these. Some kits are very complex (St. Peter's Square, Houses of Parliament, etc) but there is no place to discuss. Some are extremely complex and I need a forum to discuss problems. These kits appear simple: no cement, no paints, no decals, etc, but take my word; they can be monstrosities to build. I just spent 10 hours trying to construct a 5 foot high model of Burj Khalifa and the instructions led me nowhere and I gave-up.
  13. speedbird2

    Shuttle Tail Cones

    Regarding the Space Shuttles now displayed in museums, do they all have tail cones covering the engines? If so why aren't they removed to show the public the engines? I know the engines had to be protected during delivery flight. Also, if the Enterprise tail cone were removed, are there any engines at all? This prototype never actually flew on its own power but was really just a glider. Right now, visitors can view the Enterprise uncovered atop the Intrepid Flight Deck for a limited time as a new pavilion will be built soon.
  14. speedbird2

    Problem with 747/Space Shuttle Model

    I have no drill but I fear the fuselage could crack as I am not adept with tiols. The Super Glue I bought at a 99cent store is junk; it sticks to my finger and clothing but not to my plastic model so I go back to Testors in a red tube. In the meantime, I improvised my own struts and it appears to be holding. Its drying as we speak. Thanks for everybodys' assistance. I am disappointed that Muroc never responded about selling me new struts. I have complained to Revell about how poorly their included struts are. Don't they have modellers test before production? I see that Hasegawa makes a similar kit but the 1/200 scale is too smsll. Their struts look to be wrll-designed. Thanks again.
  15. speedbird2

    Problem with 747/Space Shuttle Model

    Yes. I'm trying to improvise struts that will keep the Shuttle atop the SCA 747. It's a challenge to me. A big problem is that I can't drill holes into the fuselage so I must depend on Testors Plastic Cement which is not strong. I've tried Super Glue but it won't stick to plastic. I accidentally missplaced the struts included in the kit. I was about to reindorce by gluing metal nails against the plastic but the 2 struts are missing. I have ordered replacements from Revell Germany which will take a long time. A new Shuttle will probably be in service by then. I will keep trying. Thanks for your suggestions.