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  1. Hi. I am new to the hobby and decided to use Mr. Surfacer after seen many people recommending. Thing is, i haven't understood yet when to use Mr. Primer and when Mr. Finishing. I read that Mr. Primer 1000 can fill up scratches and other small imperfections. Mr. Finishing 1500 supposed to give you smoother surface. My question is (provably a silly one), could you use Mr Primer 1000 for imperfections and then a coat of Mr. Finishing 1500 for smooth surface or is this an overkill (could hide aircraft details)?
  2. I applied Ammo by Mig Titans spray Mat varnish and you are right, it went a bit wet on the surface. So, if i paint with Tamiya Acrylics or AK Real Colors which are both lacquer based Acrylics and use C46 or GX100 i will be fine?
  3. Thanks for the advice. For no 1 case, I used acetone to clear all paint from the nozzle, and it looks like its down to plastic without any damage to the styrene. Will re-paint the whole thing today and hopefully this time I will do it right (never used Alclad II before and completely noob with airbrush πŸ˜•. ). For the second one, I am still trying to understand which type of varnish to use according to the paint. For instance, can you spray lacquer based varnish over acrylic color (or acrylic varnish)?. Is there an article explaining what varnish to apply over your primary paint and
  4. Hi I am building my very first kit which is a Tamyia F-16CJ. I am facing some issues and i need your advise for a few of them: 1. While i was masking out my nozzle a piece of paint has been lifted (see picture bellow) . The nozzle was paint with Alclad II paints. How do i fix this? Do i just airbrush with the same color until it levels or do I add putty/sand/paint. 2. I painted the fuel tanks with AK Real Colors. Applied 2 coats of Alclad II Aqua Gloss varnish. Then added my decals and applied one more cΞΏat of aqua gloss. So far so good but when i applied Titans mat
  5. Thanks for your replies, guys. Not sure why i didn't receive those results on eBay. I will order one from the suggested seller. πŸ˜„
  6. Hi. I would like to build an 1/48 F-15C and from what I heave read in the forum one of the best options would be GWH (don't want to open pandora box of Has vs GWH). My problem is that I cannot find GWH F-15C MSIP II kit in Europe. I was only able to find one on eBay, but the postage cost are a bit high. So I was thinking to maybe get an F-15J and convert it to F-15C but yet again can't find any of those boxes. The most available kit in the market at the moment is GWH F-15E and GWH F-15B/D. Can these be easily converted to F-15C? Any other option suggestion is more than
  7. @dannailed it with that pdf! @Niels @ST0RM Thanks guys. I believe i have everything i need. It seems that the profile goes with the pair of the aircraft. IF No. 1 was carrying 2 X CBUs then No.2 would carry HARMs and vice versa. P.S The only information i cannot get no matter how hard i searched on the internet is a legit aircraft Serial No. Dan Hampton flew in 2003. All the rest i was able to find.
  8. @Niels@ST0RM Thanks for the replies. Clear things up. I have one more question tho In the above picture (thats from iraq 2003), is that a HARM missile on No8 or an AIM120? No7 seems to be a CBU
  9. Hi. I am near finishing my first F-16 which represents a Shaw Viper (77th FSQ) back in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am trying to gather up information regarding what kind of Weapons profile those vipers where using for SEAD missions. So far i have confirmed the following profile from Dan Hamptons book: 2 x AIM120 2 x AIM9 2 x CBU103 AN/ALE-50 ECM Anyone is aware of any other profiles? For instance , do they every carry HARMs with CBUs? I think i saw a photo where the Aircraft had like 4 x AIM120 missiles and 2 X HARMs Also, any chance i can find an
  10. Coffee filters are already in my cart since you first mention it πŸ˜„
  11. yes i think i just learned my first lesson .... the hard way as usual
  12. Yup ... you are both right, it started coming off while rubbing it with wet finger.
  13. That was while i was airbrushing. I mean before i sprayed the color i didnt noticed anything like this but as soon as i started applying color it was very noticeable so i am trying to figure out if this is paint. I did cleaned the model using a tissue with some alcohol so i am wondering if that could had left any fibers there.
  14. Hi guys i need your help once again. So i am building this F-15 just to train my self and get familiar with Airbrushing and i noticed today a very weird texture when i sprayed the model (photos bellow). Is this caused from the paint or there was dirt/dust/e.t.c on the model. Anyone seen this effect before?
  15. @crackerjazz Yes i also saw that video a couple of days ago and it did help however the best instructional which really was an "eye opener" was the 3 part videos (2 hours each) by florymodels. I was amazed by the guy and the way he explained things and shows tips and ways to understand whats wrong. The best thing i managed to get from his videos is "you should NOT care at what PSI number you are spraying". You should just listen to your airbrush and look at how your paint looks and then adjust accordingly. He just uses the valve of the "hot-swap" plug on his airbrush to set the right pressure
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