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P-51D in Luftwaffe markings for Zirkus Rosarius

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Well, after a long hiatus I am (somewhat) back! My first completed model in 4 years, this one being more of a confidence builder than anything. Here's a little background info.

I had a Tamiya 1/48 F-51D kit which I had intended to do as a Korean war era bird (the one with the shark mouth from the front of the box), but after a frustating bout with the alcad II black primer (devilish stuff it is), I put it away back in the stash mostly finished, out of frustration, and there it has sat for the last 4 years (+1 move). Well, since then the B-58 and A-6 I had been working on were accidentally smashed by the kids (just trying to be like daddy, lol), with the B-58 being a complete loss, and to top that off my air compressor was damaged in the move, so between the damaged kits and compressor my modeling motivation sank quite a bit.

Well, the other day I was browsing through aircraft pictures and profiles, and found a profile of a P-51D flown by 2. Staffel of the Versuchsverband der Oberkommando der Luftwaffe, and all at once i remembered that old F-51D kit sitting in its box under my desk! As my air compressor was still out of comission, i checked to see if I had any modelmaster spray cans left over, and I had what I needed, so I determined to finish this kit once and for all with my new found subject matter.

It felt so great to finally complete a model after such a long dry spell. I'm quite pleased. I determined not to get overly detailed with it as this was more of a fun/motivational build, but now i think i want to do a bit more weathering (at the time this was taken, I had already started the weathering process, but I still have more I will do before the flat coat). I'm also undecided if I want to hang this from the roof or make a stand for it, whenever I decide I'll be sure to post a picture. Some other things as well: first, I know the antenna is broken off; it disappeared sometime in the last 4 years, and I have no clue where it is. Initially I was not going to worry about it, but given that it turned out better than expected I do believe I'll scratch build one after all. Second, the green may appear a bit brighter than it should, that is due to the lighting and color settings on my phone. The decals come from an old set of aeromaster Fw 190 decals for JG 300.

As I said before, it feels good to be back! Now to decide what to build next.......... :cheers:/>/>



Regrettably, I cannot seem to shrink the photos in photobucket from my phone to make them fit better:-/

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Dude!....where ya been....good to have ya back in the fold...great job...the markings :(/>/>/> , but hey they'd look great on one of Kurt Tanks' wonder wagons.

Thanks! While I do agree, I think the color pattern works well the the P-51; reminiscent of the P-51As and Bs, with a splash of yellow for funzies! I do have a Do 335 and Me 262 I intend to paint up as planes tested by Watson's Whizzers. :thumbsup:/>

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