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  1. Wow! I was able to fix my airbrush! So I was right that there were no dried up paint in the nozzle... after further examination, the gunk or contaminants were actually coming from the needle bearing part (in the airbrush main body). It was being drawn to the tip whenever I re-insert the needle after cleaning. I wasn't able to see it before :( :(... maybe that's why there were some rusts already forming in the part of the needle. It was because of the contaminants already sticky in the needle bearing. After thorough cleaning, it was good as new! I also applied beeswax on the threads of
  2. i'll try again if there are still some dried paints. I know I cleaned it thoroughly last night. I soaked the metal parts in acrylic thinner for a good 30 mins before scrubbing w/ fine dental brushes
  3. I have a Badger 100 GXF gravity feed. The paint is bubbling back in the paint cup. I have been suffering for a few months now. Last night, I thoroughly cleaned all the nooks and crannies, including the small holes. Unfortunately, it still bubbles back. There's no stuck paint in the nozzle and the needle is clean. I've checked the seal of the nozzle head to the main body and there's no leak. The paints are properly thinned, even with just spraying water or future I see bubbles comming from the paint cup... What's the problem? HELP! thanks in advance!
  4. thanks for your comments. posting some progress. completed the cockpit (ejection seat not yet included). fuselage closed, wings attached, nose weight packed and engines dry fitted (will be a big battle of putty and sanding)
  5. Just a quick sprue review before I begin to cut and glue the parts together: The kit consists of 4 gray sprues and 1 clear sprue containing the canopy. Tree A & B contains the parts to build the plane and 2 small sprues contain the missile loads. The decals seem to be good and of register. It contains loads of stencils! I don't know if I can put them all. The kit suffers from multile flashes, specially on the landing gears. I can't comment about the accuracy as I'm not an A-10 guru :) But it sure looks like a warthog to me. The instructions is just an exploded view of the
  6. Hi! I'll join in with the fun. my 1/144 Dragon A-10. the camo is pretty complex for 144th. I hope I can pull it off.
  7. I'm finishing up my Kyofu and would like to learn how to simulate salt water stains. Any techniques/samples you can share pls. thanks!
  8. I'm in the home run of building Tamiya's 1/48 Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu "Rex". I'm done with the painting and decaling. only task to do is to attach the canopy. Now the question... How to weather this particalar aircraft? I already base-coated this with Aluminum, in case I want to have the metal see through. I want it to look accurately weathered. Were these aircrafts used often and have a beat-up look? thanks!!! pictures will greatly help
  9. archerwin

    1/48 Rex

    ^thanks for the tip!
  10. archerwin

    1/48 Rex

    This is my 1st build for 2008. I started this almost a year a go but pushed out to the cold storage due to loss of interest. Markings are all painted on. masking problem due to the extended period of time it was pasted on the surface. pls visit my site for more details: http://archerwinsmodels.blogspot.com
  11. i've seen this in the flesh displayed by tamiya execs during our last IPMS Philippines Nationals... pretty good! :D interesting take on th greenhouse canopy.
  12. ok. here's my update. this is an OOB. I'm trying to make all of the markings painted on. Most probably only the stencils will be decals (or not..) here are the photos:
  13. can i still join? I was building this since Nov'06. But I stopped for a while... It's around ~50% completed with the fuselage joined already, primer painted... i recently re-started it... i'm making my own masks for the marking i'll post some photos once, approval has been granted if I can still join. thanks!!!!
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