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  1. Never saw skies in the NATOPS... also, flying with gear down happened.... not as a rule of thumb in cross countries, but doing external lifts you had them down
  2. The D had “bat wings” with Large Auxiliary Fuel Tanks. The A model never did. As noted above, the EAPS barrels were added on very early in the program, especially all 53’s deployed to Vietnam. Most notable airframe difference was the rear half of each engine cowling. A model (had the -6 engines) were not flush with the exhaust and had a curved elliptical look which exposed more of the exhaust.
  3. Hey Nicolas, great work! Been a while since we chatted last but this seemed like a great time to at least say hi. Really loved your build. You hit it out of the park again.
  4. Very creative, well thought out and your modeling skills are outstanding! Job well done.
  5. I have a few 1/144 jets I am looking to part with. I will get a list together tomorrow. What do you have to trade in 1/48?
  6. I might have one or both. I will swing by and check my stash tomorrow and get back to you. Are you looking to trade or buy?
  7. Selling part of my stash to make a little extra cash for the best of reasons... My youngest daughter is getting married! The wife and I are doing everything we can to give her the best wedding we can. Any help is greatly appreciated. All kits are sealed in original shrink wrap. Price does not include shipping from 95993 SCALE/KIT#/Manufacturer/Kit/Price 1/72 1665 Academy OV-10A 6.00 1/72 7279 Trumpeter M1A2 10.00 1/48 48022 Kinetic EA-6B 45.00 1/48 1168 Hasegawa Cessna Citation 10.
  8. I appreciate you looking out for me, and while they may have some of those decals, they don't actually have Shomo's F-6D (or any F-6D) on their sheets. Still looking everyone. Also, looking for quickboost 48-115 F-6D conversion if anyone has one laying about.
  9. Tried to send you pm several times. Your box must be full. Are you wanting to trade or sell?
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