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  1. Thank you guys ! Now I know what it is and what to do in my build. Regards, Douglas
  2. Hi guys, I am building a 1/48 Shadow. While I am sanding the fuselage, I wonder what would go to that hole in the leading edge of the big rudder. I checked the instruction and I am amazed that nothing would be inserted there. Do you guys know what is that hole for, in the real plane ? An intake ? For cooling, or generator ? Regards, Douglas
  3. Hi guys, Has anyone here ever tried to fit an Aires 1/32 Su-27UB resin cocpit onto the Trumpeter fuselage ? I am about to start and would like to know if anyone has the experience on how much kit part should be cut. Regards, Douglas
  4. Hi Gabor, Thanks for all the responses. From what you said I guess it would be a double mistake, first by Trumpeter moulding the strange seat as in photo 1, and second by Eduard to add photo etched things onto that strange looking seat. And I guess Trumpeter made a correction and moulded a new seat as in photo 2, and so Eduard makes some new photo etched parts for the new seat. Haha, you story with Eduard does a very well demonstration. I think I better go for resin cockpit and seats. But then, it is good to make clear the problem with the kit seats and the related photo etched parts. Thank
  5. Looks like the second one (32663) is installed...... Ref. Photo
  6. At least the head rest are different........... This is from Set 32537 : This is from Set 32663 :
  7. Hi guys, I would like to ask if Su-27B (single seat) and Su-27UB (double seat) use the same ejection seat (K-36D) ? I found Eduard has two different sets 32537 for Su-27B and 32663 for Su-27UB/Su30. This makes me to wonder if they use different version of ejection seats or it is just different in Trumpeter moulding so Eduard releases two sets to suit the Trumpeter moulded seats. Any idea ? Regards, Douglas
  8. Roger that Corey. I already wrote an email to DMold last week and PM to Dmitri yesterday. Let me wait for a few more days before sending reminder. Thanks Corey. Regards, Douglas
  9. Looks no one has any idea on the set. :unsure: Regards, Douglas
  10. Guys, Has anyone here got the DMold correction sets for 1/48 S2 Tracker ? I want to get mine, checked at DMold's web page, it was not available days earlier, but today, it is marked out of stock. Are they really out already ? Regards, Douglas
  11. Roger that, guys, and thank you. I never noticed there is a small rectangular rear view mirror just above the sight. And that Spitfire style external mirror, amazing. Regards, Douglas
  12. Hi guys, I am curious to know if there is any rear view mirror on P-51D Mustang. It looks there is no, why ? Is it because of the clear window there is no problem seeing the rear ? Regards, Douglas
  13. OI Crew Dog and LanceB, I am not one doing plane related job. What you both said really opened my eyes. Thanks. Regards, Douglas
  14. Sir, you made very good point. I never noticed Israeli Eagle has panel numbers like that. Thank you thank you very much. Regards, Douglas
  15. Very good point in addition to what Frank said. Thanks. Regards, Douglas
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