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Found 10 results

  1. Rhapsody in Orange... OR...... "Gentlemen, I give you Orange October"....... Mikro-Mir USS Albacore - modified to an earlier configuration with + shaped rear dive planes and 'standard' propeller... She is painted in an orange primer coat before the application of topside black - as seen here......... Ken
  2. The latest 1/350 scale submarine kit from Zvezda is the massive Delta IV (Delfin) class of Russian SSBN.... Moulded in black plastic, the lower hull is made up from three sections - two lower vertically split sides plus a top.... The twin five-bladed propellers each have to made up from a central shaft - to which are attached the five separate scimitar-shaped blades The missile casing is also separate - made up from two side panels (below) and a top section (above)... This complex hull construction would allow (I think?) for a waterline build - although the vertical fin/rudder would have to be modified... (lower section cut off?) Internal bulkheads are included to stiffen the hull - but it remains to be seen how good the many joints are.... This sprue contains the various masts/periscopes, hatches for the two missile tubes, dive planes and doors for the topedo-loading hatches. Zvezda include a display stand - depicting a rocky sea bed..... The decal sheet is well printed and includes the white waterline stripes and depth markings, plus the town emblem after which she is named - Tula.... It also contains the boats pennant number - K-114 - and the name Tula (in Latin and Cyrillic) in gold to go on the display stand.... The painting and decal placement guide gives Zvezda and Tamiya colours... (and you can learn a bit of Russian while you are at it....) Lastly - the four-page construction sheet is 'busy' - but readable... I have already got a Delta IV SSBN in my collection - from Alanger........ So it will be interesting to compare the two models....... Interestingly, the hull breakdown suggests - as well as a waterline option (although not mentioned in the instructions), the fact that it has a separate missile casing - could they make the earlier Delta II & III from the same hull moulds?? This needs investigating more... This is a very welcome new kit from Zvezda - more power to them. Ken
  3. Braving the lockdown, my postman Martin has just delivered this new kit from Mikro-Mir Having already built a model of the USS Parche.......... I was going to pass on this new kit - until I realised it represents the pre-stretch early version........ As the boxart shows - the sail is different, she carries a DSRV (as a cover for her covert ops) - and the hull is 100ft shorter..... The shorter hull is is two halves - split horizontally... The only other sprue carries the sail, diving chamber, DSRV and other small parts... The assembly instructions and painting guide is printed on thin A4 paper folded in half... Completing the kit is an etched fret containing the single propeller and DSRV mounting struts plus a small, well printed decal sheet. Another very welcome kit from Mikro-Mir's expanding range of 1/350 scale subs. Nice one MM..... Ken
  4. Just finished - the USS Growler from Micro-Mir...... I didn't get an exact straight line for the waterline... (the port side is better..) Colours are from rattle cans of Halfords Grey and Red Plastic Primers - with Humbrol Panzer Grey enamel for the non-slip decking. I've just realised - in my rush to get it photographed and on here - I've forgotten to weather it!!! (It's an age thing) Ken PS - WIP is here :-
  5. Another new arrival on the slips - the 1/350 scale injection-moulded kit of USS Growler from Mikro-Mir...... Box art... History and paint guide...... Instructions for the hull....... Regulus I Missile and conning tower..... Final assembly.... Vertically split hull - with excellent engraved detail..... Conning tower, decking and one half of the missile..... Minor parts, missile half, decals and etched-brass..... I already have her sister-boat (USS Grayback) in my collection....... So this new kit from MikroMir should make for an interesting comparison.... Ken
  6. Just purchased from OKB Grigorov....... http://shop.okbgrigorov.com/ A resin kit of the Royal Navy submarine R10 - launched in October 1918 - just to late for the Great War. At just14cm (5.5in) long, the hull is a single superb resin casting - with a separate conning tower and etched brass parts for the diving planes, propeller etc.. The service from OKB was great - just a week from order to delivery - although the box with the hull/brass/instructions arrived first, followed a week later by the conning tower in a separate Jiffy bag!!! The instructions are a bit simplified..... .... but the resin moulding is excellent - crisp and bubble free.... There are no painting instructions - nor decals - which is a pity - so re-creating the drop-shadow pennant number on the conning tower is going to be a pain..... Still, this is a new welcome addition to the range of British submarines, so great work OKB Grigorov. Ken
  7. Recently finished - the 1/350 scale resin kit of an Oberon Class diesel submarine from ebay seller subsmodels..... I chose to finish it as HMS Opossum - wearing a roughly-applied camouflage scheme used when she was on special ops during the Gulf War. She also sported a sharkmouth - sourced as a decal from my spares box. It isn't 100% accurate but it looks OK... I think I may have overdone the 'weathing' a bit on the camo........ The camouflage makes a nice change from the all-black finish normally found on RN subs..... Ken
  8. This is the 1/350 scale kit of HMS Resolution by MikroMir - finished as HMS Repulse when she was engaged in trials with the DSRV 'Avalon' rescue vessel... The DSRV kit is from Riich Models - it represents 'Mystic' - so needs some alterations to represent 'Avalon'..... The kit parts...... Etched brass propeller, struts etc... Mikro Mir HMS Resolution painted with hi-viz guidance markings as HMS Repulse...... A simple 'conversion' - but it adds to my collection of 1/350 scale subs... Ken
  9. One of the things I picked up at SMW Telford was a new resin kit of the Royal Navy submarine HMS Tabard - (thanks Chris for the heads-up) This Group III T-Class sub is made by Starling Models and is an excellent kit of an iconic British WWII sub. The resin parts come in a stout cardboard box - filled with polystyrene 'worms' to protect the contents.... The 8-page instruction booklet is well printed with eay to follow steps.... Note the two types of gun emplacement. Colour painting guide. Superbly cast one-piece hull - with some 'flash' - but no air holes or bubbles - excellent casting The rest of the resin parts. Gun barrels from Mastermodel, etched brass fret and decal sheet. This is a quality kit of an important British submarine - and if it proves as popular as it should, we hopefully can expect more from Starling Models. I can't wait to get started. Ken
  10. Ever since finding this photo of the Balao-class sub USS Sealion, I have wanted to try and model her...... All I needed was a 1/350 scale model of a Sikorsky HRS-3 helicopter to place on her widened deck aft of the fairwater..... Then I found that Shapeways Models made a 3D-printed S-55 helicopeter - so I was ready to start... I'm using the AFV-Club Gato-class sub as a starting point....... Sealion is a Balao-class sub (improved Gato), so I needed a late-style fairwater - also made by Shapeways..... The S-55 helicopters are sold in blocks of 4 - and they are simply stunning.... Here's a single example - all of 36mm (1.5in) long....... I just hope my failing eyesight and fat fingers can do it justice... All I need to do now is widen that decking aft of the fairwater........ watch this space. Ken
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