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  1. Holidays are over and building is coming for it too. What is about kit and assembling? I knew that Eastern Express has not the best airplanes kits [There a lot of problems during assembling, for example large holes between parts of main body and fuselage and so on]. One people say- this kit is aweful too, others- that is one the best EE models. I want to be objective, therefore I didn't mention nothing about assembling in first post here and on russian forum, so let's start real review. It's a really nice kit, almost all parts nice connects with each others. Main problem is cockpit,
  2. Hello everyone! I went a little for a while, and now coming bace with overview of An-2 by Easter Express Inside there are four sprues, three are made of ordinary gray plastic and one is a clear one. The kit contains only 55 parts. The fuselage consists of two parts. Almost all large parts (if I may say so, because the length of the assembled model is only 8.6 centimeters) have incomprehensible scratches. Hopefully they'll all go away during the priming process. The keel is provided as a separate part. The engine consists of three parts. To increase the detalisat
  3. Hey! I have completed one more model! Here is video of building and pair of photos! Thank you for attention!
  4. Hey guys! I have completed one more model. Part of building is in this forum part: In few words: it is kit by Zvezda, decals- Ascensio, masks- KV models. There is more information in my video: Thank you for attention!
  5. Here comes 1st step of decaling yellow neo. I am out of masking tape, so I guess painting of pylons will be at the last step of building. Thank you!
  6. Thank you! Nice to hear that you find it useful
  7. Thank you! Have never worked with leds, guess I will try in future modelis.
  8. Hey guys, I have already posted here one of my civil aircraft video builiding and seen, that there are lovers of 1/144 scale. Here I want to show you building of my 2 new projects: A320Neo in awesomes liveries: airlines Spirit and S7 airlines. First one is already painted in main color and it is waiting for decaling and painting of engine pylons. Golden parts - photoetched details by Microdesign. Green has only paintind cabin and imitation of curtains! I am going to creare diorama for this model with plane ladder, bus and people.
  9. Nice to hear that people enjoy to watch not only their major branch. I have seen that using hairdryer for making decals flexable in videos of cars building, so it is not only interesting but also useful. Thank you, sir! I try to make video not only for civil aircrafts fan, but for every modelers, and I guess, I completed this task. 🙂
  10. Thank you! Nice to hear it 🙂. There are 2 more aircrafts with large decals (it takes all fuselage), that i want to built in the future, so I may suprise you again! 🙂 I have started modeling my way with military planes, heli and tanks, but after having seen enough civil airplanes, I decided to try and now it's my major 🙃
  11. Thank you, sir! I was loking for something interesting and orange, want collection of rainbow civil planes 🙂, and found this awesome one.
  12. Hey guys! Good afternoon! I was told to post here my finished model to get feedback. I want to present you my last finished model of russian regional civil aircraft "Superjet-100'. It is a skyship designed by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (subsidiary of Sukhoi company, which is known for its military planes). Kit - Zvezda №7009. Decals- laser printed by Ascensio, really nice one. Masks for windows- KAV Models, handy tool. Here are photos of finished model and video of assemblind, painting and attaching decals! Pleasant viewing!
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