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  1. So. This is it, I hope you enjoyed the review and can hopefully get some inspiration to your own build. Since it was my 3rd model, I am quite happy with the result. There are loads of things which could have been done better and prettier but the more you build the better you become. You always learn from your mistakes and you improve. I welcome any advise, suggestions, please comment the review if you liked it, and even if you didn't. Thank you for watching!
  2. The belly of the beast :) How I hated those little antennas... :)
  3. Here can you witness how ugly the nose have turned out. I did all I could at my knowledge and skills, the result is kind of okay I guess. The window could sit a bit tighter but... I will survive. :)
  4. As you can see, the exhaust pipes are not sitting very tight to the fuselage, but they are okay I guess.
  5. Here is the handle on the tail I was talking about. Not so pretty but it's there. :)
  6. A few comments here: The painting is not very nice at the doorhandles, but it was too small detail to be able to correct it pretty. There is a black bar / handle on the side of the fuselage to which the staff can hold on to, now these tricked me because the holes are wider than the actual bars that go there. It was too late to get out the putty paste trying to fill them in, I just left them as they were. The windows. I don't see any chances that I will one day be able to mount windows without screwing them up with the glue. You put too little they don't hold. You put too much they overflow
  7. And so it is done! :) Close-ups are coming. :)
  8. This was the last stage - just hours before getting it done - where I had to leave for work for a week.
  9. PLacing decals on a not flat surface is a nightmare, especially when a piece should go through them later. It didn't turn out the nicest, but practice makes perfect. At least I didn't break them. :)
  10. Starting to look like the real thing, began with the decals.
  11. Okay, so this is what I did with the windscreen/fuselage 'not fitting together' problem. I cut the windscreen in the middle and placed a rubber band there, strengthened it with a normal see-through tape from the inside and the outside so it's not that visible.
  12. That back panel was very challenging too with the turbines' exhaust pipes. They just would't fit and it was impossible to get them to stick to the fuselage wall in a nice angle. I ended up creating a bridge inside the fuselage which then held up the two pipe in place. I don't have a photo of it but you don't want to see it, it's a lot of masking tape and extra plastic put in not in a very nice and clean way. :) Here the fuselage is getting the first coat of white at the top.
  13. The big moment of truth - I had a really hard time fitting the two sides together and it isn't perfect.
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