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  1. My guess is that likely will NOT fit the Monogram kit. But, won't be too expensive if it doesn't. Keep all informed of your findings. Rolls carries EZ Mask.
  2. Anyone built this kit?? Any pitfalls to watch for?? Already instructions call for alot of detail painting that can't be seen AFTER undersides are assembled. And I just started it this morning.
  3. Thanks and No, I ASSUMED the Prop Model would be the correct place to put it. After 127 Viewers didn't speak up, guessing I'm NOT the only one that doesn't know. Maybe there should be less categories or just one, Model Stuff!! LOL!!
  4. Just finished this little gem pretty much OOB. Added seat belts and lighting holes. Made slight mod to wheels so I could rotate them to the flats.an Great kit and fills my need for a Claude. I have NOT seen the Wingsy version and likely won't. This one, for me, is just fine. Painted it with Polly Scale ATSF Silver and shot final coat of amber tinted Future to give it that slight golden look. Try it, you'll like it, too!!
  5. I thought new Helicopter kits WERE model related??????
  6. Kitty Hawk announced they shelved the 35th scale version and pushed forward the 48th scale UH-1D/H!! YEA!!! About darn time!! Way to go Floyd Werner!! Vietnam era US ARMY helicopters have long been over looked in 48th scale!! Hueys were everywhere!! Any US Army personnel that have pictures of your rides/charges, get them to Floyd Werner as he's making decals for them. He'll need details,best as possible, and both sides. Anything will help/ Demon 68
  7. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Words cannot express my feelings for you and your wife. I will offer up a prayer for the both of you. Bo
  8. Decals for early T-Birds would be nice!! The first release of this subject IS the early version. ATC markings would be a natural. So would gun version as used in Korea. I'd take several off your hands if and when you produce them. As a boy I'd watch those T-Birds come in for landing at Webb AFB, Texas and would love to make a model of one!! This site may be useful for ur research. https://airforce.togetherweserved.com/usaf/servlet/tws.webapp.WebApp?cmd=ShadowBoxPersonPhoto&type=PersonExt&ID=112611 Bo
  9. Perfect, but NOT the early release of the T-Birds. I remember very well the provisions for guns on the early ones. That means also, they had to have provisions for a gun sight in cockpit!! Again guessing, those early T-Birds in Korea WERE armed??? This release is more of a Mid-Production T-Bird. Bo
  10. Looking at Steve Bamford's review I couldn't tell if this early version will have nose gun provisions or not!! Early ones had gun provisions and could be pressed into action if needed. Wonder if those in Korea had guns??? How early of a version did GWH make??? Bo
  11. Did Airfix mention the 48th P-40B/C development?? Especially their locating the tail wheel opening and assy over a scale foot too far forward??? Hope they can correct it BEFORE going into production!! Bo
  12. I do think this CG drawing captures the P-40 spinner better than anything I've seen. Make it so in plastic, too! Bo
  13. I'm sorry. I 'assumed' everyone looked at the Models for each day, first. This outstanding Huey was featured on 27 AUG 15 main page. (You know what ya do when ya 'ASSUME'.) This Huey just furthers my point that PEOPLE build models. And there are many, many more people that have associations with the Huey than any other aircraft in the Vietnam conflict!! They either flew/crewed/ flew in or have friends that did; and, would build models IF there were decent kits to build!! Ramon proved that a REAL ARTIST doesn't need 'State-of-the-Art' (SOTA) kits to do beautiful work. Assemblers, like me, DO!! Revell!! Are you listening?? Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't point out WHERE this model was. Bo
  14. That's the very best UH-1H that I've seen, by far!! Just outstanding work!! That configuration has several names. We called ours 'Firefly'. The Army used several different gun configuration, depending on the mission requirement. At one time, we put a .50 cal in ours and the recoil liked to shook it to pieces!! Went back to M-60s. Those flare buckets are held with passenger seat belts connected to tie-down points in the floor. If a flare ignites in the bucket, the Crew-Chief can open the latch on the seat belt and the whole bucket will tilt out-board and dump everything out!! I had this mission one time and after flying 8 or so hrs. that day, was scrambled around 9 PM and flew all night long, refueling and re-arming several times. Finally began flying home as the sun rose in the east!! Was sooooo tired, took awhile to figure out it WAS the sun rising and NOT a fire onboard a ship in the S. China Sea!! LOL!!! GREAT work, again!! If you'll allow me one point. Don't recall seeing a red fuel filler cap. All I saw were black. Colors were all 'sub-dued'. Memories. PS We called that 25th Tropic Lightning badge, the 'Electric Strawberry'!! Betting ur friend did, too. LOL!! Bo
  15. I gotta agree. Yeah, Hasegawa's are much more detailed kits, but if you want to build a closed up model, that old Tamiya with a few scratched details will stand up very well along side of anything!! Easy builds, too!! Bo