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  1. Seems like a 'duplication of effort'. What's wrong with this one??? Now ARC itself seems to have faded away. No updates since 13 DEC!! Bo
  2. Another Internet Website is reporting this subject will be released in 3rd QTR of 2022. It will be a Combo kit with an OV-10A to boot! Anyone that wants another OV-10, I'll be most happy to trade it for the Cobra!! LOL!! Bo
  3. 48th Scale UH-1C/M Huey! The Gunships of Vietnam. And of Course, a 48th P-40B/C or a Curtiss Model 81 A4. Bo
  4. Another E????? Where's the first 48th E Model??? I think you mean F Model!! Bo
  5. Stop screwing around and make a Tamiya quality 48th scale F-86E Saber!!! Nobody has made a leading edge slats Saber so you'll be the FIRST!! Just do it!! Bo
  6. Would NOW be a great time for Model Companies to speed up new releases/and or Re Releases??? Man, Nothing different is on the hobby shelves!! C'mon all y'all!! Get crackin' and release something to shake the money outta our collective pockets!! Geesh!! Bo
  7. Well, so much for that!! Need to cancel my Room reservations. San Marcos would have been a great place for the NATS!! Bo
  8. Your case appears to be the vast majority of those that have it. Case Numbers HAVE risen in Texas; but, just yesterday news reported that hospitals are discharging patients faster due to mild or no symptoms and Critical Care facilities patients are down from earlier highs. (Hospitals lost a BOAT Load early on due to halt of test and elective surgeries and may just be trying to recover a bit???) Anyway, I plan to go and will take precautions, like wearing mask indoors and washing my hand frequently!! AND, I won't be French kissing anyone either!! LOL!!! I've knuckle bumped for 15 yrs o
  9. Mine was one color, black. Tail / Fuselage Number and WEBB above Badge. IIRC, around $50. (Gave me enuff for 8 aircraft!!) Bo
  10. Thanks. This is how I remember these birds in 1958 when I was about 14 yrs old. I recall the Anti-Glare Green as being an obvious Green color, not OD. Yes, I was a modeler even then. Training aircraft were well maintained. Bo
  11. From my hometown AFB Webb, this T-Bird crash landed at Webb in May '58. Had photos of crash site. Decals were Custom Made by Bedlam Creations. (Extremely clear decal film.) Comments? Bo
  12. It's in their catalog as 'New', yet it's not being listed or discussed by anyone??? The early version was the standard for Vietnam until the Charlie Model came along. The C Model made the CH-54 Skycrane obsolete. Anyway, I'll like to see an early Chinook. Bo
  13. AKA 'Scamdemic'!! 1 to two weeks we'll know. Either there will be a Boat Load of sick and dying demonstrators, or we've been had by WHO and CDC, or both!! I pick the later!! Bo
  14. The Embassy Suite Hotel is all sold out, soooo, someone is planning to go. I just now Pre-Registered and will find other another place to lay my little punkin' head. Probably won't stay for the full duration of the convention. Just long enuff to drain my pocket book in the Vendor Rooms and get inspired looking at everyone's beautiful builds!! C all y'all there!! Bo
  15. Who all is planning to go?? I haven't been to a Nationals in awhile and this one is pretty close. Just hope there isn't a upswing in CV-19 cases that would cause it to be cancelled. CU Thar??? Bo
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