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  1. Hey I got some photos of 5794's crash. I tried to upload them, says to large of a photo. Anthony.Quartaro@gmail.com
  2. We hit some power lines in 1985, following 2 Germany CH-53s, in one of our Sembach 53's
  3. Hey good job, I was the crew chief on 5794 from 1987 to 1988 at Hurlburt AFB, FL. Ill soon be building a USAF CH-53 from Setback AB Germany, Tail number 1629, before it was moded to a PAVE, from 1984 to 1986, then Ill do another of 5794 when it had the old infrared equipment, before it was a PAVE as well. I was Asst. crew chief of 1629 at Semback as a CH-53, then primary Chief on 5794, in 1987it was sent to be upgraded into a PAVE, I was then back assigned to 1629. GREAT JOB!
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