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  1. I wonder if Schabak in Germany went out of business. I bought die-cast Concordes from them about 25 years ago. The models had fully-retractable noses which didn't break-off; unlike the Corgi Concorde models. I also built an Aeroflot TU-144 1/125 scale from a West German company but I trashed the box & forgot the name of the manufacturer. The nose retracts but it has no canards to swing-out.
  2. Anybody like the new Qantas livery? They removed Skippy Kangaroos' paws and smoothed-out his ears; making him ressemble the . swoosh. I see the old B744 daily from my house near JFK and she still has the old, better livery, as the B744s will soon all get scrapped. Many Qantas fans, like myself, have complained, but to no avail. Qantas' livery is world famous and should not be touched. Remember when the "Roo had wings ?
  3. I have been building model airplanes for decades and have always had problems with engines snapping-off the wings after construction. It is very frustrating and has ruined many models especially when the engines get lost and the models are left with an empty pylon. Am I the only modeler who has lost engines ? Decals peeling-off is another frustration but now I notice even snap together models from Hogan or Herpa, also lose engines. I treat my models well but sometimes I just lose the engines. Is this common? None of my friends build or collect models so I have nobody to ask.
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