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  1. Brilliant, thanks guys. Slowly learning as I go on. Thank you so much.
  2. Ok, so I’m on to my 2nd Model as an adult. My first being the Airfix Gloster Meteor which I was really quite pleased with. Ive been given an Italeri Tornado GR1 kit and I’m well into the build. Ive changed paints from enamels to Vallejo Acrylics and Ive primed all parts. The problem I’m having is, I’m struggling to understand the stages of painting. I think I’m trying to do individual bits before putting together which is making it intricate work. What is the general consensus on the stages of painting? Do you build the main body
  3. Cheers guys. Yeah, I think I’m going to finish the current model in Enamels and then experiment with Acrylics. Ive just been given an old Italeri 1:48 Tornado so I’ll experiment with that. Thanks for all of your help.
  4. Superb responses as always. Your help is very much appreciated. Totally understand now, thank you.
  5. Also, is a final coat of something absolutely necessary? For instance, the wheels have a nice Matt finish to the tyres after being painted alone, do I need to coat them in any final coat?
  6. Now im completely confused but that may be due to what I’ve bought. Humbrol spray gloss/Matt varnish’s. So there are two scenarios: 1. I have painted some pieces in enamel paints and they do not need any decals applied but I want to weather them with the enamel weathering products I’ve bought. What coat do I use before and after weathering? 2. I have completed the main body of the model with enamel paints. I have coated it in enamel gloss varnish and applied decals. Now I want to seal decals but then apply weathering after. What’s the process
  7. Can I just clarify something. When people refer to a clear coat, is that a specific product as such or is the Humbrol Acrylic Gloss Varnish spray I have count as a clear coat? Also, the model I’m building has meant I have some pre built parts that are painted and don’t have decals on, they are painted with enamel paints. Can I spray these pieces now with Acrylic Varnish on top of Enamel paints??
  8. That’s brilliant, thanks guys. Superb model Thommo. I think I was getting bogged down in the thought of having just one particular brand as such but I’ve realised the options are available and I suppose it’s going to be trial and error until I find the right brand at a particular job that suits the job at hand. Thank you all, your help is invaluable.
  9. Brilliant, thank you. So: I’m using Enamel Paints and already have enamel weathering washes. Enamel Gloss Varnish. Decals. Acrylic Varnish. Weathering. Then what?? Or is weathering completely last?
  10. Sorry, another newbie post that has probably been done to death. Im currently building my first model as an adult. I have painted it with enamel paints, gloss varnished it and applied decals. I then intend to gloss varnish it again with Enamel varnish before Humbrol Enamal weathering with their washes/powders etc.. Is this the correct way. Should I stick to enamel products throughout the process?
  11. That’s superb, thank you very much. I suppose I have got a little worried as most videos etc... at the minute concentrate on acrylics. I personally think I’m getting good results but just starting to doubt slightly. I suppose it’s like everything though, trial and error and test what’s more comfortable to you.
  12. Thank you. I have got an airbrush but have been doing most by brush. Having had previous experience with different forums for different hobbies, I had a funny feeling whilst writing this post that the debate would have been raised previously. What paints do you use or do you not stick to one particular brand?
  13. Hi, Forgive me, I’m new to all this and I have a funny feeling this question is like Airbus v Boeing! Ive just started building my first Airfix model as an adult. It’s a Gloster Metoer kit and I bought a number of humbrol enamels to accompany it. Ive become immersed in it and I am cracking on with it fine at the minute. Whats dawned on me is that most tutorial videos etc.... are using Acrylics paints. Before i I start collecting a palephrer of enamel paints, is acrylic the way forward? Do most use acrylics these days?
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