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1/200 Aircraft Hasegawa, Hogan, Skymarks

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I am interested in:

1/200 Hasegawa 737-700/800, 747-400, 767 and 777

1/200 Hogan mainlythe 777's

1/200 Skymarks 777 or 747

Here is what I have to trade if interested:

1/72 AMT B-52G w/ Hound Dog missles Kit# 8633 (Box opened, parts sealed)

1/42 Revell Germany F-15E Kit# 4550 (I have included the entire Kinetic weapons and sensor set from a F-16DG/DJ kit inside, F-15E parts sealed, weapons set placed inside box with kit)

Reference books all Squadron Signal

F-15 Eagle Book 5008

F-15 Walk Around Book 28

F-16 World Wide Markings Book 6091

F-16 In Action Book 196

B-52 In Action Book 130

B-52 Walk Around #6

Not sure if there are any train guys here? I'll post this anyhow. Everything is N Scale. Nothing has been ran, intended on building a model railroad, never happened.

Kato K-3 Viaduct set (Never used, everything there, in original boxing includes extra track lengths also)

I have had several great transactions from the Aircraft Resource Center Buy, Sale, Trade board under the name "stsok9" in the last several years and hoping for an honest successful transaction here if anyone is intersted or knows someone who is. PM me if interested. Sorry but USA trades only....

Thanks for looking,

Jason Brown

Ulysses Kansas

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