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  1. Really hoping someone has one of these to spare. Just screwed it up. It shifted after applying solvaset, then dried all crinkled up. It would be the blue stripe with Canadian Forces logo in white lettering. Thanks in advance
  2. Might have a Tamiya F-16C Block 25/32 kit with extras to offer as trade fodder towards a few items. Will pm you later tonight.
  3. Wondering what you guys all use as a base coat for Alclad II. I have had varying success so far. The best was Model Master gloss black but it took forever to cure before I could start with the Alclad. I tried thier own black base but it ended up cracking under the Alclad possibly due to a reaction with the Tamiya fine white primer. I tried an off the shelf black lacquer spray can that cured quickly but the Alclad would not bond to it. I have been thinking of switching to Vallejo Metal and wondering if Tamiya semi gloss black acrylic would work as a base for it. Thanks for your input.
  4. How did you get a hold of my wish list Colin? I really need to sell my kits. If I do I will be in touch.
  5. Would you be interested in a F-14A Atsugi 25th anniversary boxing with a set of Gulf War nose art decals and steel beach gun vent?
  6. Hey all. Been on hiatus for a while. Have built a few over the last few years bit really wanting to get back at it. I'm looking for some rigging line to detail a 1/32 WnW Sopwith Snipe. Specifically the heavy black ez-line and the stuff WnW sells that has the flat cross section to represent RAF aerodynamic rigging cables. I wouldnt need much, maybe 6 feet of each. Really don't know as I have never rigget a biplane before. I can pay for some bg PayPal or could offer up trade. Thanks in advance.
  7. Had some issues with my paint develop after applying decals to my 1/32 Tamiya Mustang. Really hoping someone has this sheet and is not planning on using these decals. I just need the SXB markings to do Alabama Rammer Jammer, I have all the rest I need. Thanks in advance. Charlie
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