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  1. Found out the mustang was P-51B #42-106907 of the 503rd FS, 339th FG, piloted by 2nd Lt. Robert L. Dickens
  2. Im not sure if anyone will be able to help , but im looking for any info on the above Havoc. It took off from Little Walden and collided with another plane. The Havoc crashed in a field where a Lady Named Elizabeth Anne Everitt tried to save the crew. Taken from the IWM archive Chelmsford Chronicle Friday 2/6/1944 reported: 'U.S. Airmen Honour Widow WHO GAVE LIFE TO SAVE CREW MOST of the 500 villagers of Ashdon, near Saffron Walden, attended the funeral on Wednesday of a brave woman-of the village who gave her life trying to save the crew of a blazing aircraft which, after collid
  3. Looking for the treaded wheels and the standard paddle props from the tamiya lancaster kits please. Im in the UK TIA
  4. Does anyone knw the identity of the PV-1 that spotted the USS Indianapolis crew please? I would like to model it I think it may have been PV-1 U535 but thats about all i can find Thanks
  5. LOL thats a little mat we bought. Can you imagine have a whole floor covered in that! The spitfire runs out this evening and its only on £25!
  6. Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk1a https://www.justgiving.com/DaisyThorne/ Well its finally done. Its taken 1 weeks and more hours than i can count. The challenge was to get sponsored to build the kit in 1 week and then auction it off. All of the monies goes to little Havens. This was also built in Memory of our little 3 year old Daughter Daisy who tragically died on 14/02/14. I always new that there was a really nice kit of a Spitfire hiding in that Airfix box. With the kind donations from Airscale , John Dutfield model railways in Chelmsford , Grey matter Figures , and Dave T. This has been a s
  7. No photos tonight. I may as well save it for tomorrow. Its in its paint now so is on target to be finished tomorrow.
  8. Thank you Another fun filled day! Most of the work today was on the underside. Radiator , oli cooler , ammo covers and wheel wells boxed in.
  9. Thank you. Lots more done today including sanding all of the rivets off. Its really getting there now , but i will be glad when its done.
  10. Wow modelling marathon today , im exhausted! I got the dihedral i wanted though. Wings are now fitted , tailplanes just dry fitted. Tomorrow will be filling , sanding and boxing in the UC bays. See you all tomorrow!
  11. Its so hard especially as she was our only child. I was a stay at home Dad so my life is now very different. You have to stay strong for your own sake. I could go off on a tangeant and get really down , but the simple truth is , Shes not comming back and theres nothing i can do to change that. Its immensly heartbreaking and she has left a massive hole in my sole that will never be repaired. My wife and is 40 this year and i am 41 so its hard knowing what to do. Anyway other peoples thoughts and the charity build is keeping me strong so thanks. Heres my progress today so far. One of the thing
  12. Well its been a long day today. The Fathers day thing was OK in the end. I just concentrated on the Spitfire and tried not to think of anything else. The fuselage is now joined. I built the Merlin up but i think i will just leave one side panel loose. If it had not have been for the amount of cleaning up i have had to do on this , it would have been finished by now!
  13. Thanks People. Heres todays progress. Not done too much today as we visited the Hornby visitors centre , which was great! Fuselage halves now complete and the IP is finished.
  14. http://www.justgiving.com/DaisyThorne As some of you know , my Wife and I lost out beautiful little 3 year old Daughter Daisy on Valentines day this year. Its been the worst time of our lives.Since Daisy Died i wanted to do something for Charity. I chose Little Havens for terminally ill Children. Daisy was taken suddenly , but can you imagine being told that your child is dying and theres no cure. Thats Heartbreaking. The plan is to get sponsored , which i have , for building the model. I will then sell the finished model on eBay and all of the proceeds will go to Little Havens. Airscale and
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