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  1. Whoa Ho!!! I seldom look at models that aren't 48th scale; but, this Corsair is just gorgeous!!! Looks REAL!! And that's what models strive for!! Bravo all around!! Bo
  2. I do really like it!! Nice work. Bo
  3. I don't mind Critical Reviews, so I guess I posted my O-1 Bird Dog in the WRONG Forum!! Please go to 'Display Case' Forum and Fire Away at my Bird Dog! Bo
  4. Thanks. I enjoyed this build. Bo
  5. Thanks. Don’t look too closely. Used clear packaging tape for top and sides transparencies. Top worked great but sides are ‘so-so’. Wish I had mask for this kit. Bo
  6. Finally got around to building this subject. I looked at Roden's newer kit; bu, settled on this older Models USA/Hasegawa one. It was part of the 203rd RAC at Phu Heip Army Air Field in the '69-'70 timeframe when I was there. This is the second Aircraft of Phu Heip AAF subjects that I build, the first was a Huey I flew. Critical review are welcome. Bo
  7. In my current case, I WAS to the point of decaling my O-1 Bird Dog when our contractor began demolishing our kitchen!! I'm to the point of washing our snack dishes in the bath tub!! No appliances, or water, at all in our kitchen!! And of all things today, nobody showed up!!! Had I known that, I coulda started, if not finished decaling!! Geesh!! Bo
  8. I favor Aircraft in 48th scale. Until someone does better, Tamiya is the BEST!! They set that bar VERY high for others to follow, like Monogram once did. Kit???? Geesh, ..... ???? Bo
  9. The Shizouka Hobby Show, so far, doesn't provide much hope for any aircraft related kits. Maybe better news later??? Wish someone would produce a Northrop N-3PB. And a M-3 Stuart Tank in 48th scale, too!! Too bad I'm not into Transformers!! BIG for such at this show!! Bo
  10. Agreed, so sad. Have ya seen pictures of the one in Cologne, Germany right after the War?? (Goggle it.) The effort the Allies went thru to NOT hit it with bombs!! Photos show the city in rubble and that beautiful Cathedral still pretty much intact!! It did take some hits, tho. These beautiful Cathedrals took so long to build, destroyed in hours!! Bo
  11. That's as good as any. A wartime P-40 may have a bit more rust look due to weather; but, that's a good place to start. Be sure and show us the finished model, The old Monogram kit just 'looks' like a P-40. Bo
  12. Hello!? Ever feel like ur talking to urself?? LOL!!
  13. Shipped my Iwata compressor to Iwata Repair facility in Portland, OR and it was returned in perfect condition just now!! Great Service and excellent repairs!! Works like new!! Thanks again to Iwata USA!! Bo
  14. That's what this conversion designer said, too!! LOL!!
  15. This conversion has not been completed!! The tail gun is the REAL hard part, and that’s where builder STOPPED!! Now it is a ‘buyer beware’ conversion and should remain so UNTIL it’s completely finished!! Bo
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