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  1. Army Aviator Flight Gear

    In 1970 RVN, we ALL wore 'Chicken Plates'. Armored front that had chest centered pocket for survival radio or cigarettes. Flight jacket was sage green and inside was orange!! Ditto for Flight Jacket stateside when I got out US Army Reserves circa 1979 or so. EDIT: IF that's a one piece flight suit, we all had two piece ones with Velcro wrist and ankle adjustments. I'd guess this was 1980 on configuration??? I kept my old 2-piece suit to this day. We Reservist were the last to get updated gear. Circa 1970 RVN US Army Flight Suits Demon 68 Bo
  2. HpH 48th scale B-36 Model

    Ya mean IF I get it??? If I can find a way to post pix I will. Bo
  3. HpH 48th scale B-36 Model

    The somewhat confusing part of all this is the stated fact of producing only 100 kits. If they were making them as they were ordered, why state that 100 number??? Are you implying they may make MORE than 100 kits??? The kicker is the length of time to make 1 kit??? Bo
  4. HpH 48th scale B-36 Model

    Good news. The current price is some 100 Euros lower. Of course, they're NOT in Stock!! Bo
  5. HpH 48th scale B-36 Model

    Finally found place on their website where I could order it, so I did. After order was finalized, I got email from them advising it was 'OUT OF STOCK' and would take up to 10 months for order to be shipped????? Hope I'm still alive by then. Bo
  6. HpH 48th scale B-36 Model

    Finally saw clear parts on Instructions. Not the best presentation of clear parts I've seen, on white background. Decals were confusing. Seems to be missing a sheet or two???? Some markings are paint stencils??? Bo
  7. HpH 48th scale B-36 Model

    Searched their Forums, no joy!
  8. HpH 48th scale B-36 Model

    Sent them an email and asked to see decals and clear parts. Hope they respond. Bo
  9. Has this kit been released yet, and if so, has anyone seen one??? I've asked HpH to show the clear parts and the decal options back in early Dec 2017 and no response. Going to their website, there is NO pictures of kit transparencies!! For this subject, transparencies can be a game killer OR Winner!! Show 'em HpH!! The decals, too!! Bo
  10. Glad Wrap 'Press and Seal' as mask???

    Oooops!! Did ya dip the canopy in Future prior to masking or is it bare plastic?? Bo
  11. Anyone tired to use this stuff as canopy mask??? Sticks GREAT with no apparent residue. Gotta try it as a mask on current build, when I get back on it. Darn Christmas!! Bo
  12. HpH 48th scale B-36

    Alright, I posted my questions to HpH on their website 4 Dec and awaiting Moderator. You'll know when I know. Bo EDIT: 15 Dec. and no reply from Moderator. Moderators stay busy this time of year.
  13. HpH 48th scale B-36

    Haven't tried contacting them directly and that's going to be my next obvious step. Hoped forum members might know. It IS a bit concerning that HpH hasn't shown clear parts; especially when this kit cost $700 - $800!! You'd kinda like to know EVERYTHING about it, decals and all, B4 you shell out that kinda money for a kit. HpH might wanna revisit their marketing plan for it, ya think?? Maybe not since they've already sold 83 of the 100 planned kits!! LOL!! Bo
  14. HpH 48th scale B-36

    Plentiful supply of question marks!! ????????? See???? Bo
  15. HpH 48th scale B-36

    I've searched their site for answers with no avail. Just wonder WHY they never show clear parts?? Bo