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  1. Got my two sets of these Huey skids; AND, .... the skid tubes on both sets were off the tree and bent and somewhat twisted! The cross tubes looked ok. Buyer beware. Bo
  2. I’m slipping. I don’t remember the wedge in the Kittyhawk kit. Anyway, it shouldn’t be there. Simple fix tho. Maybe that’s WHY I didn’t recall it? Bo
  3. In 48th scale!! Don't know why these wouldn't fit on any UH-1D/H 48th scale kit!! Bo
  4. Perfect!! Now that's Huey seats!! Bo
  5. jabow

    KittyHawk UH-1H

    Please excuse my being late for this show. Seats: I haven't kept up with ur build; but, the pilot and copilot seats were NOT mirror images as kit has them. Kit is correct for Left seat. Inside armor for Right seat WAS different!! It was slightly wider and the bottom was stand-off to provide better protection for arm on collective. Guess/hope you already know this?? Kittyhawk is. not perfect for sure; but, by FAR, the best kit of a Huey in ANY scale!! (When I was an Aircraft Commander, AC, I flew in the left seat for Day/VFR conditions. At night, I flew the Right seat for instruments and access to Landing and Search lights only on right collective.) Looking forward to ur build!! Demon 68 Bo
  6. jabow

    Monogram 1/48 B-29 Enola Gay exterior finish questions

    I just made re-enforcements on inside, cut and grind off plastic blisters, I did this B4 I assembled the fuselage halves where possible. I assembled. painted/decaled fuselage and wings B4 joining all together. Lot easier to handle that way. Bo
  7. jabow

    Monogram 1/48 B-29 Enola Gay exterior finish questions

    Yellow nose gear of Enola Gay. Photo was on old PC. Hope it works. Bo
  8. jabow

    Monogram 1/48 B-29 Enola Gay exterior finish questions

    In my display case about where the B-17 and B-58 are now. Bo
  9. jabow

    Monogram 1/48 B-29 Enola Gay exterior finish questions

    There is a color photo of the crew standing beside Enola Gay some days after the event and gear and wheel are roughly painted yellow (Some say ZC Yellow) and paint is clearly oversprayed to nose tire. I really wonder if ALL three gear were painted that way?? We only have photo evidence that the nose was. EDIT: just photo on nose w/o crew. See below. Bo
  10. jabow

    Monogram 1/48 B-29 Enola Gay exterior finish questions

    There is a link to the one on display in Washington DC that I used to build mine. Pay close attention to the placement of fuselage decals as the '82' is not exactly on opposite sides. The aft fuselage door was in the way?? Oh, note YELLOW nose gear and wheels. Beats me Why Enola Gay was that way?? (Guiding over bomb pit???) HTH. Bo
  11. How about that!! Several of us have recently come back. From one Newbie to another, Welcome back!! Bo
  12. jabow

    Long time lurker going active

    Tapatalk bought out MM Zetaboard so the switch was mandatory. I still can get registered!! Bo
  13. jabow

    Long time lurker going active

    I even downloaded the App and DID get new Username / PW and STILL can't get logged in! Hope ARC stays put with this Forum!! IT WORKS!! Bo
  14. jabow

    Long time lurker going active

    Probably already void that avenue, as I tried to Register FIRST!! And to be honest, I don't recall my old PW??? Oh well, more modelling time!! Bo