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  1. this afternoon I worked on the wing tanks - man, what a mission!  


    trying to ensure both tanks were aligned correctly took a ton of resetting, super glue, and patience! but i'm fairly confident they are aligned properly :beer4: (probably would have been easier to adapt the t-33 wing to the kit )


    as per the kit: 




    removed the edges:




    final result!;





  2. Just finished watching after seeing it mentioned here - Was really well made - great to see netflix tackle some of the smaller conflicts in the early cold war years - hopefully more to come!


    though in the scene with the UN secretary on the plane - you see the chasing plane is a F-4 phantom!  :rolleyes:

  3. Hi Folks


    I decided i would enter an Iraqi Mi-28NE as currently engaged in operations against ISIS :-)




    decided to use the Revell Kit with some leftover parts from a long dead zvezda kit ( I would use a zvezda kit, but all the examples i've looked at in box have horrific cracks through the canopies :angry: )


    Im hoping to use the excellent Begemot Mi-35 sheet as a basis for the markings:




    for zvezda donor parts i have the radome, complete cannon, antennae, and might cut up some previous ka-50 seats to use also:




    I added a few small bits of detail from the spares box; most wont be seen - i think rubber black is my new favourite black!  (scale effect yada yada...)


    will use the kit cockpit decals, which although not accurate, are really nice :D









  4. small update:


    slowly coming together with lots of puttying and sanding!




    IP finished, not totally happy with it - i tried to make convincing dials putting in white, then bits of black, then filling with clear varnish, it sort of works!



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