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It's been a LONG time since I've done any modeling. Super busy summer had me abandon a bunch of projects. Then the board went away for that month or so.  Anyway I've got a couple small ones on the table to get going. Figure small/easy to get back in the mojo. 


One is a 1/100 B-1 bomber. Can't think of the manufacturer off my head. Only comes in flight and looks pretty tame. 


Also have the Dragon 1/144 B-2 and F-117 (laughable) combo. The B-2 doesn't look bad so I'm going to throw that one together too.


Hopefully that will beat my funk and I can get another 1/72 B-17 out. Not sure which kit yet as I have almost all of them plus. The new Airfix is coming out. Maybe I'll get that one and do a small review? 


Anyway i I haven't used Pbucket in over 6 months and have only completed 1 kit this year so I need to get busy. My local club's show/contest is this weekend so I'll be at that all day Sunday and maybe it'll motivate me further. 


Updates to follow. 


I also went in and tried to comment on everybody's posts to get some modeling juices flowing. 



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Ok so I was looking at the 1/144 B-2 today. It's not very good. Tons of panel detail is missing. I may still do it but I don't expect much from it. 


The B-1 is actually 1/260 scale from Academy. No other decals or anything is available so I'm kind of hamstrung. 


Might start a B-17 sooner than I thought. 

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I'm really wanting to get the new Airfix but I don't know where the fastest place I'll get it is. Don't have a LHS anymore so would have to drive about an hour to one if they had it. I don't even know when it comes out in the US. 


I did a little work on the tiny B-1. It's shape looks good to me but it has almost no markings. Anyone know a company that could downscale some B-1 decals? 

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I have been very lax in my gb duties and modeling in general. Only completed 2 kits last year. Need to do better this year. 


Heres where im at on the 1/260 B-1. I'm just going to paint it a dark grey and use the sparse kit decals. Slump buster it will be. 








Shouldn't really take much just need to motivate. 



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Thought it would be simple but it never is. The fit of the engines was completely devoid of an area of the upper fuselage. Looked terrible. So I added some cut pe metal with some epoxy and will have to sand and fill and sand again later. Should look much better. 





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