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  1. jabow

    1:48 AH-1; where to start?

    Fujimi G Model??? Getoutta here!! EDIT: Putting on my "Way Back Hat", I recall Fujimi did re-release the OLD Aurora kit or copied it!! Resemble a G in NAME only. Bo
  2. jabow

    USAF Air Training Command

    Kursad!! You just made my day!! Week!! Month!! Year!!! Way to go!! Bo
  3. Fun build that represents those that I trained it at Ft Wolters, Texas. I previously built the Revell 32 tooth kit; but, wanted one in 48th so my non modeler friends can see relative size to my collection of other 48th scale subjects. Added new interior and cyclic and collective pitch horns on swashplate. The kit has it's limitations; but, one thing I noticed and rectified was the Skid Tubes were smaller than the structure members of the tailboom!! Made fatter skid tubes!! Comments welcome. Bo
  4. Any updates on the ATC decal sheet to compliment ur existing T-6 and T-33 aircraft??? If I knew they were coming soon, I'd bake a cake and start on one of these kits!! LOL!! And Don't EVEN mention ur coming UH-1decals!! Sorry we're working ya so hard, Kursad!! I hope the rewards are worth it!! Coming to the Arlington, Texas show Saturday??? Bo
  5. Based on the UH-1D/H??? Kittyhawk may thinks so; but, they're NOTHING alike!! Maybe seats??? Guessing if Floyd had any say, he'd be kicking ans screaming AH-1G Cobra you dummies!!! I sure would!!! A Bell 212/UH-1H does have it's place; BUT, it come AFTER the AH-1G and even the UH-1C/M Hueys!! Bo
  6. jabow

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1N Twin Huey

    One of these days, one of these days, SOMEONE will make the much overlooked AH-1G Cobra!!! In 48th scale!! Why in the world didn't Kittyhawk jump, with both feet, into the first COBRA???? What are they thinking?? (Probably because of the parts in common with the UH-1D/H?? Of which there's NOT any!!) The AH-1G Cobra was the first, from design up, attack helicopter!! Used extensively in Vietnam with TONS on marking to put on them!! Kittyhawk Management needs parts of their anatomy thumped, numerous times, for this MISS!! Geesh!! Why not a new UH-1C/M??? It soldiered on for years, as the ultimate Gunship, until finally replaced by the AH-1G!! Get your STUFF together Kittyhawk!!! Don't make me have to come in there!! LOL!! Bo AND, two bladed helicopter models take-up much less room in ur display case than does their 4-bladed counterparts!!
  7. jabow

    Next BIG Hobby Show??

    I'm hoping for a Tamiya/Fine Molds 48th scale P-40B/C!! Bo
  8. jabow

    Have you ever had ......

    Brazil wax??? Hummmm!! That sounds painful!! EDIT: Back in High School and American Legion Baseball, one of my catchers use to call me 'Pearl'!! Coach asked once, "Why does he call you Pearl"? I came up with a quick response, "It's because my fastball looks the size of a pearl, I throw so hard!" LOL!!! That WAS my feminine side!! Bo
  9. Anyone seen this canopy?? Picture on EBay doesn’t show any detail. IMHO, the Mono/Revell is the best one in 48th scale but it really needs a better canopy. Bo
  10. jabow

    Have you ever had ......

    That DARN Spell check!! How come it didn't know what I meant??? LOL!!! I didn't think that looked right!! That's why I added Foot Doc!! Thanks for setting me straight!! I DO need help!! LOL!! Bo PS: Oooops!! Sorry not to address your ankle. Since you helped me, I'll reciprocate. Don't do that, ......... again! Now ya can sit and model, huh?? Guess you're in some sort of walking boot??? Bo
  11. jabow

    Have you ever had ......

    Hey!!! Watchit!! I don't know ya that well!! LOL!! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!
  12. Hey you hairy legged men. Have ya ever had a Pedicure??? Got two from a local Pediatrics (Foot Doctor) and they were only so, so. Just yesterday I got another from a local Nail Spa and it's heaven!! My arms are getting shorter and I have difficulty reaching my toes for a prolonged period. LOL!!! If ya haven't had one, don't tarry!! They're worth it!! Bo
  13. jabow

    Next BIG Hobby Show??

    I would LOVE to go to Telford, .... again!! But, is there a Tour this year that features various Museums and Telford as well?? That was a GREAT way to see England sites AND the show. Bo EDIT: This year is out!! I have other 'Fish to fry' in early November!! Squat!!
  14. jabow

    Next BIG Hobby Show??

    I didn't know if the Big Japanese show had already passed?? I'll be watching. Thanks. Boi
  15. jabow

    Next BIG Hobby Show??

    LOL!! Forgot that one. Wonder if Tamiya will have a BIG presence there??