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1/48 Bf 109 E with brassin cockpit

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I am planning to start building the 1/48 scale Eduard Bf109E. I also plan to add the Brassin cockpit set. Need advice and tips on the building process i.e. what should I be careful of when building this model. For example should I build the complete brassin cockpit standalone and drop it into the fueslage or fix the parts separately and then joint the fueslage halves? Would fitting the resin set take a lot of sanding and cutting and of which parts? Etc etc.

Note that I started one such kit without the brassin. Everything went well, when after joining the two fuselage halves I noticed a serioudly misaligned bottom intake section, was too late to correct and too large a problem to ignore. Maybe I made a mistake although my experience with Eduard is that fitting parts well can be a challenge if not careful. In this case everything else was aligned well except the portion I did nto check (assuming that if tail, top and engine colwing is sitting well then everything else is well also). My experience with eduard kits if that fitting is especially a problem if there is an option for leaving some parts open (eg: gunbays, engine cowling on their Fw190 D9).

Thnaks in advance for the help

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