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  1. Thanks a lot all of you for your replies. I took your advise and starting trying different builds and spraying around any surface i could. I bought a tamiya pla-plate and keep practicing on that surface. When i am done i just use windex to clean all the mess and then try again. So far i was able to get some good results (if i even know what a good result is ... 😕 ) with: 7/3/1 (drops) - paint, thinner, airbrush flow improver 8-10 psi with the above setup i was able to get smooth painting but i had to move close to the model. However i noticed that i wasnt having
  2. I got my first airbrush about a week a go but i am a bit lost on how to paint properly. I have seen a few youtube videos however i havent managed to do some work properly despite the fact i am following instructions. There are so many factors that determine the outcome of the paint which at the end confuses me even more. For example, how much the paint is thinned, pressure, needle, color release, distance e.t.c So far there are times that i get a nice smooth surface and there are times where the paint is too watery and i can see the air pushing the color on the model. I have so many quest
  3. Your build looks really cool. I doubt i will manage to achieve such perfection. I did order a few cheap kits to have some practice before i mode to the "good one". I also like the "dirt" you added on the "guns" section. I remember he pinpoint that in his book on one of his photos (when he gunned down the army vehicles attacking US marine squad). It looks like i found a member within the forum willing to send me his spare parts of Twobobs Gamblers decals :-D
  4. Guys thank you very much for your responses. I wasn't expecting such help and i am very grateful for taking the time to help me. Reading your message made my jaw drop twice!! 1st. When you said you might have a spare sheet 2nd You have seen those birds up front (ohhh you lucky ...) I will PM you the soonest possible.
  5. Hi. Twenty years ago i used to model jet fighters and after a few years i managed to have a pretty nice collection. Unfortunately an incident occur and within a moment all of them became little broken pieces. After that i never performed any static modelling again. Couple of weeks a go i was reading the book "Viper Pilot: A Memoir of Air Combat" by Dan "Two Dogs" Hampton. I so enjoyed this book and few days later i received Tamiya F-16CJ Block 50 Fully equipment 1/72 as Xmas present. I am so happy because the specific (CJ - Weasels) model is what "Two Dogs" used to flight AND i was
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