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  1. I managed to find an academy one on kingkit for quite cheap. But even then I wonder if kit manufacturers are working on one since it’s the golden goose of the US Air Force and can work in tandem with the F-35. Japan has also been looking at buying some modernised Raptors with the F-35’s avionics for their F-3 program. So we could be seeing some blue raptors in the future aswell 😁
  2. They’ve all gone out of production sadly and are starting to get harder to get hold of. I’d love a fujimi one but there like gold dust. So I was hoping there would be one with more detail especially when it comes to the surface panels which a lot of companies omit. but if nobody knows if there’s one in the works I think I’ll have to pull the trigger on the academy one.
  3. Anyone heard any news about a manufacturer making a 72nd Raptor? I heard Hasegawa was making one about 5 years ago but I haven’t heard anything about it since. I was wondering if one of the newer manufacturers like GWH had one planned or if Hasegawa is still working on it?
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