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  1. jabow

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    Seventy-tooth?? Get a rope!!😄 Bo
  2. jabow

    48th scale B-26 Conversion on Ebay

    No updates for this build in 10 days. Wonder if builder hit a stump trying to install that Tail Gun position!! Latest photos were carefully staged as NOT to show that Tail area???? Still waiting. Bo
  3. Search function for this Forum is kinda WORTHLESS!! Try to search for something!! It hits EVERYTHING with those words in it!! My $2 !! Bo
  4. Anyone built this kit or seen review of it??? Thanks in advance, Bo
  5. jabow

    48th scale B-26 Conversion on Ebay

    Latest is that model is in it's War Paint! Still no Tail Gun install; much less detailed gun position! Waiting for those photos!! Haven't seen model painted and weathered but STILL not finished major assembly?????? Oh well. Bo
  6. The number of Beers consumed is directly proportional to one's Flying Skills!! LOL!!
  7. I had similar encounter on my 2nd RVN in Country flight!! What I FIRST thought was Charlie's Mortar rounds impacting the LZ was in fact a Cobra light fire team's 2.75 FFAR with HE Warheads!! My AC/IP that day, was making home movies for his little brother while I was flying into a hot LZ for the very first time, EVER!!! And when our CC and DG went Hot with their M-60s, I nearly had to clean my pants!! My first day was somewhat less eventful until one of our UH-1Cs had an engine failure on our flight back to Phu Heip AAF!! Called Mayday!! Mayday!! Mayday!! This is Devil 5??? engine failure at ...... I had no clue WHO was Devil 5??, nor WHERE he was!! The AC took control of our Huey and did a 180!! Turns out, he was about 5 mile behind us!! We were the first to arrive on the scene. Like this guy, I said, "And I'm to live through a year of this??" (That said, I NEVER saw 140 KIAS on my Hueys!!) Bo Demon 68
  8. Likely was the Editor!! And the Editor is in charge of WHAT we read/see!! Bo
  9. jabow

    48th scale B-26 Conversion on Ebay

    Again, to the B-26A Conversion Modelers credit, he's finding more and more errors in his original release; but, is incorporating these corrected parts in his new conversions! A new prop spinner is added. At least he's listening to others that know something about this subject!! TBD is the final installment of that Tail Gun position and transparency!! Wish the Big Boy Mfgrs would do the same to their releases!! At 75, still learning!! DO NOT buy anything like this UNTIL you see it built!! Bo
  10. jabow

    Favorite Air Museums?

    Plus 1.
  11. jabow

    48th scale B-26 Conversion on Ebay

    More progress on this conversion. Primed now. Bo
  12. jabow

    48th scale B-26 Conversion on Ebay

    He made his last update to the B-26A Conversion 7 days ago. He did say he would do other business things for a couple of days before he'd get back to this build. ???? Still wonder about that tail gun position? With his new plug to aid in installation of new transparency, putting in gunner seat and gun will be DIFFICULT, to say the least. Still waiting. Bo
  13. jabow

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    Yes. There is an issue with the Control Tubes on the Rotor Head that needs fixed; but, ....... it the best in any scale. Bo
  14. Just now finished a quick session to make mask for this old Hasegawa kit, and, failed miserably!! Does anyone make outside canopy mask for this kit??? How about the new Roden O-1 48th kit??? Plan to use Clear 3M packaging Tape for the flat sides and top instead of kit plastic and REALLY do need mask to make it look right. I can't find ANY accessories for this Subject???? Bo
  15. jabow

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    I agree!! For the UH-1C/M to be used so much, the very best we have, in 48th, is that old Monogram/Revell kit that needs extensive resin mod to be just fairly accurate!! KittyHawk!! Bo