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  1. The Kitty Hawk Right Pilot's seat has inside armor plate same as left seat. It was not. Rather simple to fix but requires removal of inside armor plate and replace with one shaped like this and splayed outward at the bottom. Only those Real Huey nuts would even notice; but, if that's you, here's a picture to go-by. Bo Demon 68
  2. Not on any US Army Huey's I flew. Bo
  3. World wide, there were soooooo many configurations. Gotta leave something for 'After Market Guys'. The US Army needed VFR pilots so we only got a 'Tactical IFR' ticket. Had to be able to do climbing/descending turns and shoot a GCA landing. Later, after returning, Army made everyone get regular IFR rating. And, my Reserve Unit, had some of the very best Instrument Rated IP's I know of. Very fortunate to get that type of training. When I finished, took FAA check ride and Examiner gave me a 'stuck card ADF approach' to local airport. I missed RW Center line some 10 or so degrees. Felt bad that I missed he and he said, the average pilot wouldn't be able to find the Airport, much less RW center line!! ?? We DID have excellent IFR training. EDIT: I passed FAA and got my Instrument ticket. Bo Demon 68
  4. Now this is what I remember the center bench seat looking like. Very narrow, barely wide enuff to put my, then skinny, butt on it. Recall flying back from Summer Camp with IP and other Pilot and I sit in the back on that titter/tottering seat!! So uncomfortable, I just laid down on some duffel bags awaiting my turn to fly!! Our ship's bench seats was configured just like this without guns. Bo Demon 68
  5. Never saw such a configuration. However, this Picture has been flipped over. This is looking at Right Side of this Huey, NOT the Left side. Bo
  6. Pretty simple fix. If ya wanna go crazy, sandwich a slice of clear rod between two Gull Grey thin sheets of plastic and glue on blade grips. If ur gonna display model with doors open, gotta make new sliding armor plate in rear position so crew can get in/out. And add T/R Pedals adjustment knob just aft of both cyclic boots. Hey, this kit is LIGHT Years ahead of any other kit out there!! Bo
  7. Not seeing the Blade Grip Reservoir that sit on top of the Grips and was filled with oil. Bolt ran thru it and oil level was mid way on bolt. You see it on the B Model when viewed from above. Bo
  8. Thanks all y'all. I'll be careful as this old Coot can be. Bo
  9. Add the CLOCK to lower Rt. Inst Panel. When ya pulled the trigger with left hand, ya hit to clock with Right Hand to count ?? 30 seconds to hit 40 percent gas producer??? It's been awhile. But the Clock WAS on lower right side. EDIT: And the ash tray!! WE all smoked back then!! LOL!! Bo
  10. Well, not perfect, but close enuff that I can fix it!! The Right inside armor piece set at an angle to the back and not just a 90 degree bend as is the left seat. Easy fix. Do wish the outside separate slide plates were separate so modeler could pose doors open and ready for pilots to egress or exit. Bo
  11. That's because there WERE 3 separate seats. Bo
  12. Anyone use these decals?? If so, are they any good??? Very nice looking line of markings.
  13. Looking for Aero Master decals 48-675 and or 48-676. Prefer buying from USA or Canada. Will consider other sources depending on cost and difficulty in shipping these decals????? Thanks in advance. Bo Roberts
  14. My guess is that likely will NOT fit the Monogram kit. But, won't be too expensive if it doesn't. Keep all informed of your findings. Rolls carries EZ Mask.
  15. Anyone built this kit?? Any pitfalls to watch for?? Already instructions call for alot of detail painting that can't be seen AFTER undersides are assembled. And I just started it this morning.