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  1. Man, it’s been a hot minute Not much progress still on the 177 (she’s still waiting for paint), been busy since finishing flight school, plus I’ve been helping the kids with their models (most recently a still-in-progress B-17 and the 1:144 scale Saturn V). It’s next on my block, I promise 😁
  2. Kursad, I see I'm a couple of months late on this topic, have you finalized the sheet yet? I have a request for a 73rd Avn Co option circa 1967 if not. I have a couple pics for reference if you're interested. Respectfully, Justin
  3. I know I've been rather quiet since my last post - the 177 is still sitting, masked, and ready for paint. This 1:1 scale project has had me busy since then.... As you can see, it's finally getting back together. as soon as I can get this wrapped up, I'll be right back to the 177! (Which I'll definitely be ready for after this... )
  4. Tom (tomthegrom) from New Zealand is an awesome trader! Great transaction, and I got my stuff quicker from him than other things I've bought from Great Britain (no kidding, last time I ordered some Land Rover related coffee cups and a t-shirt - it took almost a month; most of that time it was in customs!!!). Tom is a great guy, and someone with whom you can deal confidently! Thanks again Tom!
  5. The pics for both your Wisconsin and Pennsylvania 102s appear whenever I click on their threads; it's got to be some sort of setting in the web browser; or maybe you just need to clear your cache? Seems like some folks see them, while others don't. I'm no computer whiz, but I suspect the individual browser settings as opposed to the picture link in the thread to be the culprit. Hope you get it figured out! Justin
  6. Ron, They've been there every time I've clicked on your thread. Does the pic I shared of your thread in my previous post appear for you? It must be some sort of browser setting; maybe try clearing the cache for starters? It's just weird cause I can see them no problem (and they look great by the way, good work!). Justin
  7. Ron, Every time I look at the thread, the pics are there. Justin
  8. haha, yep. May take a trip back to hobby lobby at those rates.
  9. Geeze, could've sworn that was $29 at hobby lobby when I was in there the other day... That's ridiculous.
  10. So quick update: I got a lot of the major sections finished, right now I'm just performing the tedious task of masking to get ready to apply RLM 02 in the interior sections. So here's what I've gotten so far: Tail MG151 position: Pretty simple; I like how it turned out. The resin cannon is a nice touch. Left wing assembly: The wheel bay alignment proved troublesome on this side; but I think it had more to do with the aftermarket spar assembly than the kit itself.
  11. Glad ya'll are ok; I'm down in south alabama and besides a lot of wind and rain, we didn't see much else. We had a small tornado touch down near my house over the summer; some houses in my neighborhood are still getting repairs from it. Hope the recovery process is a speedy one for you. Justin
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