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  1. Stelios2000 is an excellent ARC trader. Thank you very much stelios
  2. I waited approximately 12 months before masking. I know, a whole year, but I used to travel a lot for work.
  3. Many thanks guys, I'm going to try all of this advice on spare canopies that I'm using to try and find out what happened. I'll post the results as soon as I get them Thanks again Scotty
  4. A big thankyou to Mike, Paul and Mofo. I'm going to try all of your advice. I'm also trying to replicate what happened on some spair canopies, but so far everything is fine. I'm going to future some spairs tomorrow and mask and paint when they're dry. I'll post some resuls if you are interested. Yours in a lot of appreciation Scotty
  5. I'm having major problems with a 1/48 Tomcat canopy. It's a bit of a saga but please read on. I sanded the mould seam and polished with micro mesh, then I dunked with Klear (Future in the USA). I masked with Parafilm M (one layer). I primed with Acrylic Auto Primer (from Halfords for the Brit readers) and then topcoated with the same brand acrylic auto paint Gloss Black. When I stripped off the Parafilm it had left a residue which I could not remove. Does anyone know if I've done something wrong, or how to remove the residue? Did I have enough parafilm in place? Does anyone know of problem
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