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  1. Still looking for the ORANG Redhawks decal for the Revell F-101B kit. I have the kit but instructions and decal sheet is missing. Can anyone help in this ? Bob Portland OR
  2. Has anyone scanned and reused older decal sheets that can't be applied directly to the model surface ? Any suggestions or experience with such ? I am aware of the decal papers which can be used on an inkjet printer such as the HP 5520 I have but have yet to do such an activity. Thanks in advance... Bob
  3. This is needed for an ORANG Redhawk display example of the aircraft......thanks..... Bob Portland OR
  4. Hello all..... I am still searching for this boxing....there must be something out there.....thanks...
  5. Hello again.... I am looking this particular boxing of Revell #04854 1/72 F-101B Voodoo kit as it includes the ORANG Redhawk decal. Anyone have one that they would part with ? Bob Portland OR
  6. Anyone have this sheet or equivalent of that they are not using ? This is needed for an ORANG model project. Thanks, Bob
  7. Hello all again... Looking for 1 or 2 of these kits in order to add into an ORANG aircraft display. Bob in Portland
  8. CD 72023: Air National Guard F-4C/D is one I am attempting to locate Anyone know of or have any set they will not be using please let me know. Bob Portland OR
  9. Thanks Brad for that insite on the Acadamy kit as well....Enjoy the Airshow.... Bob
  10. Good to know on the GWH kits....... may I ask about the Academy 12506 F-15C Eagle MSIP II 173rd Fighter Wing 1/72 Scale Model Kit ..... how does it stand up against other kits in that scale ? Enjoy the Airshow as it looks to be a good day for it. I can't be there due to our daughter moving tomorrow....sob.... Bob
  11. Thanks for that as I appreciate it.....anyone from a modeler's perspective in building the kit and it's particular characteristics ? Build-ability, accuracy, quirks etc. I watch these birds fly over my house almost daily and have followed the 142nd FW for years with great interest. This weekend is the OR International Airshow in Hillsboro so they will be putting on a show.... Bob
  12. Hello all....wondering just how good this kit is over all. Has anyone built one up and what did you find with it ? Looking to find the best possible kit to use for an ORANG Redhawks model. Thanks, Bob
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