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  1. Hi, I started GWH F-15C MISIP II (L7205) and I am not sure if the HUD provided by the kit is the right one. I am building the 85-114, and I was not able to find specific photos of the hud. I did my homework, and it seems the HUD from the kit is one used by F-15 strike eagles This is the one that comes with the kit I have seen the interview by Rico Cesar mentioning that 85-114 has been received significant upgrades, but I am not sure if the HUD was one of them. Are there any F-15C which have, as it appears to be, F-15E HUD? Wh
  2. thanks a lot everyone for your suggestions. Will provably go for the UMM and some needles-pin vise
  3. Hi everyone, Xmas is around the corener so I am thinking to buy a new scriber (plus Su-27 /148 kit 🙂 ). While I was researching for available options, I came a cross with the term "chisel". I noticed that this "keyword" is mostly mentioned in Gunpla builds. I ended up with the following candidates: BMC. : Way way too expensive. Like $100 per piece dspiae: Good reviews. Also a bit expensive ($30 each blade) Border model: Good reviews. Good price ($15 each) Madworks Ustar set (UA-91903) : Best value for money SAB Panel Liner Mr. Line Chisel My questions are:
  4. To be honest, I was surprised that all replies were providing solutions and no one started to criticize yet. You are not offending anyone, it's just that you took the time to write an answer where half of it does not benefit nor helps the purpose. If any time experience stopped from doing something, I wouldn't have achieved anything in my life. I knew this was out of my league and that I did not have the experience "to add a supposedly great fit tail extension on a tail" but that did not stop me from trying. The result was : - I learn a lot of things during the process, de
  5. If you manage to find that, you will be my hero forever and ever ! . Jokes aside, no matter what, I really appreciate the help. That is a very nice article. I actually learned stuff i didn't know. I was looking for the Attack Squadron pack and I concluded that it will be easier to find a kidney than to find Attack Squadron para chute 😛 While waiting to see if I manage to find a complete set, i might go a get another Tamiya Kit (since i am planing to build another model anyway) and this time post some videos of my issue _before_ gluing or doing anything.
  6. Yes, that is correct. I know there are a number of after market parachutes available: - Grand models - wolfpack - AWC - few others I just lost hope trying to add the extensions to the plastic kit without success (due to fit issues) so I am looking for a tail-set solution like KASL (but for F-16C). It's difficult, especially for a beginner like me. Currently counting on PWMP for tail set. Or i don't know..maybe try another brand one last time...
  7. The parachute is thinner than the tail base. I would have posted some pictures, but I don't have any since all my tail parts are destroyed ... 😕. Some peple stated that the resin might have shrunk hence why it does not fit and creates a step
  8. I did, but it doesn't fit properly and when I tried to sand it down I made it even worst 😞. When asked for help, some fellow modelers told me they had the same fitting issues with the particular tail extension. To be honest, if not the best, it's one of the best tail extensions you can get. Crisp, amazing detail (even the number of rivets match with real pictures) good cast e.t.c. However..it does not fit as it should ..
  9. Thanks Neils , I went through their products and as far as I could tell they don't have a full tail set with parapack for C/D/ but just the extension. They have full tail for A/B. Nevertheless, i contacted them via FB and asked them if they have. No worries i am the same. I only opt in the forum after midnight. 3D-chutes do ship to Greece with a cost of $20 ... 😕
  10. OK. will contact him. thanks
  11. Sorry Habu didnt understand what you mean . What i am trying to find is entire tail-base with parachute so i wont have to add an extension to current original part. Is that what you mean? Up, just figured that out. KASL F-16A/B MLU Vertical Tail Set wont work for me then. Removing the port side RWR wont be that of a problem. Issue here is that i dont want to get another tail extension. Both Kinetik and some two after market extensions did not fit properly. For a beginner like me this is a problem 😞 . Hence why i am looking for one-pice tail base + extension. Cur
  12. Hello again Gwen Did you use the KASL F-16A/B MLU Vertical Tail Set ? If yes, how much different is , in terms of size and shape, from the original part? What i mean is, with proper modifications, can it be used for a block50/52 F-16? D.
  13. I am still trying to figure out may way through. The biggest problem i have so far us to sand the edges where i did the filling. I heard other people referring this as "fairing the edges". So initially the seam line is not visible but i can see the edges creating shadows. in other words you can tell from the edges that there is putty under the paint. I will try to find a picture in order to explain better
  14. I am a beginner , just on my second build and you cannot imagine my frustration...I am ashamed to send you pics of the final results of all my tries with the tail extensions...I have three (3) Tamyia vipers sitting around for last two months cause of the tail extension... 😕 You are right , i was able to find the KASL for Tamiya kits and i admit i felt so happy about it... Thanks for the tip! 😄 I contacted PWMP and to my surprise they replied! I will place an order from them PLUS one more piece from KASL (mentioned earlier by our friend)
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