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  1. Sukhoi T10 Flanker Prototype from Modelsvit

    More..... Modelsvit include a fully detailed interior for the intake and engine nacelle to cater for the transition between the 'square' intake and circular compressor. The intake partly assembled...... Fully assembled intake/nacelle (the jetpipe assembly is dropped in later). It is a complicated assembly - but it captures the shape perfectly. Ken
  2. Sukhoi T10 Flanker Prototype from Modelsvit

    Right, let's get started......... Components of the combined cockpit and nose wheel bay - note the two-part control column and the rudder pedals plus the raised pipework. The jetpipes are constructed from three radial segments plus a flameholder and a rear turbine face. I found it easiest to glue one segment to the rear face, then add the flameholder - followed by the remaining two segments. The parts are numbered - and keyed - so they only fit one way. As long as care is taken there should be no problems.... Assembled jetpipe on the left - with the components on the right. More later..... Ken
  3. Sukhoi T10 Flanker Prototype from Modelsvit

    I'm just clearing the bench - ready to start in a few days. Ken
  4. Just finished the A&A Models EWR VJ-101C-X2 German VTOL fighter testbed.... The main engines are in VTOL mode - with the translating intakes extended and the front lift engines intake and exhaust doors open. The main engines horizontal in CTOL mode (when the translating intakes would be retracted and the forward engine doors closed) CTOL..... VTOL. Build and finished model photos here..... Ken
  5. Flankerman, please pick up the white courtesy phone...

    Do keep up at the back !!!!! http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_t10_modelsvit.html and ... Ken
  6. Sukhoi T10 Flanker Prototype from Modelsvit

    I'm just going by what it says on the sprues Berkut - dunno if the Extended Range versions were available in the T10-10/11 timescale. Ken
  7. Look what Santa brought.... the latest 1/72 scale kit from Ukrainian manufacturer Modelsvit... the Sukhoi T10 Flanker prototype. Excellent box art showing Bort 'Yellow 10' - one of two options in the box. Top and bottom fuselage halves - with delicate engraved detail.. Ogival shaped wing parts - totally different to the production T10S 'Flanker-B'. Plus fins and tailplanes. Engine nacelles for the Al-21F engine fitted to the prototypes. Nose gear, mainwheel bays and cockpit parts. The sprues now have part numbers moulded on next to the part - a useful development. Main undercarriage parts and wheels. Jetpipes, compressor faces and afterburner flameholders - all neatly moulded. 2 X R-27ET plus 2 X R-27ER missiles - as fitted to these prototypes. Crystal clear canopies - both open and closed options. Early K-36 ejection seat - made up from 26 parts !!!! Decal sheet - note the two instrument panels - one for the plastic panel, one for the etched brass option. Etched parts - plus the plastic IRST ball. The clear perspex is for the etched HUD !!!! I didn't photograph the self-adhesive masks - which contains masks for the wheel hubs as well as masks for both inside and outside of the canopy !! Back page of the 12-page construction booklet. This is a fantastic kit from Modelsvit - crisply moulded with delicate engraved panel detail, plus etched brass parts and canopy masks - a truly comprehensive package. Ken
  8. Mi-8T vs. Mi-8MT/Mi-17 differences

    As Tank says, a VAF Mi-8 is probably an early Mi-8T, whereas the HB kits are late Mi-8MT's (despite one of them being labelled as a 'Mi-8T') Here are the differences....... Mi-8T (Early Hip).... Mi-8MT/Mi-17 (late Hip).... So you cannot make an early VAF Mi-8T from the HB kit - without some mods. I did my Mi-8T using a Pavla resin set....... Have fun... Ken PS - More of my Hipiness..... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_mi-8.html http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_mi-14.html http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_mi-17-18.html http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_mi-18.html
  9. Mi-8T vs. Mi-8MT/Mi-17 differences

    Hobby Boss every time. Why ??........ HB left - KP/Itaeri/Zvezda right Available Mi-8 kits....... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_mi-8_kits.html My Mi-8 builds..... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_mi-8.html Happy Hipping. Ken
  10. EWR VJ-101C-X2 1/72 VTOL fighter from A&A Models

    I don't normally go for 'working' parts on a model - but A&A provide the feature of rotating wingtip engine pods - so I've gone with it........ Look at the photo and make a zhooooozhing/whiring sound to accompany it Note that the engine intakes and cones are separate parts - not fitted yet. Ken
  11. 1/48 - Sukhoi Su-35 "Flanker-E" by Great Wall Hobby

    Not my scale - but it all looks very promising from an accuracy perspective. Just my six penn'orth..... are the fin intakes different sizes? (it isn't obvious from the CAD images)... and - does it include the seat arming bungee chord?....... (top LH corner behind the handsome pilot) Ken (before the hair went grey)
  12. EWR VJ-101C-X2 1/72 VTOL fighter from A&A Models

    The two swivelling wingtip pods are each made up from no less than EIGHTEEN parts........ If the pods are to be made moveable, they have to be assembled in-situ on each wigtip - because there is a collar that goes on the inside half of the pod to hold it in place..... The outer half - plus the front and rear components are then added. All the parts needed some 'fettling' to get the best fit - but they will still need some filler along the various joints. Ken
  13. EWR VJ-101C-X2 1/72 VTOL fighter from A&A Models

    A bit more..... Fuselage assembled and wings attached..... Underside view.... More later. Ken
  14. General Russian/Soviet IFR probe question

    From what I have read, all 'connections' on Soviet/Russian aircraft are NATO compatible. Things like electrical, fuel, oxygen etc are all made to fit NATO systems - so that when the Soviets overran western European air bases, they could use the local facilities. I would imagine that IFR probes are no different. I took a photo at thr RIAT airshow of a Tu-95MS Bear being topped up from a USAF LOX cart........ Ken
  15. EWR VJ-101C-X2 1/72 VTOL fighter from A&A Models

    A little progress - all the 'internals' are assembled and ready to go into the fuselage half.... Note that I have changed the firing handles on the ejection seat - internet photos of the VJ-101C show that the MB7 seat has twin firing handles - not the single loop that A&A have provided in etched-brass. Ken