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I am going to do a USMC bird. Many years ago, I did some scratch building on one of these kits and really had fun doing it. So this time around, I am going to do it all over again and enjoy a little nostalgia. I will NOT be using any aftermarket kits, everything will be scratch built... Just hoping my scratch building skills have improved over the last 30+ years.

I will post pictures of the kit and the decal set I will be using tomorrow at some point. As I go through the build, please feel free to offer any advice. thanks for watching.

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Here are the cowl flap interiors.

First, I sanded the inside of the flaps to get a thinner, more realistic looking thickness.

Second, I started with evergreen #271 I-Beam strips. I drilled holes in the side (14 - enough for each flap)of one of the strips. Then I centered the hole and cut to each side so that the entire length was 1/8".

Finally, I glued a piece to the inside of each cowl flap, positioning them so that one end touched where the cowl flap meets the cowl.

While not pictured yet, the next step will be to sand the edge nearest the cowl down a little, paint the interior green then add the wire that links all of the cowl flaps together so that they can be opened/closed.



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