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  1. Josh is working thru some personal issues currently and I was looking for another source. (Josh has a T-33 project of mine and has come to a stop until his issues are resolved. ) Bo
  2. Help!! I have several subjects that I want to build and will need decals for these subjects. Nose art and tail numbers, etc. All will be 48th scale aircraft/helicopters so they won't be huge sheets, Anyone have a North American decal mfg that I can contact??? TIA. Bo
  3. Yeah, likely were 750 pounders. A bomb is a bomb!!! LOL!! What shocked me was the 2.75 FFAR they carried. Just like our gunships; but, with aerodynamic nose cone. Bo
  4. Here's a model I built for pilot and this was configuration he gave me. (Hope this works) Six on centerline
  5. Good news!! Eduard has taken the LEAD in the Hobby Industry!! They CARE!! Bo
  6. Hummm. This Website doesn't even list that P-51B/C??? Normally they're pretty good with coming kits. Bo
  7. Recent reports said that Eduard was going to release, in 48th scale in 2020, a P-36 and P-40B/C. This was published on a Website that does a creditable job of keeping us informed. Recently, the Site removed these two items from Future Releases. When I asked them why, was told the Eduard hasn't confirmed anything in this regard. So, ...... Until Eduard DOES confirm something, we'll still be wishing and hoping!! Bo
  8. https://hobbyterra.com/product/plastic- ... 16-12-2019 Far beit from me to not welcome a new 48th scale kit; BUT, ...... a Huskie??? Why hasn't ANYONE released a new 48th scale Bell AH-1G Cobra???? What am I missing, here?? The Cobra will outsell this Huskie 100 : 1, as a minimum!!! I mean a flying FireTruck vs the first real attack helicopter?? No contest!! Keep thinking Special Hobby will stretch their 72nd to 48th?????? Someone will SURELY release a new Snake!! Bo
  9. I'm sure it was screen writer injecting his words (didn't have notes taken of all conversations during this battle). Fact remains the Germans DIDN'T have fuel for war machines and Allies DID ship Christmas things from home!! Bo
  10. Don't recall which movie had this; but, when Germans over-ran an American forward outpost and found a Cake mailed from home in the US, the German Commander later said, "Then I knew we had lost the War. If the Americans have the fuel to ship that Cake from the US to Europe Battlefield, we've lost!! We don't have the fuel to run our Tanks"!! Rather revealing!! Bo
  11. Time to pull out some movies to get a feel of what happened in 1944. Bo
  12. Whatever issues ARC had,it seems that Modeling Madness is having the same. When I tried to get on ARC back then, it would time out. This is NOW happening to M2!! Bo
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