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A link in another thread took me to a site and one of the other articles was about the record setting Blackbird crew reuniting, in the article the pilot I suppose says that when they set the record they didn't  go all out, they only did enough to set the record and let it go at that :hmmm: really?. 2,193 mph and that wasn't with the throttle firewalled....jeeez just how fast could that long sleek awe inspiring sinister looking aircraft (on the ground) really go,I realize there are still secrets to/of the SR-71 that we don't know and will not at least within my lifetime; is it possible that Kelly Johnsons' greatest creations'  true top speed be some where close to Mach 4 or 4+. IIRC it was said that due to structural limitations the crews weren't allowed to take it into some regimes to prevent damage from heat; at certain points like where the vertical stabs and engine nacelles met; inflight the temp got as high as 1080 degees F. 

C'mon Lockmart tell us just how fast could Habu really go :hmmm: .

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