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  1. The Russian AF Su-30M2 is visually identical to the PLAAF Su-30MKK...... (My photos from MAKS 2011).... Not sure about cockpit instruments, aerial fit etc...... but the airframe is the same. Ken
  2. No - I did it 6 years ago - converting it from the Trumpeter Su-30MKK kit :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_su-30sm.html I haven't got the new Zvezda Su-30SM kit yet...... Ken
  3. Here's another pic.... I scratched it in 1/72 scale for my Su-30SM conversion....... Happy Flankering...... Ken
  4. You mean the blind-flying hood??? Ken
  5. The latter - just a flask. You can see it in the video that Zactoman posted - at 6:55. The back story is that it was rumoured for years that the Su-34 had a full sit-down toilet in a compartment behind the crew seats. This photo did the rounds as proof that it existed.... The photo appeared on various - mainly Chinese - websites captioned as the 'Su-34 Toilet'. The photo is actually MINE - taken in 2002 at Star City near Moscow - showing the toilet from the MIR space station. It was lifted from my web page here........ and became 'proof' that the Su-34 had a sit-down loo. Ken
  6. In search of the famous on-board toilet! Ken
  7. The runners for the blinds is actually a sort of channel section with quite a large groove for the ends of the blind...... I would have thought resin would better represent it? Note also the curved blind laying folded on top of the coaming - I don't think this is represented at all?? I did mine in 1/72 using plastic card 'arches'....... Here's another view of the real thing......(without the coaming-top blind) Ken
  8. Good luck with getting those curtain rails (parts 17 and 18) to conform - and glue - to the INSIDES of the curved cockpit glazing... The set looks quite comprehensive - but tricky to apply - especially those curved etched parts. Happy Flankering. Ken
  9. Ken, hi


    how can I get in contact with you.



  10. There are more differences than the nose........ Rear ramp in place of clamshell doors New double width sliding door to port New single width sliding door to stbd Stbd fuel tank without heat exchanger New heat exchanger above stbd door Plus any other Canadian-specific changes (RWR antenna, cockpit layout etc) My 1/72 scale build here ........ (scroll down to 'Mi-17MD') Ken
  11. I did it in 1/72 scale - using the HobbyBoss Mi-8MT ............ It's actually a Mi-8MTV5 - but the essentials are the same. Full build (along with two others) is here. Ken
  12. It's a collaborative venture between developer Y. Berbenitskiy, resin casters Prop & Jet and various other designers, with the decals being printed by Begemot. It is extremely well cast with no hint of any air bubbles - with a fully detailed interior. It went together very well - the only trouble I had was the seams between the front cowling and the nacelle on the wing - which required some sanding down to eliminate the joint - probably my fault for not lining them up properly. The decals are superb and went on without any fuss and no hint of silvering. The canopy and rear sighting blisters are vacforms - another area that might cause problems (I messed up one of the sighting blisters) - although two sets are provided. All in all a well designed and presented package - although a bit expensive. It is only available by mail order from Ireland - and can be purchased by contacting the developer at:- abmrarity@gmail.com Ken
  13. It isn't the best model I have ever made - but I'm calling it finished..... The ABM resin kit of the Beriev R-1...... Powered by 2 X Klimov RD-45 (RR Nene copy) turbojets, it was Beriev's first attempt at a jet flying boat. The Beriev OKB had lots of trouble getting the R-1 to become airborne - suction formed under the planing step and it took a long time to cure the problem............ Making it's first flight in 1952, only a single R-1 was built and the project was terminated in 1956.. This is a superb resin kit from newcomer ABM - but due to my failing eyesight and fat fingers, I haven't done it justice. The beaching gear is scratchbuilt. The R-1 next to its slighly more successful big brother - the Beriev Be-10.... More photos here. Ken
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