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  1. @rotorwash Thank you! I'll probably take you up on that offer when I get deeper into things. I'll post some photos of the build when I have something to share as well. Kind regards!
  2. @rotorwash Yes! I completely misspoke when I said the cowling was a defining characteristic of the the B and C. I think that was my perspective before I'd fallen into the rabbit hole, but yes you're right there was an overlap. The thread you've linked to is actually one of the ones I'd read before and it helped a lot. In fact your comment on the Lindberg kit, is actually one of the reasons I'm tackling the HobbyBoss instead! Haha! I'll get around to the other one some other time. Thanks for listing the main differences, there's a few in there I wasn't aware of at all, so yes that's a big help.
  3. @rotorwash Thanks again! Great video too. I see what you mean about not using the video I posted as reference. There's a number of differences which wouldn't be suitable. Keeping the collision light a solid red rather than a rotating beacon will certainly make my life easier, so I'm happy about that! That's a very nice weekend build you posted, hard to imaging pulling off something like that in such little time. A lot of nice information in there I can take a look at. I noticed the work you did on the skids and I'd wondered if they'd be worth correcting. I can see it makes all the difference s
  4. @rotorwash Thanks again, these are great! Especially the last two images. The shot of the tail will help with positioning the lights since there's no sign of them on the actual kit itself. That shot also reminded me of the antenna on the tip of the tail, no sign of that on the kit either, so that's something else I'll have to scratch build. I knew I'd seen that last shot of the hoist somewhere before. I looked in my notes and it was from a thread on this forum and you were the one who uploaded it along with some other great shots of the hoist. So thanks again for those! I was doing
  5. @Stef (#6) Thanks for the pointers! Still playing around with some ideas on how/where to add enough weight to the nose. I'm planning to hide electricals inside the empty space beneath the engine. This might effect the balancing even more, so I'll see what happens when I get that far. When you mention the aerial, are you talking about the "shark fin" above the cockpit? Good job on the model, if mine looks half as good I'll call it a win! @rotorwash These are great, just what I was looking for, thanks! I was hoping there'd just be two lights underneath, since I'm going to try and add
  6. Hello friends! I'm new to the world of helicopters so forgive my lack of knowledge when it comes to the correct terminology of some things! I recently purchased the 1/48 UH-1C HobbyBoss kit as a simple starter kit to test my skills. After doing some research I've decided to go with the QL404 variation, but realised the kit was missing the external hoist along with some other details. I should be able to scratch build some of the missing features thanks to some photos I found here on the forum and some previous discussions here about the UH-1E. On
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