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  1. Fantastic model Drake64 - really good build and finish. I find it fascinating how the Yak-130 and M-346 have 'diverged' over the years. The Yak-130 prototypes had the wing root finlets - but they have been dropped from the production models. The two types can't be that different aerodynamically surely? - yet one type has them, the other doesn't. What the Yak did retain was the anti-FOD screen/door system inside the intakes - deleted from the M-346 It will be interesting to see both models side-by-side to show how different they now are. Master and Mitten together.......... Ken
  2. The Ukrainian firm of Modelsvit provide an etched brass ring with perforations in their MiG E-152 kit....... Once the model is finished, it cannot be seen inside the intake - but it's there! Ken
  3. The last of the 'BiG MiG' kits from the Ukrainian company of Modelsvit - the record breaking 'E-166'......... The plastic is exactly the same as the E-152M kit - wiith appropriate differences (no missiles, canards etc..) The box art shows the E-166 on public display at Domodedovo airport..... The eight-page instruction booklet is clear and well-printed with easy to read construction diagrams The colour painting guide is keyed to Humbrol paints. The big difference is the new decal sheet - the blue flash for the fuselage is included, but the similar blue flash on the fin has to be painted on - although Modelsvit do provide a vinyl mask for it. I won't include photos of the sprues - they are exactly the same as in the E-152M build - here. I have already done the 'sister ships'...... E-150, E-152, E-152-1 and E-152M - so this latest kit should complete the lineup of MiG's on steroids. The E-166 web page where the WIP will take place is here. Ken
  4. Recently finished - the 1/350 scale resin kit of an Oberon Class diesel submarine from ebay seller subsmodels..... I chose to finish it as HMS Opossum - wearing a roughly-applied camouflage scheme used when she was on special ops during the Gulf War. She also sported a sharkmouth - sourced as a decal from my spares box. It isn't 100% accurate but it looks OK... I think I may have overdone the 'weathing' a bit on the camo........ The camouflage makes a nice change from the all-black finish normally found on RN subs..... Ken
  5. This is the 1/350 scale kit of HMS Resolution by MikroMir - finished as HMS Repulse when she was engaged in trials with the DSRV 'Avalon' rescue vessel... The DSRV kit is from Riich Models - it represents 'Mystic' - so needs some alterations to represent 'Avalon'..... The kit parts...... Etched brass propeller, struts etc... Mikro Mir HMS Resolution painted with hi-viz guidance markings as HMS Repulse...... A simple 'conversion' - but it adds to my collection of 1/350 scale subs... Ken
  6. Great rendition of a modern Russian pilot and ground crew - but note that in Syria, in published photos, the pilots always seem to have had their tinted visors down during walkrounds and signing for the jet. I assume that this was to avoid being identified - for fear of reprisals. Just saying..... Ken
  7. 'ere ya go................. (saves lots of work detailing the cockpit)..... Ken
  8. Not an in-depth review as such, but - FWIW - my 'update' of the Italeri Su-34 done in 2013 (before the Trumpeter kit was released)... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_su-34.html I also built the Trumpeter Su-34 when it came out.... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/model_su-34_trumpeter.html The Trumpeter kit better represents a production Su-34 - but it has nose-shape issues (which are fixable as you can see). You will also need to scratch build the blind-flying blinds inside the cockpit on both kits. Happy Flankering... Ken
  9. Just clicked on your Google link - excellent set of photos. How long are the Russian Knights 5 X Su-35s (T10Ms) going to be there rotting away ??? Ken PS - Is it open to non-Russians??
  10. I can see the first three now - and agree with you absolutely....... If only I could get back to Moscow........... Ken
  11. Still not working for me - and I am very keen to see your photos !! Ken
  12. The Russian AF Su-30M2 is visually identical to the PLAAF Su-30MKK...... (My photos from MAKS 2011).... Not sure about cockpit instruments, aerial fit etc...... but the airframe is the same. Ken
  13. Just model it with the blinds drawn........ Ken
  14. No - I did it 6 years ago - converting it from the Trumpeter Su-30MKK kit :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_su-30sm.html I haven't got the new Zvezda Su-30SM kit yet...... Ken
  15. Here's another pic.... I scratched it in 1/72 scale for my Su-30SM conversion....... Happy Flankering...... Ken
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