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  1. In my current case, I WAS to the point of decaling my O-1 Bird Dog when our contractor began demolishing our kitchen!!  I'm to the point of washing our snack dishes in the bath tub!!  No appliances, or water, at all in our kitchen!!

    And of all things today, nobody showed up!!!  Had I known that, I coulda started, if not finished decaling!! Geesh!!


  2. The Shizouka Hobby Show, so far, doesn't provide much hope for any aircraft related kits.  Maybe better news later???  Wish someone would produce a Northrop N-3PB.

    And a M-3 Stuart Tank in 48th scale, too!!

    Too bad I'm not into Transformers!!  BIG for such at this show!!



  3. Agreed, so sad. 

    Have ya seen pictures of the one in Cologne, Germany right after the War?? (Goggle it.) The effort the Allies went thru to NOT hit it with bombs!!  Photos show the city in rubble and that beautiful Cathedral still pretty much intact!!  It did take some hits, tho.

    These beautiful Cathedrals took so long to build, destroyed in hours!!



  4. Shipped my Iwata compressor to Iwata Repair facility in Portland, OR and it was returned in perfect condition just now!!  Great Service and excellent repairs!!  Works like new!!

    Thanks again to Iwata USA!!



  5. 28 minutes ago, ST0RM said:

    Lots of "I know" in this thread. 😉


    Only 2x.50 cals appear to be the standard config, IF they were fitted. But the cutaway drawing below references up to 6. There was space, but since it was a trainer, 2 filled the gunnery requirement. Maybe some of the foreign users fitted all 6, for various conflicts. Sounds like you'll be doing some scratch-building or kit bashing. Academy's T-33 also had the gun port option. 

    Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star Cutaway Drawing


    LOL!!!  This reminds me of my Tech Pub days.  Illustration and Legend don't agree!!  Illustration shows two guns and legend has (6) after.50 Cal MG!!  LOL!!! Somewhere I read they were 12.7mm Brownings machine guns????


  6. 10 hours ago, nfiler said:

    Aw Come On!! It isn't that hard to add a couple gun ports. Or just graft on an F-80 nose and eliminate the upper guns.

    I'm NOT totally sure that the T-Birds in Korean didn't have all six .50 Cal in the nose.  I know that Lockheed did put two MGs in the nose for Foreign sells???  T-Birds did have provisions for six .50 Cals.  (Even models have six ports covered.)  IIRC, the two gun configuration wasn't .50 Cals????

    Anyway, just wondered if some enterprising Resin person, didn't already have drop in replacements that included sight????


  7. 10 hours ago, KenM said:

    No such thing as a gun nosed T-33, no T-33's in Korea they were trainers.


    Well, at least 1 was there. It was lost on a Ferry Flight from K-13 to Japan on 6 SEP 52 (Flame-out).  Tail No, 49-982, Capt John Cartmill was the pilot.

    For a FACT, they weren't engaged in direct combat. I understood they were used as Area Familiarization birds for new, in country pilots. I sure don't know for sure, but I'd bet it was ARMED with .50 MG in the nose!!  For a FACT, early T-33 DID have provisions to install .50 MGs.

    And I'm guessing, that most, if not ALL F-80 Fighter Bomber Sqds had at least one???  Other will know more.


  8. Does anyone make a replacement Gun Nose for this T-33A kit??  I've checked several known resin manufacturers and Zippo!!  The replacement nose would need extensions on each side the covers muzzle of aft .50 cals.  And of course a gun sight like Monogram's F-80C.

    Seems it would be a given for this kit???  Ya think??  T-Birds in Korea would be so configured.


  9. 2 hours ago, Don said:

    Thanks for commenting "Jabow". Stories like yours, Garrison's and others are important to document for future generations to reference. That and I personally find them very interesting. I have sat for hours at the local Legion enthralled listening to stories from combat vets from WWII to the current war on terror over a few beers.


    Thank you for your service!




    The number of Beers consumed is directly proportional to one's Flying Skills!!  LOL!!

  10. I had similar encounter on my 2nd RVN in Country flight!!  What I FIRST thought was Charlie's Mortar

    rounds impacting the LZ was in fact a Cobra light fire team's 2.75 FFAR with HE Warheads!!  

    My AC/IP that day, was making home movies for his little brother while I was flying into a hot LZ for the very first time, EVER!!!  And when our CC and DG went Hot with their M-60s, I nearly had to clean my pants!!  

    My first day was somewhat less eventful until one of our UH-1Cs had an engine failure on our flight back to Phu Heip AAF!!  Called Mayday!! Mayday!! Mayday!! This is Devil 5??? engine failure at ......  I had no clue WHO was Devil 5??, nor WHERE he was!!  The AC took control of our Huey and did a 180!!  Turns out, he was about 5 mile behind us!!  We were the first to arrive on the scene.

    Like this guy, I said, "And I'm to live through a year of this??"

    (That said, I NEVER saw 140 KIAS on my Hueys!!)


    Demon 68