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  1. Which thinners to use for acrylic paint?

    Make ur own. 60% distilled water 30% isopropyl alcohol 10% Future.
  2. Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Resin Parts Coming soon

    Yeah, for sure some did NOT have the 212 nose. IIRC, that was an expensive modification so some elected NOT to have the new nose, Again, IIRC, the Italeri Huey has the Main Rotor of a 212 and not one for a UH-1H. Don't recall if the tail rotor is a 212 or not in their kit??? And, I think the tailboom has baggage compartment of the 212 or Commercial 205A-1. UH-1s did NOT have baggage compartments!! Bo
  3. Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Resin Parts Coming soon

    Bell's Huey II Program!! Geesh lots of configurations to the point you need photo of bird ur building to know how to configure it. Looking externally, originally you'd need 212 nose, tailboom, main and tail rotors. Turned into a 'pick-and-choose' configuration bird. It was designed to make MONEY for Bell and save big bucks for those that already had Hueys in their fleet. Weight carried was real close to what the then Blackhawk was for alot less money. That program was still going when I retired some 10 yrs ago as Model 210. Bo
  4. Werner's Wings UH-1D/H Decals for Kitty Hawk kit PREVIEW

    Perfect timing!! I'm about to finish a F-105D flown by a friend /neighbor in 1968 Thailand. I have 3 of the Kitty Hawk Hueys and I'm Hot to Trot!! Bo Demon 68. (U'll NEVER guess which one I'll build, first!!)
  5. Photobucket

    It's kinda like RANSOM, huh?? IMHO, all these services in the CLOUD, will follow suit!! They're in business to make money, period. 2 cents, if that. Bo
  6. Nats was great

    Right back at ya, Cuz. Your relatives got chased outta Tennessee, too?? Bo
  7. Nats was great

    That is so true, Cuz. However, models entered in Nationals aren't usually built for FUN. Most modelers are in the hunt for GOLD, kicks. Not many Starfix kits entered in any contest, much less the Nationals. Again, my 2 cents, if that. Bo
  8. Nats was great

    That MAY be true but some flaws aren't worthy of the builder's time. My 2 cents, if that. Bo
  9. Nats was great

    DarkKnight said, " I only saw one airfix p-40." I'm NOT surprised. It is the best P-40B/C on the market, ...... today. That said, still has many unfixable errors. Maybe Revell or Tamiya will make us one worthy of the Nats!! Bo
  10. Hobby Boss 48th P-51D Mustang

    LOL!!! That's normally one to watch for!! However, as looking at this unbuilt kit in the box and see built ones on line, nothing really jumps out at me, maybe the wheels, but, it looks pretty darn good. Fine panel lines,etc. One I'd choose for a quick build. Bo
  11. Hobby Boss 48th P-51D Mustang

    Yeah, the Resin Cockpit probably cost more than the kit???? Outline of this kit looks pretty good. Saw several build on-line. Bo
  12. Hobby Boss 48th P-51D Mustang

    Picked up this Easy Build kit and from what I can tell just looking at parts inside sealed bag, it looks pretty darn good. Likely NOT the kit to choose if you're striving for the 'Gold'; but, if ya want a nice looking representative Mustang, down and dirty, give it a second look. Bo
  13. Make a canopy mask for the Airfix 48th scale Mosquito, both versions. Why Tamiya hasn't made the 2-stage Merlin PR bird is beyond me?????? Bo
  14. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale UH-1D Finished

    The extra weight of armor seats, like extra ammo, is NOT ur friend when ur hovering at or near Max gross weight!! Don't recall, but look at ESCI and Italeri kits. Think those seats may fit ur need?? Bo