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  1. jabow

    F-82 Twin Mustang

    Since you asked, No!! There are toooo many GOOD kits that, either don't have or under represented, with decals. My 2 cents. Bo
  2. jabow

    Phone Calls You Don't Want To Get

    Whoa!! So very glad ur daughter came thru,...... okay!! We're NOT in charge!! While ur huggin' ur daughter, I'll thanks the one WHO is in Charge!! Bo
  3. jabow

    Colditz Cock Glider, 48th scale

    No, sure didn't!! TOO MANY FORUMS!!!: EDIT: Now I see what I did. I wondered when I posted it WHY it disappeared??? Now I know why!! I STILL say, TOO MANY FORUMS!! Bo
  4. jabow

    Eduard 48th Bf-108 Taifun

    It IS a very nice kit!! Kept hoping the Eduard would issue flight control to include leading edge slats; but, no joy!! Just opened slats myself. M'schitts slats should be opened on the ground. Also, planned and tried to fold paper and masking tape to make that sun shade. I couldn't get either to work so I carved and attached a piece of plastic sprue. Build urs and be sure to post it here so we all can enjoy it!! Bo
  5. jabow

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 Bell AH-1Z Viper

    That's one MEAN looking machine!! Excellent!! Bo
  6. Thanks. I did. He had no Pyro nor Revell auto kits. I'll just run them up the Flag Pole in Saturday's Show and see who salutes it!! LOL!! The cars are pretty nice kits and that '61 XKE would look good beside a contemporary fighter. Bo
  7. Hidden away in my stash, I found several (5 or 6) Revell Little Jewel series car/auto kits. 1961 XKE Jaguar, 30 vintage Packard, Cadillac, Duesenberg, Mercedes 540K. All kits are compete and some even inside original wrap. Also found some (again 5 or 6) old Pyro early aviation 48th scale kits. Need assistance from you that know how valuable these kits are. I haven't the slightest!! TIA Bo
  8. Third time to try and post is charm??? Geesh!! Lone Star Models kit. Step 1. Build cradle Step 2. Fill on spaces with model. Hope this works!! Bo
  9. Deleted. Wrong Forum.
  10. jabow

    Forums are working now.

    Ya could visit each, but just couldn’t post anything. Bo
  11. jabow

    Forums are working now.

    Thanks. Working fine now. Now, how about deleting about half of them?? Too darn many! I like the KISS approach. Then won’t have to search so darn many of them!! Bo
  12. jabow

    1/48 Monogram F9F-5 Panther

    Cuz, there ya go!! That's one beautiful build!! I never even noticed all these extra Forum subject and sure never opened any until I posted build on first Forum. Was quickly told of error. (Too many Forums!!) I've always liked the Monogram Panther, albeit a -5. U did good, Cuz. Bo Roberts Wanted the -2)
  13. Whoa!! Now that's NICE!! Great build!! Bo
  14. While building the Phantom, below, I pulled out this kit that I've wanted to build since it's release. Scheme, too. Cut out leading edge slats and carved sun shade outta plastic sprue. Eduard seatbelts. Have at it. Bo
  15. During Phantom build below, I pulled out this kit that I've admired since it came out and always wanted to build this favored scheme. Cut out leading edge slats and carve, out of kit sprue, the inside sun shade. Eduard seat belts. Fun build. Again, have at it. Bo