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  1. almost there! ( unfortunately the flash shows up the corrections on the wing tanks!)
  2. cheers guys! silly mistake - i thought id be able to get away with attaching the canopy last, but the fit leaves a bit to be desired, so I opened the canopy and attached the front windshield.....requiring superglue and sanding :-S
  3. Im down for 2 at least! ....my su-17 sans suffix arrived today....a su-17m2 would be very appreciated !
  4. Does this include kits molded in 1980?
  5. got the basic main colours on yesterday - still need to clean up the leakage, but happy with as-12 for lacquer silver look as on the real thing:
  6. after a TON of filling with supergue, sanding....rinse, repeat.....we got primer on today to check for any missed seams! :-)
  7. Hehe yea ive been using superglue to fill as much as i can...wing tanks turned out Allright but i think intakes will be another matter! This is one of airfix's better releases - would love a new tool though!! Still undecided on a camouflaged or metal lacquer bird!
  8. this afternoon I worked on the wing tanks - man, what a mission! trying to ensure both tanks were aligned correctly took a ton of resetting, super glue, and patience! but i'm fairly confident they are aligned properly (probably would have been easier to adapt the t-33 wing to the kit ) as per the kit: removed the edges: final result!;
  9. HI Folks! THis GB got me inspired to ressresurrect my 1/72 Chilean F-80C: Its from the 1974 airfix kit, last id done is paint up the cockpit parts so hopefully ok! am using the fuel tanks from an equally ancient hasegawa T-33 (dating back to 1969!):
  10. Somewhere out there the guy who ps'd that pic must be rapt he gets his very own su-34 boxing!
  11. Hehe yea, its very fake - though amusing italeri decided to make it a kit options!
  12. http://italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2583&idCategoria=1&idSottocategoria=3
  13. got all the main assemblies together, started working on the nose shapes, where the kit is a bit out: I extended the radome? found a proper FLIR ball, and checked how it looked with the zvezda cannon:
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