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  1. I've managed to secure most of the items, I'm still looking for 2 AMRAAM's.
  2. Hi all. I'm looking for a WAR HUD for an F-16 to do a CG. Would love a spare one from the Tamiya kit or an Eduard photo etch one. Quite willing to trade or pay for it. TIA!
  3. Hi all. I'm looking for a WAR HUD for an F-16 to do a CG. Would love a spare one from the Tamiya kit or an Eduard photo etch one. Quite willing to trade or pay for it. TIA!
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. I don't really want to mortgage my house, just for a weapons set.. The MENG sets look pretty good, I think I'll go that way..
  5. Thanks for the reply Mark. I'll check it out. Do you know if the Hasegawa Weapons Set E is still available? I can't seem to find it anywhere..
  6. Hi all. I've posted this in the spares box as well. I'm looking for 2 AMRAAM's and 2 AIM-9X's to fit out an F-15C from Hawaii ANG. If anyone has some spares, I'd be most grateful. Could also do a trade or come to an agreement as well..
  7. I've found an ACMI pod, just looking now for two AMRAAM's and an AIM-9X...
  8. Hi all. I'm looking for and ACMI pod, an AIM-9X and two AMRAAM's to fit out a Hawaii ANG F-15C in 1/48. Thanks!
  9. Thanks heaps for the reply and the link. There's some awesome looking choppers out there!!
  10. Hi all. I found this picture on Pinterest and absolutely love the scheme. I did a image search via google but came up emtpy on additional images. So, does anyone out there have anymore pictures of this helicopter? TIA! https://www.flickr.com/photos/marvinblue007/30731900797/in/dateposted-public/
  11. Thanks heaps for the pics and info Check Six. Love the car parking!! I also got an answer over at steelnavy.com DariusP provided a link to this page: http://navysite.de/cvn/flightdeck.htm Was that what you had put in your first post? Thanks heaps for all of your help!
  12. Hi all. I'm after some information regarding spotting aircraft on a carrier deck. I've heard of places called "the crotch" and "the street", but I don't know where they are. I seem to recall seeing a diagram explaining where different spots on a deck were, do you think I could find it now!?! As I would like to set out the aircraft on my Enterprise model, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps!
  13. Thanks for the heads up on this set. I had emailed Wolfpack a while ago about buying a single DRA from them, but they never replied. This, however, is just what I'm after.
  14. A Dual Rail Attachment for carrying a pair of Sidewinder missiles. It's a bit frustrating when Tamiya's box art shows it, but the kit doesn't have it.
  15. Hi all. Does anyone out there have a spare 1/48 DRA for an A-10? I have the old Tamiya kit and it doesn't have one. I've had a look at Wolfpack's resin set and I can't justify the outlay just for a DRA. Otherwise, can anyone tell me the part numbers for the DRA that comes in Italeri's kit? Maybe I can order some spare parts.. TIA!!
  16. Hi all. As the heading suggests, I'm looking for a pair of M-4's to put into a 1/48 OH-58D cockpit. I did a bit of a net search and all I could find was Live Resins site. Their wares look incredible, but they don't do 1/48 (as far as I could tell from their website). I'm also toying with the idea of leaving a helmet on a seat, could anyone suggest a place to look for helicopter flight helmets in 1/48? Thanks heaps!
  17. Another question for you guys; the bar that runs parallel underneath the tail boom: what was its purpose and when was it removed from the fleet?
  18. Thanks guys for your replies. You've provided the answers that I was after. Strikeeagle801, thanks also for the link to your folder. These pics will certainly help with my build. Andrew.
  19. Hi all. I was just having a look at Fireball Modelwork's 1/48 decals for the OH-58D. He mentions various subjects, with or without laser detectors. I'm assuming they're little bumps on the nose and body? Could anyone shine some light on some reference pics? TIA!! Also, another question; what version Hellfire are usually fitted to a Kiowa Warrior? TIA!!
  20. Thanks everyone for your replies. Benner; that's a fantastic looking A-10!! Thanks for sharing. That's good news about the Tamiya kit, so I reckon I'll stick with it and try and source a Black Box (Monogram) pit, or at the very least, a resin seat. I'm going to build a Euro-1 bird from the 74th TFS. (Gotta have a shark's mouth on an A-10, its a given!! :D ) My kit decals were already yellowed up, as I bought this kit cheaply from a garage sale, so I bought a SuperScale sheet that will do the trick. Just need some LAU-117's for some Mavericks and a DRA for some Sidewinders to finish it off.
  21. Love this topic! I too have a Tamiya 1/48 A-10 to build eventually and loved the info that you gave. I have a question; did you have any issues with the Black Box tub, even though its made for Monogram? You gave some feedback of your installation, but any details and what you'd do next time to improve the fit (if anything) would be greatly appreciated. TIA!!
  22. Hi just reading this thread and I have my own questions; what kit builds better, the Tamiya kit (which I have), the Italeri one or the Hobby Boss one? Can a Gulf War bird be made fairly easily from the Tamiya one, or do I need a lot of resin to accomplish this? Which one would represent best value for money, in terms of less aftermarket bits needed for the end result and build quality? Finally, what would be a typical loadout for a Gulf War A-10? TIA!! P.S. Sorry, forgot to mention I'd like to build a 1/48 kit (in case the manufacturers didn't give it away!!)
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