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Public apology about very late prizes from me

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I really want to call myself out on this and publicly apologize for my slow delivery of prizes I was to send out from the end of GB raffle. Not making any excuses except for my poor organizational and money management skills and my procrastination. I will explain on brief why nothing has been mailed out yet.

I was originally splitting up the prize rounds because I was waiting to hear back from a sponsor that had originally emailed me to say they would supply some prizes, but never got any confimation as to what those prizes would be. Not naming them because I never heard the other side of the story, maybe our signals got crossed, emails lost or they changed thier minds. So I was planning on donating a few extra items from my collection instead. After that I lost track of a few other things when some participants asked for thier names to be pulled from the list of thier prizes donated to other groups or to be put back in for the second round. My procrastinating self just kept wanting to sort it all out later, then later still. I have yet to hear from a few winners as well to finalize mailing addresses. Also just before the GB ended, I did injure my right shoulder bad enough that I was off work for about 3 weeks, and on modified duty for a while longer. Well the loss of hours set me back financially til the short term disability payment came through. My pride and stubborness kept me from posting about my financial situation at the time. Things were looking up but for some reason, I cant seem to keep any money in my pocket, always seems to be month left at the end of the money. Financially, things are improving. I have a little ways to go yet but I hope to have my head above water by December. Any monies that I have spent on the hobby since then or in the near future was not money out of my pocket, its extra money from prizes won or spiffs earned at work or odd jobs or kits sold only.

I am very sorry for my tardiness. I do know what its like as I have been the one waiting to hear about prizes I have won as well. In the words of Mike Holmes "I will make it right" Please bear with me.

Not looking for any pity, just forgiveness.

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