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  1. Does anyone has a "look-back" radar picture?
  2. it seemd a sukhoi fighter "back-fired"a Air-to-Air missile.Maybe R-73? There was a rumour that the new generation sukhoi fighters include su-35 su-33UB and su-32 installed a "look-back" radar in middle of 90s. Who can proof it?
  3. I am sorry,Capricorn. :( I forgot you. :P Thank you for your text.
  4. Thanks ken! you give me a great help.
  5. Hi my dear friends, I am come back. This time I also bring a question for you. The question is what is the monster in the photo? Someone said it was an experimental plane base on Tu-16 and it was for tu144 SST.Isn't it?
  6. As you can see, there is a red line on Iranian air force tomcat's after-fuselage. And it can been seen on the Iranian phantoms and free-fighters too. who can tell me what's it?
  7. Hi A6BSTARM´╝îThank you!!! But the pics which you posted are Tu-22M2 and Tu-22M3.They are not MR type reconnaissance plane. The Tu-22MR just like this:
  8. Hi all,I need some Tu-22MR pics. It is important for me.
  9. Hi guys,who can tell me what's that on foxbat?
  10. Thanks ken ,but you can see the pics...........they are on the different prototype,bort 42/43/44/45/46,why? someone said there are different sensor inside,a radar or a ASW sensor
  11. Now we all known sukhoi had said he had a navy-figher project,Su-32FN/MF. And FN/MF prototype was showed at Paris.But Su-32MF/FN looks like Su-34,and almost no any different! Su-32MF/FN is Su-34?Is it a true prototype?
  12. Hi all,anybody kown what is it?I just saw it on MAKS 2005
  13. http://maks.sukhoi.ru/maks2005.htm http://maks.sukhoi.ru/maks2005_1.htm
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