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  1. Thanks for looking! It’s in the newer MK II and MK V series 2 boxings. It is clear - Sprue G.
  2. Hi All, I traded for the weekend kit a few months back and I’m looking to build the version with these tanks. Please let me know if you have these and are willing to sell. thanks, Kyle
  3. Hi everyone, I’m looking to trade this kit for a Profipack boxing of their 1/48 Zero or Spitfire IX. Shipping to 19341. Thanks! -Kyle
  4. I am going to go with the He-162. The F-2B version just doesn’t do it for me, but thank you Wesley. Storm - I’ll message you directly. Thank you both!
  5. Hi All Kit is complete and unstarted. Looking to trade for one of the following: 1/48 Tamiya Mosquito VI 1/48 Tamiya He-162 1/48 Hasegawa F-2A 1/48 Eduard He-280 Shipping to/from 19341. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Kyle
  6. Hi Everyone, I have this kit new in the box and never opened and realize I’ll never build it. Tap a talk won’t let me attach a picture but I can email some of you want. Looking to trade this for equal value of the following 1/48 kits: Tamiya F-14A Tamia F-4B Trumpeter F-106A Tamiya Bf-109g-6 Tamiya Ki-61 Eduard zero profipack Eduard Spitfire mk IX profipack Zvesda Yak-130 AFV Club U-2C Kinetic F-84F Shipping is to 19341 Thanks! Kyle
  7. Hi All, looking to trade this for Tamiya or Eduard Profipacks of equivalent value. Shipping to 19341. thanks, Kyle
  8. New in box looking to trade for 1/48 Tamiya or Eduard kit. Shipping to 19341. Feel free to make me an offer. thanks, Kyle
  9. New question - what type of ACMI pod is this?
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