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  1. Hi all. Spent some time on the '110 today. Due to the thick glasshouse canopy, the interior won't have much of a view, but I bundled a few basic details into that just to dress it up a little. Overall, the assembly is going well and she starts to look like a "Zerstorer". Not sure which version it will be just yet. As a sidenote, as a kid, I would envy the "three" colour kits - it's been quite exciting to put one together now..
  2. Very cool choice! Can't wait to see it. AC
  3. Ok Gentlemen... I'm in. I have the Bf110 in 1/72 PK40115. (actually PK is 115) Her raised panel lines, and titanium based plastic beckon me! Good luck everyone, and lets have some fun. Adam McAllen TX USA
  4. Awsome Wessex.. Truly inspirational! Well done. Adam
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