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  1. HpH 48th scale B-36

    Alright, I posted my questions to HpH on their website 4 Dec and awaiting Moderator. You'll know when I know. Bo
  2. HpH 48th scale B-36

    Haven't tried contacting them directly and that's going to be my next obvious step. Hoped forum members might know. It IS a bit concerning that HpH hasn't shown clear parts; especially when this kit cost $700 - $800!! You'd kinda like to know EVERYTHING about it, decals and all, B4 you shell out that kinda money for a kit. HpH might wanna revisit their marketing plan for it, ya think?? Maybe not since they've already sold 83 of the 100 planned kits!! LOL!! Bo
  3. HpH 48th scale B-36

    Plentiful supply of question marks!! ????????? See???? Bo
  4. HpH 48th scale B-36

    I've searched their site for answers with no avail. Just wonder WHY they never show clear parts?? Bo
  5. HpH 48th scale B-36

    Several questions loom about this kit. 1. Of all the photos I've seen, NONE show the transparencies which can make or break this kit!! What kind are they?? Vac or injection mold plastic??? Resin (prone to yellow)??? 2. Main components are fiberglass. What is used to glue fiberglass??? CA??? 3. What will this monster weigh??? Display issues??? 4. Decals??? Another missing part, or at least not shown, part of this expensive kit. Any answers to these questions??? I understand 83 of the 100 kits have been sold already!! Bo
  6. Revell 1/48 B-17G

    Whoa!!! Nice looking Fortress!!
  7. 48th scale B-36???

    Strategic Air Command is on Turner Classic Movies this Saturday AM!! The B-36 scene in there will get those juices flowing!! Some of the best air photography there is!!! I still wonder how much this model will weight!! Just handling it during build may be toooooooo much!! Will DEFINITELY have to build. paint and decal it in sections!! Then finally assemble it at the end. Bo
  8. 48th scale B-36???

    Tell her it was on Sale!!! She'll love ya for being thrifty!! LOL!!! Bo
  9. 48th scale B-36???

    Fiberglass and resin!! Gotta use CA as adhesive?? Seen anything about the weight of this model??? Really looks good with excellent detail!! Hummmmmm. Here comes Santa Claus, here come Santa Claus...... Bo
  10. 48th scale B-36???

    I've seen bits and pieces of info saying HpH Models is making a 48th B-36. Anyone know more?? It'd be one BIG model, not to mention what it'd weigh???? Bo
  11. I use Google Chrome browser, there's an Icon that pop-up says, "Photobucket Embedded fix". Copy IMG and pasting it here. Worked. Is PhotoBucket now fixed??? Bo EDIT: Well, now I get that PB icon and no pix!! So much for that.
  12. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    I know the feeling!! Got my 1st 'Welcome Home' some 10 yrs ago by a fellow modeler and Army Reservist I served with. Before that, only family members!! NEVER joined any Veterans Organization. Have no love lost for leaders of the 'Greatest Generation' that managed our farce!! But, what's important, we made it home. Take care!! Bo
  13. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    Sorry!! If ya never been told before, Welcome Home!! Bo
  14. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    And this IS photo evidence that he WAS exposed to Agent Orange!! Yeah, I started to have issues about two years after I returned. Recently, a Veteran's advocate corned me and made me file a claim. My medical records showed I was being treated for one of the many medical issues and according to DAV later, it was a done deal!! Just didn't know. EDIT: Oh, this photo is also proof the M Rotor Blades aren't bowed as per kit. Bo
  15. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    Whoa!! That's Agent Orange spray rig and those are barrels of Agent Orange!! Was this at Da Nang?? I flew from end to end in II Corp and didn't see a Camo Huey, tho photos clearly show some DID exist. If they didn't paint over them, likely put tape over ones that have critical maintenance info and painted away. Maybe with a brush??? Let us see your built when complete. Bo Demon 68