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  1. I am talking about the 5 or 6 digit numbers that were up high on the tail. They were almost always in black or white with no outlines. Most were pretty standard in appearance and they were usually right above the swastica ..... Not the fuselage codes.
  2. Does anyone know of a company that sells generic tail number decals? I do a lot of WWII German fighters and bombers with paint schemes I see in books (well a few that I have not seen as well for fun). I paint most of what I can, but the tail numbers (as in the work numbers - I think that is what they are called) are a biiiiiiittttttt too small for me to paint. I have tried dry transfers, but I have had too much problems with them. Adding them on at such a late point in the build - and doing them straight - is terribly difficult. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  3. Aaaaa .....HA! i found out where the decals came from! They have to be included in the Revell FROM GERMANY Do 217 kit. The few built kits that I have found on the web all are from the Revell from Germany kit and they have the same markings. I take it that the ProModeler kits chinse on the decals. I have picked this up from the Ju 88 kits that I built. Anyone have any sources of these kits? Heck, I am to the point now that I will just buy the whole kits for the decals .....
  4. I have found a few photos that look like some A/C have the fuel type triangles under the canopy. Not close ups, but that is what they appear to be. Plus, the decals that the above site photo's have on the wings (fuel hatches? Oil hatches?) resemble markings that I found in one picture in one book. One and only one picture. I have found none that have triangles on the wing though.
  5. I snagged a few Techmod sheets for the DO17 thinking the same thing, but the above link shows a DO 217 kit with a bunch of fuel hatch markings that I have not seen on anything thing else. Plus some other stencils in German (at a loss as to what they mean or are for) that Ihave no seen on other kits. Did AeroMaster go under?
  6. I am searching for 1/48 Do 217 decals. Especially the fuel, no step, etc stuff. I paint as much as I can (unit numbers/letters, crosses, etc). I have found that Eagle Strike and or AeroMaster put some out, but I have found none for sale or listed anywhere. I even checked Ebay a number of times. Any suggestions????? I did find this site http://small-wonder.org/Gallery_00_Revell_Do-217.htm where a guy super detailed a 217, but there is no contact email listed to ask him what decal number/item number he used (AeroMaster I believe is what he used) Bill
  7. 148bill148

    Do 217

    I have a bunch of the ProModeler/Revell Do217s. I got the first one and it looked great in the box .... so I bought more without building the first. Well, I am starting the first right now to work the kinks out (I have ordered a couple of Mike West's/Lonestar Models nightfighter conversions) and have run into a few stumbling blocks: - The kit has no seat belts (I know most models don't, but ....) and I have found almost zero references regarding the R/O - turret gunner's belts. The closest I have found is the hint of some shoulder harnesses in ONE picture. But even that one does not have enough view to put to rest the presence of a lap belt. - I have mated the fuselage's halves, but now I have to deal with the panel lines that MAY or MAY NOT run along the join lines. And to top it off, the line drawings that I have found on the web do not coinside with what is on the kit ..... especially near the tail on the top and sides. - The front of the fuselage doesn't seem to join up easily. The small connection, just to the front of the cockpit is weak, to say the least. And it does not join flush - the front connects, but the rear is still spread apart. Has anyone run into these issues or have suggestions, solutions?
  8. Does anyone know for certain if the radio operators/turret gunners' bucket seats have seatbelts? And if so, what kind? I am not talking about the flip down jump seats, but the swivel seat in the rear that usually is facing backwards in the aircraft. I have searched and none of the pics that I have run across show them, but none really are clear views. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THX!
  9. I have the EXCELLENT Monogram pubs "German A/C Interiors" by Kenn Merrick. It is labeled as "Vol. 1" Were there any follow ups? I have done several searches but I only find the one I already have. A few times, I found where there are 2 other volumes that are alluded to. But ..... no titles or links. Anyone ever come across any other books? Bill
  10. I just got an email from Ultracast about it. They are going to contact me when the decals come in. Thanks!
  11. 148bill148

    Airscale Decals

    Does anyone know where to find Airscale decals in the US? Specifically I am looking for the 1/48 German WW2 placards and so far, no luck finding them on this side of the pond. I tried to order them straight from Airscale, but the Paypal transaction keeps getting denied. (not a problem with my PP account. I have used it successfully before and after) Any help would be appreciated. Bill
  12. Thanks! That is definitely a starting place.
  13. I have a few of the PM/ Rev-Mon 1/48 Do-217s. I have searched on line but I cannot seem to find seatbelts specifically made for the 217. I have some Lion Roar generic PhotoEtch belts that probably will work, but they do not have instructions for the 217 (yes to about every other German WW2 A/C though). Does anyone have any pics or line drawings on the seat belt set ups? Any help will be greatly apprciated. Bill
  14. Thanks! I am impressed with the decals that I have from AIMS already, but I typically chose the decals I buy based on the "coolness" factor of the paint schemes. Again, thanks!
  15. I have purchased a bunch of the new AIMS decals for the Ju-88 G's. EXCELLENT decals. Of course, after I got these, the 1/48 48D004 Ju 88 C-6 decal set came out. Does anyone have these yet? If anyone does, what do the camo schemes look like?????? I have searched for reviews and the AIMS website, but so far, no pics of the camo. Just of the decals themselves. I would have tried to email the AIMS site, but it has no email listing that I can find. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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