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  1. I'm so very, very sorry for your loss!! May she rest in peace!!
  2. Agreed!! But; SHOULD be a 'Wake-up' call NOT to put all ur eggs in one basket!! Majority of our supplies come from China! Need to bring, at least some, back home!! Bo
  3. Your money that changes hands seems to be a much bigger risk than plastic and packaging. Money moves much quicker. Is that worth 2 cents??? Bo
  4. Where will be another news source for Mfg releases?? Hobby Link Japan?? Mfgs will still release new items already in work, just won't be announced via Shizuoka Hobby Show. Bo
  5. 45 years is a Looong time!! Time to retire!! Times, they are uh changin'!! Bo
  6. There are those already with a background in Model Business and have the 'know how' to expand into a large scale business. They're the ones that can take assistance from programs like this and let taxpayers grow their businesses while teaching worthy skills to others!! Win, Win! Bo
  7. Ur gonna get another Spitfire and 109 and like it!! LOL!! Surely there's an American like New Zealand's Wing Nuts Wings guy that can Champion USA designed and produced kits!! And with with Gov't backing!! Just one of those recently lost $737B in renewable energy boondoggles will be perfect to sit someone up in the Model World!! Larry Thompson!! R U listening?? Someone that's been there and done that!! Bo
  8. ... to start a new Model Company!! The Federal Gov’t program ‘Opportunity Now’ will even assist companies that teach new skills in certain areas. No reason why the US shouldn’t have a model company like the old Monogram!! 2 cents??? Bo
  9. 100% Agreed!! BUT, where do today's Hi School Cheerleaders get the ideal for their dress???? When I was in Hi School, our Cheerleaders wore turtle neck sweaters and knee length skirts!! Why did that Change???? Pro Cheerleaders and half-time shows like this is where!! Where does it all end??? That's what's dangerous about Slippery Slopes!! Finally did demand 'no more wardrobe malfunctions'!! Bo
  10. They ARE worthy of Rights and THAT's what I have against Women's Rights Advocates!! Why aren't they up in arms about SEX toy shows AND, for that matter, the inequality of Women in Islam???? NOT enuff lawyers and headline grabbers, huh??? Really, it's time Red Blooded MEN stand up and say "ENOUGH"!! Stop this kind of crap and try to be civil, for a change!! Is that worth 2 cents??? Bo
  11. LOL!!! Well said!! Why aren't Women Rights advocates up in arms about such a PURE Sex Toy show at this HUGE venue?? Glad I don't have daughters or Grand-daughters to explain it to!! Geesh!! Bo
  12. I must be getting old, ...... I know I am!! But, Last Nite's Half Time Super Bowl show sunk to an all time LOW!! They substituted 'Booties' , lasers and VOLUME for TALENT!! Guess NFL tries to do the best with what little talent they get!! Ushered in a whole new concept of 'Dancing Cheek to Cheek'. Geeesh!! Tired 'Wardrobe Malfunction'. What's next????? Try actual TALENT, ya DUMBIES!! If REAL talent was the show, I wouldn't have made those two trips to the Snack Tables!! Rant out!! Bo
  13. And the BAD News just keeps on coming!! Was really hoping Special Hobby would scale up their 72nd Bell AH-1G Cobra to 48th scale!! That'd be a No Brainer, since there is NO 'good' 48th scale Cobra from anyone!! Bo
  14. No news is BAD NEWS!! Not a peep from Eduard about previously announced P-36 and P-40B/C 48th scale kits!! Sad!! Rather have Tamiya’s anyway!! Get cracking Tamiya!! Bo
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