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  1. I think you built and assembled that tail wheel per instructions. All Eduard builds, IMHO, have the same issue. Tail wheel gear sits too high in fuselage, and that give model, what others have noticed as well, a nose high stance. Some were thinking that the main struts are too long. But period photos show more of that tail wheel than does this kit. Tamiya's 48th is pretty much dead on in that area. Your work is just excellent!! BRAVO!! Bo
  2. Excellent build. That tail gear sits too high in the tail wheel well. Anyway to lower it so the entire tail tire is visible below the doors???? Bo
  3. Yes!! But seams on fuselage sides and open access panels !! Sand it smooth and start over with surface detail!! Typical Monogram fit as well. TAMIYA!! Hasegawa!! Somebody!! Help!! LOL!! Bo
  4. Thanks!! First I seen them. They're modelers, not photographers!! Can't see that lower nose!! EDIT: They're in RUSSIA??? Russia?? Any importers in the US?? Bo
  5. Trumpeter screwed the pooch with the F-100 48th nose intake and the ONLY resin to correct it, and ya can't find them, is AMS. Stop looking at exhaust and pay attention the intake!! Ya might sell a few??? Rant off!! Bo
  6. I'm gonna have to buy at least one to satisfy my curiosity. If it's good, may buy another. Also, hopefully encourage HK to make more 48th scale subjects!! For sure will if the next is a F Model B-17. Bo
  7. Now I'll have to pay attention what HK Models is doing!! As long as they made 32nd scale, I would ignore news from this company!! This changes my behavior! Bo
  8. Who's going to the Super Con tomorrow?? This has always been one of the better shows in the North Central Texas area. Bo
  9. Whoa!! Excellent build!! Kudos all around! Bo
  10. I didn't follow Occidental so I don't recall them ever having a Spitfire of any Mk.???? With recent releases of Mk. Is, wonder WHY Italeri even bothers if they didn't at least use one of the newer ones plastic?? It's MARKETING!! LOL!!! Bo
  11. Does anyone know if this plastic is the new Airfix one or Tamiya's ??? Guessing Italeri won't be the originator of the plastic. Hope it's the Airfix new kit. I ASSUMED that Airfix just reboxed their older Mk. I and didn't bother to get it. ??? Oh well...... Bo
  12. Ne GOOD LOOKING T-Bird!! Planning one of those GWM kits in the NOT too distant future!! Hope my turns out HALF as good and clean as yours!! Bo
  13. Did ya post your build here?? Sorry I missed it. It hard to see things here as ya don't know WHERE to look!! Bo
  14. Not a box shaker assembly; but, it fills my need for this subject. Acrylic paints from various sources, AreoMaster decals and Montex canopy mask. Bo
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