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  1. I didn't follow Occidental so I don't recall them ever having a Spitfire of any Mk.???? With recent releases of Mk. Is, wonder WHY Italeri even bothers if they didn't at least use one of the newer ones plastic?? It's MARKETING!! LOL!!! Bo
  2. Does anyone know if this plastic is the new Airfix one or Tamiya's ??? Guessing Italeri won't be the originator of the plastic. Hope it's the Airfix new kit. I ASSUMED that Airfix just reboxed their older Mk. I and didn't bother to get it. ??? Oh well...... Bo
  3. Ne GOOD LOOKING T-Bird!! Planning one of those GWM kits in the NOT too distant future!! Hope my turns out HALF as good and clean as yours!! Bo
  4. Did ya post your build here?? Sorry I missed it. It hard to see things here as ya don't know WHERE to look!! Bo
  5. Not a box shaker assembly; but, it fills my need for this subject. Acrylic paints from various sources, AreoMaster decals and Montex canopy mask. Bo
  6. Not from me!! Gonna get several of these beauts!! Even has canopy mask!! Way to go Tamiya!! Bo
  7. AND, there are so many decals just waiting for one!! Bo
  8. Oh now ya done it!! I'd go for some more Hueys. Especially the C and M Models!! And I'd jump all over a Tamiya 48th AH-1G Cobra!! Why has ANYONE made this Snake???? Bo
  9. Whoa!! You 'REAL' modelers make me so feel soooo inadequate!! That B-47 vac kit is one that I only dream to have started!! Great builds!! Bo
  10. Well, has anyone made decals for that 48th scale B-36??? That would be unique. Bo
  11. Outstanding!! Ya put a good scald on that BIG puppy!! The shear size of it was an issue. I finished mine in sections and put it all together AFTER painting a decaling! More pictures, please!! Bo
  12. Hope they do well with the Big Scale kit. Then they can drop back to LARGE subjects in 48th scale!! Bo
  13. Whoa Ho!!! I seldom look at models that aren't 48th scale; but, this Corsair is just gorgeous!!! Looks REAL!! And that's what models strive for!! Bravo all around!! Bo
  14. I do really like it!! Nice work. Bo
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