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  1. I'm doing my second Wildcat, HB's new F4F-3S Wildcatfish. On a previous Wildcat, I painted the oxygen bottle a nice "oxygen bottle green". What's the right color?
  2. Anyone know what's available for the Hobby Boss M706? Resin, Photo-etch, Decals, etc. Thanks
  3. Suggestions on what kind of rubber silicone mold to use for marking some extra antennas and Tamiya f-16 1/48 pilot figures
  4. Paint Markers vs Sharpie QUESTIONS 1) Do all clear coats make Sharpie markings run? What if Dull Cote was used instead of Future? 2) Is there a difference in application between oil and water-based paint markers? 3) Are there any recommendations for paint markers with a fine point?
  5. I'm wondering if you need to wash these parts before priming/painting ? I do but .... I've always washed my resin parts in a soapy solution but, I'm curious what others do.
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