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  1. Resin pit Painted in mid grey after a Tamiya NATO Black coverall. The grey is Painted not insisting in the angles/recessed areas. Instrument panel in NATO Black, a sort of very dark grey.
  2. Around the grills there are some deep holes for bigger screws. Just increase them using an hand drill. Cheers Maurizio
  3. Thank you very much. I'm going to paint it within a couple of days, so it is virtually done. Maurizio
  4. I added a plastic tube for closing the a/m hole. Before gluing it I Painted the interior in black. It gives a nice tridimensional touch to the fuselage like the real plane. M.
  5. I also opened the hole with an horizontal bar against birds nettiing. It will add a nice detail using a grid tool on a hand drill. Maurizio
  6. Removing some parts of the interior details for the resin pit. Cheers Maurizio
  7. As you already know Aires cockpit is a must for this kit. A very well detailed pit for a very nice airplane IMHO. Cheers Maurizio
  8. HI gang, here are some pics of my 1/48 Kinetic EA-6B Prowler from VAQ-136 Gauntlets. Apart the very nice Aires resin cockpit (late) there are some improvements about the kit (read errors on the kit). Stay tuned! cheers Maurizio
  9. HI guys, many thanks for your posts. Now I'm focused about the rear ramp and the side APU blge. The front bulb radr is off-set glued even if not so evident. I'm going to tale care of it in the next stages. Cheers MB
  10. Thanks mate for your kind message. The pics are a little bit old and I already made some modification to the piece. Stay tuned! cheers Maurizio
  11. continuing working on the tail.
  12. The rotor head will receive some improvements about the brackets, adding some holes and adding putty where the blade is connected to the main structure of the rotor (see the red arrows below).
  13. Detailed this piece of the rotor with some holes.
  14. Here is another picture of the tail. Far from be complete.
  15. Going on with the tail making the right shape.
  16. I bought some SH-3 resin details from Black Dog at a Model Contest. They will add interest to the chopper with some panels opened.
  17. The HH-3 rotor head differs from the Sea King one. No folding blade capability and some "weights" are added. I added some plasticard pieces and sandpapered to the wanted shape.
  18. Going on with detailing the rotor blades modifing the angle at the blade base. The right blade is the kit's one and the one on the left is modified.
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