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  1. 1/48 SU-27

    That looks great Excellent build, superb paint finish and very realistic diorama. You could have got away with not painting or detailing the cockpit at all if you had made a complete 'bag' that the Su-27 wears at dispersal...... For a really accurate Flanker - the paint on the front fuselage should be fresher and darker than the faded rear end - because the 'bag' protects it from the elements. Please don't think I am crticising your model - I think it looks fantastic. Ken
  2. 1/48 - Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" by Great Wall Hobby

    Saw them off, fill the resultant holes, make new ones from shaped plastic card, fit them in place on the top of the tail stinger and - viola! - problem solved. It's called Modelling - an ancient art that now seems to have been lost. If you were careful enough you could probably saw the flare boxes off and preserve their shape and fit them to the top surface without having to make new ones? I'm just thinking out loud here - I have no idea if it is do-able, but it doesn't look to difficult. Just my 3 penn'orth... Ken
  3. Recent Russian Colors

    That's a question I have been asking for about 30 years - and still have no definitive answer. I asked a crew member of the Tu-95MS that visited the UK RAF Fairford airshow a few years back if he spoke English. He answered that he did - so I asked about green wheel hubs - and after looking puzzled as to why anyone would ask such a daft question, he replied in a thick Russian accent........ "Is not significant!" I also heard that it is a traditional old artillery colour - but have no idea of its significance. There must be an old Soviet green paint Zavod somewhere in Russia still producing the colour - and no-one has told them to switch off!! Ken PS - The visiting Tu-95MS had buff-coloured wheel hubs BTW.
  4. 1:1 scale F-111 cockpit mystery

    We were in a hurry at MAI - like kids in Alladin's Cave, going round photographing everything before our hosts said 'Stop!' and kicked us out. I have some more photos of the F-111 capsule showing some of the details mentioned in the .pdf file - I'll post them if you want ?? Ken
  5. 1:1 scale F-111 cockpit mystery

    and in the Moscow Aviation Institute - though this one is real, having been 'captured' in Vietnam..... Ken
  6. The one thing I know about 'A Model' from Russia is that no-one ever gets the name right. It is simply 'Amodel' - capital 'A' lower case 'model' - no capital M, no spaces, no hyphens etc etc. Oh - and they are Ukrainian, not Russian - apart from that it's mostly correct. Sorry - I don't mean to sound sarcastic............ As for their helos - I've built a few...... Kamov co-axials :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_kamovs.html Mil V-12 'Homer' :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_v-12.html Mil Mi-10 'Harke' :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_mi-10.html .... as well as loads of their aircraft kits. They are limited run - with flash, no locating pins and large sprue gates and they require some work to get a decent finish. Don't let that put you off - they just need old fashioned modelling skills - and they get better with each new release. Hope this helps Ken
  7. Su-34 - Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit

    The Italeri kit was good - in its day - I updated it ..........here The Trumpeter kit represents the latest configuration (Chines on the LERX, APU in tail etc) and is much more modern. Apart from the (semi-fixable) radome, it is a good kit - better, IMHO, than the old Italeri kit. It has loads of weapons (some say TOO many!) - a neat clear plastic Platan targetting box, open door in cockpit etc etc. Although it still needs some fixes (fillets on wing tips, APU exhaust etc) - plus those prominent window blinds. Yer takes yer money........ Ken
  8. IIRC, it is MY photograph - taken many years ago - of the T10-20 prototype at Khodynka when it was a great museum in the heart of Moscow. I can't find the original - its lurking somewhere on my PC - I also photographed the bottom of the intake - and pushed my hand up to open a couple of the spring-loaded louvres - just to prove that they were not mechanically linked. The same mesh anti-FOD grille is present on most Flanker variants. Ken
  9. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Does this help ??? Trumpeter (and all others) LERX concave curvature shape......... Correct curvature - with slight bulge - on Zvezda Su-27SM and Su-33..... ..... and on a real Su-27SM...... Ken
  10. 1/48 - Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" by Great Wall Hobby

    Oh no!...... They have got it absolutely wrong !! They have spelled 'Su' with a capital letter U !!!! Disaster - not even the poster is right !! Just kidding - even though it isn't my scale, it is a welcome announcement. Happy Flankering Ken
  11. Su-34 - Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit

    The latest production Su-34 has a very visible set of blinds that roll up and down inside the side windows - with a semi-circular blind that folds up from the top of the instrument panel.... Trumpeter make no provision for this prominent feature - so, to be really accurate, they need to be added. I'm using hoops cut from plastic card fitted inside the clear canopy ......... Once they are painted I'll add the blinds - made from thin white plastic card. I did the same on my Italeri Su-34 update....... Also missed by Trumpeter are the fillets between the leading edge wing tip and ECM pods when they are fitted......... Small additions - but they are there if you know where to look. Ken
  12. Su-27IB - Converting the Italeri Su-34 in 1/72 scale

    A bit of progress.... Su-27IB (left) compared to the Trumpeter production Su-34 - note the prominent straight-edged addition to the LERX on the Su-34..... Nose shape compared to modified Trumpeter Su-34 nose.... Tailboom comparison - Su-27IB left. Top view - Su-27IB left...... Underside view - the Su-27IB intakes are a tad narrow - having been taken from the Heller Su-27UB kit.... Fins compared - the Su-27IB fin (left) is taller - having been derived from the two-seat Su-27UB trainer. The production Su-34 reverted to using the single-seat Su-27 style fin. Note that the Italeri Su-34 kit has the wrong style fins for a production Su-34! Note the neat way that Trumpeter have cleverly avoided the nasty join on the Heller (and others) kits - it still needs rubbing down on my model. Ken
  13. Su-34 - Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit

    Some more..... Cockpit coaming, wing fences, flaperons and rudders added - although they are separate parts, the rudders and flaperons are not 'posable' - unless the mounting tabs are modified. Underside view showing the small amounts of filler needed - note the straight-edged fillet added to the LERX on production Su-34's. Ken
  14. Su-34 - Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit

    The Trumpeter intakes really capture the complex internal shape - but they are overly complex and the plastic is very thin. It took me a long time to work out how the parts went together from the instruction diagram - lots of dry fitting to figure them out - but I got there in the end.... I also painted the insides before assembly - you can't get at them afterwards......... The fit isn't brilliant either - filler needed along one seam. When it came to fitting the assembled intakes to the fuselage - there was another problem. The mating surface on the fuselage bottom was slightly bowed - so the intakes only made contact at either the front or rear - they could see-saw in the middle. I think this is due to the main undercarriage bay walls not fitting flush - I had to first clamp and glue the intakes at the front first - and when the glue had set, then clamp and glue the rear ends..... Fronts glued in place..... .... followed by the rears..... .... but it still needed filler on the rear join.... If I were to make another Trumpeter Su-34, I might try to fit the intakes to the lower fuselage moulding BEFORE glueing the upper and lower fuselage halves together - at least that way would make it easier to clamp and glue (and probably eliminate the 'bowing') The whole fuselage assembly is very flexible and feels unusually delicate. Ho-hum..... Ken
  15. Su-27IB - Converting the Italeri Su-34 in 1/72 scale

    Milliput was applied to the bottom of the intakes to make them more rounded...... .... and after lots of sanding, they now look like this..... Not 100% - but I'm calling them done. Ken