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  1. Have you ever considered offering a decal sheet of small square and rectangular decals and grids reproduced mainly in black and white, with some in red or yellow? I know reheat used to offer a sheet like this, but with them being out of business, it might be a good oportuntiy for someone to offer this type of sheet. Mike Grant offers a small selection of black and white placards on their cockpit details sheet, but not in the variety or colors that I think would be usefull. This would be great for simulating the various warning placards found inside cockpits, equipment bays and on landing gear as well as for other types of kits. What do you think?
  2. Do I need to worry about pushing the needle in to far if I put it in from the front? I don't want to mess the needle setting up if thats even possible.
  3. Thanks for the info. Guys. I will give it a try when I get home. I haven't used this airbrush yet so I haven't had a need to clean it. I do have the tip to go with the .20 needle as well. Thanks again, Chuck.
  4. I just want to change the needle out in the airbrush, but I'm not sure how that is done with the quick fix mechanism. I've unscrewed the rear of the airbrush off, but I don't see how I release the needle to put in a new one.
  5. I have a new H&S infinity solo quick fix with the .15 needle that I want to change out for the .20 needle. The tip looks fairly straight forward to change, but how do I change the needle properly? I don't want to mess anything up or bugger up any of the settings. Can anyone offer me some advice? Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  6. I purchased the H&S infinty quick fix.
  7. I'll let you know as soon as I give it a spin.
  8. :) I ordered an airbrush from airheadairbrush.com last week and wanted to check the status of my order. I emailed and phoned several times and couldn't get a hold of anyone so I started to worry. The owner phoned this morning and explained that his email has been acting up and that he was out of town for a few days. He was very courteous and helpful on the phone. I want to apologize to him and everyone else if I gave the wrong impression about the companies customer service. I overreacted and should have been more patient with them. I also want to state that airheadairbrush.com is an EXCELLENT company with GREAT customer service and I wouldn't hesitate in using them again or recomending them to anyone else. I'm sorry for all the fuss.
  9. Don phoned this morning and explained that his email has been acting up and he was out of town the last few days of the week into the weekend. The airbrush showed up this morning and everything is fine. I feel foolish for jumping the gun and over reacting, but when your out $190 and you get no responses to emails and phonecalls, you begin to worry. I want to make it very clear, airheadairbrush is an HONEST company and I would have NO hesitation in dealing with them in the future or recomend them to anyone else. Sorry for all the worry.
  10. I hope that everything works out. I registered for the airbrush forum but it doesn't say anything about there being any shipping problems. I wanted to post on the forum but it won't let me being a new member. Like I said, I want to work with the guy, but if he won't respond to several emails and phone calls, what more can I do? I've read of others ordering AFTER me and getting thier airbrushes allready wiht no problems phoning or emailing, so I don't know whats up. I phoned this morning and someone picked up but didn't say anything. Before I could say hello they hung up! I phoned back right away and they wouldn't pick up. HELP. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks, Chuck.
  11. That might explain why I'm not getting a response. I haven't had any of my emails bounced though.
  12. I placed an online order with them on march 4th. I decided to email them to see the status of the order after a few day to which I've received no response. I've left 2 phone messages to which I've received no response. A few others out there have ordered since me and have received responses, so I'm not sure whats going on. Should I file for a refund with paypal? If it's all just a mistake then no problem, but I would like to get moving. Any advice? Thanks, Chuck.
  13. I ordered an Harder & Steenbeck airbrush from www.airheadairbrush.com last week, and on the order page it said I could pay with paypal, visa or mastercard. I decided to use paypal to save some time and the payment went thru no problem. After a couple of days, I decided to email them and find out the status of my order, to which I received no response. I then looked at the web page more closely (as I should have in the first place, my screw up) and it states that you can't pay for airbrushes with paypal. I decided to email the company and explain what happened, and again I received no response. I emailed them several times and never received a response. I phoned and left a message, but you guessed it, no response. Am I screwed? I know it was my mistake to not read the fine print, but I'm hoping I'll get a refund or the airbrush from the company. Has anyone delt with www.airhead airbrush.com and what was your experience? Thanks, C huck.
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